The Difference between the Theology of Shincheonji & the Theology of Protestantism

Main reference: Rv 14:1-6, Rv 2:14-15 (refer to Jn 8:44)

Theology is the teaching of God and is taught by God. Without God, the teaching becomes the study of the man. If theology is what people are studying, they must know whether they are with the Holy Spirit or evil spirit. Also, the distinction of the education of the Holy Spirit and the evil is either belonging to the truth or untruth.

The truth is the doctrine of God, the Holy Spirit. The untruth is the doctrine of the devil, the evil spirit. There is a difference between Shinchonji and Protestantism like the heavens and earth.

First, let’s examine the theology that Protestantism says. Who made the theology of Protestantism? Who gave them that name and called them that? What kind of doctrine is it?

After examining its theology through the Bible, you must do the will of God (Mt 7:21), must not add or take away anything the Bible (refer to Rv 22:18-19), and it must be done on earth as it is in heaven. If that testimony is lie, it is confirmed that it is the doctrine of the devil (Jn 8:44, Mt 7:15-20). If people make or teach other things besides the promise in the Bible, they must be people teaching the other gospel (Gal 1:8-9). In Christianity, there are each organizations and each theological school made by their organizations. Also, their names are arbitrarily made. And every theological school of each organization insist on a different explanation for the verses in the Bible.

Jesus said it was more sinful for a man to say that he knows than to say that he doesn’t know (Jn 9:41). Why? Because it is a false testimony that a man arbitrarily interprets the Bible which God had sealed up until the chosen time.

In the Bible, there is no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth who can open or even look inside the sealed book placed in the right hand of God (Rv 5:1-4).

When it is time, Jesus will open the seals, lay the book open, give it to the pastor and make him deliver it (Rv 6, Rv 8:1, Rv 10).

So, saying that you know it is considered a deceitful act towards Jesus. Also, it is an arrogant behavior to pretend to have received the book which Jesus hasn’t opened and given to him. Pretending to know before the sealed book has even opened, pretending to have received it and arbitrarily interpreting it is a false doctrine. When the book is open, the actual entities (Rv 6, 8) must appear according to what was written in the Bible and the fulfillment must be testified by the word of the Bible. Without the actual entities, people who say ‘they have received and know it,’ it is a false testimony, and it is evidence that they are the devil.

The theology of God which was promised in the New Testament is teaching what, where, who, and to whom?

It is the time of the Second Coming of Jesus that Revelation is fulfilled. On this earth, the theological school that God promised is only one place. Where is this place? It is the place of Zion, the spiritual mountain where the twelve tribe are, and the place where the first fruits who are harvested are (Rv 14:1-5). There is only one teacher who has received revelation and teaches it (Rv 10). This teacher is the pastor who has seen and heard the events of all the chapters of Revelation and he is the pastor who teaches it by the order of Jesus (Rv 1:1-3). To whom is it delivered and taught? The pastor who received the order teaches first, the peoples, nations, languages and kings. That is, he teaches all the congregation members of the churches (Rv 10:11). Amongst them, he teaches it to the first fruits who are harvested (Rv 14:1-5). What does he teach? He teaches the open  revelation word of the sealed book and the actual fulfillment of the chapters of Revelation that was fulfilled according to the Bible (prophecy). The new song which is being taught here is the word of revelation. This word of revelation can be heard at Mt. Zion today (Rv 14:1-5).

This is the promise, the Bible, and the actual entities that we must believe (refer to Jn 14:29). People who don’t believe this are false believers.

Shinchonji established the holy temple and the theological school and created the name (Shinchonji Church of Jesus The Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, Zion Christian Mission Center) according to the promise in the Bible (Rv 15:4-5, 14:1-5, 22:1). As Revelation has been fulfilled, we are teaching the new song without adding or subtracting from it (Rv 22:18-19). The new song is the word of testimony which has been fulfilled today according to the New Testament. The will of God and Jesus is accomplishing the New Testament like how the Old Testament was accomplished. The purpose is to harvest grain-like believers, sealing them with the new song of the word of revelation and create the nation of God, the twelve tribes. And creating eternal life and heaven which God will come upon and dwell forever and ever.

Between the conflict of the Christian Council of Korea and Pastor Choi who was appointed by them as a rater for heresy, Pastor Choi has accused the Christian Council of Korea to be witch-hunters, and the Christian Council of Korea has called Pastor Choi ‘heresy.’ When we see this event by the Bible, the Christian Council of Korea and Pastor Choi are heresy. It is evident in their words and actions (Mt 7:15-20). If Pastor Choi was a heresy, why did the Christian Council of Korea appoint him as a rater for heresy and make him judge the churches through heresy? There were a lot damages caused by it. Isn’t this the behavior of the devil? How they can be orthodox? What right do they even have to call other churches ‘heresy?’  

We, Shinchonji consider heresy to be things that are not done according to the Bible. Whose word is right? Judge according to the Bible. We worry about Christians because of the behavior of the Christian Council of Korea. If the Christian Council of Korea thought about the people at least once, they would have come into the Bible. Doing brutality with power outside of the Bible is a behavior far from God. God destroyed the corrupt Christianity (The Christian Council of Korea), and created the new heaven according to his promise. It is Shinchonji. We, Shinchonji hope to give the hand of warmth and love of God and the truth to the congreation members who are thirst for it. Even though we are falsely accused by the lawless people, our belief in God never changes. We thank God for the kingdom of God is with us. Let’s live with Jesus forever like this.

How can people say they don’t know even when they are witnessing Protestantism rapidly collapsing? Hurray Hurray for victory is Shinchonj’s!! Our God is taking the glory!