The Actions of the People of God & People of the Devil

Main reference: Jn 15:18-24 (Mt 5:10-12; Lk 20:9-16)

How do the actions of God’s people differ from the actions of the Devil’s people? People of God only speak facts about the Bible, the truth and perform good deeds. The people of the Devil, however, speak lies and false truth, and do evil deeds.

People who belong to God will listen to and believe the words of truth (the Bible), but the people of the Devil do not listen to nor believe in the words of truth (the Bible).

The one whom God has sent testifies to what he saw and heard from heaven, while the one who is from the earth belongs to the earth, and speaks as one from the earth. Whoever belongs to heaven will listen to and believe in the words from heaven and whoever belongs to earth will listen to and believe in the words from the earth.

People say they carry out a life of faith, but anyone who does not receive the instructions of heaven is not a true believer. The knowledge of a true believer is as high as the heavens. The reason being that this knowledge is from heaven, and that education is education from God. A person who was born of the heaven’s (spirit’s) education, God’s seed, and God’s spirit is protected and guided by heaven, and therefore, does heaven’s work.

The person who was not born of God’s seed (Seed=the word of God, Luke 8:11) and God’s spirit becomes an enemy of the sons of God who were born of God’s seed. This applies to all even if they are their own parents, brothers, or sisters.

There are two types of gods (spirits) and three types of people. One type of person is a non-believer, another is a believer who received God’s spirit, and the last one is someone who received Satan’s spirit. Spiritual war occurs between those who received God’s spirit and those who received Satan’s spirit. Those of the evil spirit do not have any ill desires to fight with non-believers because they are not their enemy.

The Bible has the contents of history, instructions, prophecy, and fulfillment. History and instructions are from heaven. And prophecy and fulfillment, in particular, are hidden with parables. Because there are certain beings (the Devil and the pastors who belong to the Devil) who should not be noticed. Because they are involved in future events which were prophesied in the Bible.

When the time comes, God makes known these secrets through the promised pastor. In this era, no one can enter heaven with the Lord unless he goes through the promised pastor.

Today, believers all around the world must know themselves that they are blind and deaf. They should realize they are under elementary teachings and must re-learn from someone. These are the words of the one who saw and heard the things from heaven. All believers must pray, ask, and learn from the Bible. They must not make careless judgments. They must confirm‍ things only through the Pastor who is the Advocate.

Today, New Testament Revelation is being fulfilled. As this world is changed into heaven, those who are evil will lose their place. This will be the case more and more. Believers should be wise in choosing who to befriend. The Bible is the path on which believers who hope in heaven must walk (refer to Jn 1:1-4, 14:6). Believers must discern all things using the Bible as the standard. This is to act according to the Bible.