Shincheonji & the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony

Main reference: Rv 21, 15

What is the meaning of “Shinchonji”? And what is “ The Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony”?

“Shinchonji” refers to the new heaven and new earth. As seen in Rv 21:1, there is a new heaven and a new earth for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away. This means a new generation was created since the old generation had passed away. The generation of the first heaven (the first coming of Jesus) had passed and the generation of a new heaven (the second coming of Jesus) has come.

After the generation of Adam, the generation of Noah was created. After the generation of Canaan in the time of Noah’s world, the generation of Israel was created. After the descendants of Abraham, the generation of Moses’ physical Israel came as a result. Then Moses’ physical Israel came to a close when Jesus’ Gospel of Heaven was revealed (the era of Spiritual Israel ). Today, the time of harvest or the second coming of Jesus starts only after the time of the sowing of the seed when Jesus’ first coming has ended. The end of the work of heaven during the first coming of Jesus refers to the end of the first heaven and first earth; therefore, the start of the second coming of Jesus refers to the start of a new heaven and new earth. The first heaven and first earth comes to end, and the creation of the New Heaven and New Earth begins.

The first heaven and first earth comes to an end, and the creation of the New Heaven and New Earth begins as a result. Just as God meant for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, one must understand the fulfillment of the New Heaven and New Earth, which is Shinchonji: God’s Kingdom here on earth. (Rv 21:1-4).

The new heaven that is created refers to a new temple (Rv 15:5), and the first heaven refers to a dwelling place that disappeared (Rv 13:6).

Why is the temple created on this earth called “heaven”? God’s chosen people were called the sun, moon, and stars (refer to Gn 37:9-11). Since the sun, moon, and stars are in heaven, the temple of God’s chosen people are also referred to as heaven.

The temple of the “first heaven” (Rv 21:1), which disappeared in Rv 13, is different from the “new heaven” (Rv 15, Rv 21:1). We see the name itself is different as well. In Rv 13, it (first heaven) was referred to as the “dwelling place in heaven”; where as in Rv 15, it (new heaven) is referred to as the temple of tabernacle of the testimony.

Why is it the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony?

In Rv 15, the people who are gathered at the sea of glass before the throne were the ones who were victorious over the beast (with the seven heads and ten horns) in Rv 13 and 12. They are witnesses who saw the events of Revelation. The events of Revelation’s battlefield lies in the holy temple stated in Mt 24 and where the seven messengers who prepared the way are located. Since these witnesses saw the events, they can testify to what they have seen. This is why the place they gather is called the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony; since God’s throne dwells there, it is called the “temple”. These people reside in the new heaven and new earth (Shinchonji), which is the tabernacle of the testimony, and since God is with them, it is called “Shinchonji Church of Jesus, the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony.

This is the world, nation, and temple, which God promised in the beginning. This name was not created by the fabrication of men. Shinchonji is the creation of God. Whoever undermines this will receive judgment (God’s wrath).

The heavenly people of the 12 tribes in Revelation reborn from God’s seed are God’s children and a part of His family. God’s secret is found within the seed, and whoever is not born from this seed is unable to receive salvation. (refer to Mt 13:3-11, Mk 4:10-13).

The world was born from the gene of Adam who sinned; therefore, no one is righteous. Seeing how no one is righteous in this world, God’s will, purpose, and seed in the New Testament had no meaning or effect on the people. Whoever is not born from God’s seed cannot call God their father (refer to Jn 3:3-5, 1 Pt 1:23, Rom 8:14-15). The 12 tribes of Shinchonji were born from the seed of God, are sealed, and harvested. They have become God’s Heavenly people (Rv 7, 14). No one in this world can win or dispute against even the smallest member of the heavenly people of Shinchonji (like myself), we who are born from God’s seed. On the matter of Shinchonji’s open seminars (bible seminars), pastors and nations were given an opportunity to dispute any wrongs. However, not one person was able to find anything wrong, which proves their defeat.  This shows that Shinchonji’s win is with the truth.

How is it possible for a person of the earth to know the things of heaven?  The one from heaven knows by seeing and hearing from the things of heaven (Jn 3:31-34).

People from the world give money to learn false truth. In contrast, we who have received freely, give freely (refer to Mt 10:8). I pray that all will come and take the free gift of the water of life (Rv 22:17) in order to become reborn and receive salvation.