Shincheonji Church of Jesus Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony  

Main reference: Rv 21, 15

Is Shinchonji (Shinchonji Church of Jesus), Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, a cult?

‘ShinchonjI’ is an abbreviation of the Chinese characters for ‘new heaven and new earth’ found in Revelation 21. In the Bible, the first heaven and the first earth pass away, and a new heaven and a new earth appear. God, Jesus, and heaven are promised to come to Shinchonji (refer to Rv 3:12, 21:1-7). The ‘Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony’ is the temple to where all nations will come and worship, according to Revelation 15:4-5. ‘The Tabernacle of the Testimony’ means it is the tabernacle that testifies to what was seen and heard concerning the events of all the chapters of Revelation. ‘Temple’ means that it is a holy house.

If one calls ‘Shinchonji, Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony,’ that was created according to the Bible, a cult, then one is calling Jesus a cult, and the book of ‘Revelation’ found in the Bible becomes a heretical doctrine. If one does not believe in God, the Bible, or Shinchonji, then it is correct to say one’s faith is wrong.

If one reads ‘commentaries,’ which are arbitrary interpretations of the Bible by men, and calls the Bible heretical, then all bibles on this earth should be burned. And if the Bible, the Christian doctrine, is heretical according to Calvin’s doctrines, then Christianity and the Bible should be burned and Calvin’s doctrines should be taught in place of the Bible.

If one stands for scripture other than the Bible, then one should testify about that scripture so they can be compared. One may hate a person, but one should not hate the words of the Bible. If one thinks a Bible commentary is wrong, then one should say it is wrong. In this case, one should have evidence that shows the commentary to be correct or incorrect.

If Shinchonji, which the Bible speaks of, is wrong, then evidence that proves its falsehood should be brought forward and an alternative (a creation) other than Shinchonji should be presented to take its place. We proposed a public debate of the Bible numerous times in locations all over the country, but to this day not a single person has stepped up to respond.

We told them numerous times, “If Shinchonji is wrong, then step forward confidently and declare the word ‘Shincheonji’ to be wrong, or if Shinchonji’s explanation of the Bible is wrong, then say it is wrong.” But they only rant like a tavern’s dogs barking at the back, so isn’t fitting to call them ‘beasts’? (refer to Ps 30:2-3)

At the time of the Korean Independence Movement of 1919 (the March 1st Movement), 33 representatives from Buddhism, Christianity, Cheondoism, and more said in a Declaration of Independence that ‘Shinchonji, the culture of heaven, renews the world.’ Is the Shinchonji that they spoke of bad? The Bible says God and heaven will come to Shinchonji, and it will be a paradise where there is no sorrow or suffering or groaning or pain or death (Rv 21:1-7). Why is this bad?

Can they become orthodoxy, if they say lie pointing at other with contempt that it is Hell, the lake of burning sulfur, as if they are orthodoxy?  A pastor who says Shinchonji, which was created according to the Bible, is bad, it is equal that he is saying Shinchonji is Hell, the lake of burning sulfur. This is saying that orthodoxy and truth is Hell.

The pastors of Gwacheon persecute Shinchonji because Shinchonji tried to make Gwacheon a holy place. They treated Shinchonji like it was false-truth and a cult and stirred up the people to drive Shinchonji out of Gwacheon. They called Shinchonji a cult and called anyone who talked about Shinchonji ‘a bastard, a cult, a liar.’ Hasn’t the Christian world become corrupt and isn’t it obviously the work of demons? Who are you to be calling evil something that is good?

If one claims that ‘Shinchonji’ (promised by Jesus: refer to Mt 19:28 and Rv 21) and the “Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony” are a cult, they cannot go to heaven. All denominations and church names other than Shinchonji, Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony were created arbitrarily, but Shinchonji, Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony is the kingdom and the temple promised by God and Jesus, and it has been created according to that promise. Therefore, Shinchonji and its twelve tribes are the promised nation and the promised heaven.

Who would refuse heaven but the devil? Regardless of who spoke the word Shinchonji—whether it was the president or the people or a believer—wouldn’t the devil be the only one to persecute Shinchonji’s effort of trying to make the world a better place?

At one time, a group of pastors running conversion education programs united with the show MBC’s PD Note and invented all sorts of lies to ostracize Shinchonji. They also blamed Shinchonji for acts that they themselves committed. However, through legally mandated news corrections and reports objecting to the claims, their lies and corruption were revealed. The evil acts of those who claimed that Shinchonji is a bad place and a cult will be forever spread all over the world.

Who but the devil would call a good thing bad, invent lies to ostracize the chosen people, and curse them? The devil and his pastors will be thrown out.

Until recently, the Christian Counsel of Korea (CCK) appointed Pastor Choi to the Cult Control Committee. The CCK made Pastor Choi responsible for discerning cults, and labeled many groups as cults through him. But now, the CCK is calling Pastor Choi the most wicked of cults. Then are the cults that the CCK labeled through Pastor Choi really cults or not? What are the doctrines of the CCK that hate the creation of a holy place and call the Advocate, the promised pastor, and Shinchonji a cult?

At one time, several Christian pastors decided on a date for the rapture and made a great fuss. Did the rapture occur at that time? Aren’t those who told this lie the real heretics? Shin—who was thrown out of Shinchonji for saying that “one can be saved by eating the flesh and blood of Mr. Lee,” and “one’s prayers will be answered if they are prayed in the name of Mr. Lee”—became a missionary for the CCK. The CCK also appointed Shin as a seminar instructor and had him create false accusations against Shinchonji. Isn’t it right to say the CCK and Shin have the same spirit with the same thoughts? Isn’t the CCK like Babylon where all sorts of unclean birds are gathered (refer to Rv 18:2)?

A true believer should speak the truth of the Bible. The repression of the truth by men’s authority and the use of money to avoid problems are certainly not the work of God’s holy spirit. Shinchonji has overcome with the truth. There is no truth in the churches today, but only corruption. The fact that believers are coming to Shinchonji is evidence that Shinchonji has overcome with the truth. The fact that not a single Protestant pastor has responded to Shinchonji’s proposal for a public debate of the Bible is evidence that Shinchonji has overcome with the truth.

Today, those who are unable to defeat Shinchonji with the word of the Bible and only persecute are no different from the pastors and elders of the First Coming who could not defeat Jesus with the truth and only persecuted him. Shinchonji is the kingdom promised by God. If one opposes Shinchonji, one cannot enter heaven. Just like how seven evil spirits come and live within a believer who leaves the truth (refer to Mt12:43-45), isn’t it true that the world of believers is seven times more evil than the world of non-believers? The world of believers is corrupt and drunk with false words just as it says in Revelation 18; the corrupted world of believers must be reborn with the revealed word of Jesus.

People who want truth, heaven, and eternal life should come to Shinchonji (refer to Rv 17:14, 18:4). I pray that they seek freedom of faith, receive the word of revelation (refer to Mt 11:27; Rv1:1-2, 22:16; Rv 10), and reach their hope.