Distinguishing between God’s pastors & Satan’s pastors  

Main reference: Mt 7:15-27 

How do God’s pastors and Satan’s pastors differ?

Mt 7:15-16 “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?”

At the time of Jesus’ first coming John the Baptist proclaimed: “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near!” (Mt 3:1-2), and “The ax is already at the root of the trees”(Mt 3:10). Jesus, too, proclaimed, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near!”(Mt 4:17) In spite of such proclamations, the Israelites were mistaken, thinking that they were the only chosen people of God. They thought that out of the whole world, they were the orthodox believers beloved by God. This is why they proudly told Jesus that their father was, and always had been, God. Jesus’ response to their words, however, was quite different. Jesus told them that their father was not God, but the liar, the devil, and that they accepted lies and spoke lies, just like their own father (refer to Jn 8:31-44). 

In Mt 4, Satan boasted to Jesus that all the earth’s dominions and kingdoms belonged to him. For the past 6,000 years, since Adam’s fall, Satan has been persecuting and murdering the messengers of God in every generation (refer to Mt 5:11-12; Mt 23:29-35; Acts 7:51-53). Those who murdered God’s messengers were the people who called themselves God’s pastors and who seized ecclesiastical authority at that time. They were neither the people from different religions nor were they non-believers. They were, in fact, the pastors of Satan. Those same pastors and elders were the ones who put Jesus and his disciples to death at that time (refer to Mt 27). 

What does the NT prophesy regarding this world during the Lord’s second coming? What is the reality of this world today? 

Before Jesus fulfilled the NT, he first needed to make his prophecy known. It took about 2,000 years for the prophecy to be made known. Since it was proclaimed to the ends of the earth (Mt 24:14), Jesus has fulfilled it today accordingly. In short, the prophecy of the NT has become flesh. 

What has been fulfilled is the event of destruction upon the churches and the pastors due to their corruption, just as recorded in the prophecy. These churches and the pastors are held captive under the gentile destroyers, and at a time like this, the Lord has returned like a thief, and is delivering the saints of God from their captivity. This is the work of harvesting. The events of the Lord’s second coming will not occur unless the churches, pastors, and their congregation are destroyed by Satan’s pastors (refer to Mt 24). 

At the second coming Jesus selects a pastor here on earth—(the one who overcomes Rv 2, 3), the promised pastor. Jesus reveals the real physical entities of the NT fulfillment to him and gives him the revealed word. Jesus also commands him to testify about the word of God and the things he saw. This is the same as what happened at the first coming. God revealed all the physical fulfillment of the OT to Jesus, the promised pastor (the Messiah). God gave him the revealed word, and commanded him to proclaim it. If the promised pastor testifies about the events of destruction that he saw, will the destroyers, who destroyed God’s kingdom, church, and saints, just sit still and watch him testify? 

Satan’s pastors destroyed Jerusalem at the time of John the Baptist, who served as a messenger who prepared the way at the first coming. What did the destroyers, the scribes and the Pharisees, do to Jesus (Mt 23) when he came and testified about this very event? If you know what they did to Jesus, you will also figure out what today’s destroyers, who destroyed the tabernacle of the seven stars—the seven messengers who prepared the way—have done to the promised pastor, who saw that very event and is testifying about it now. 

The pastors and the elders during the first coming gathered in the Sanhedrin and plotted about how to kill Jesus. They took him to Pilate (refer to Mt 26; Mt 27) and bribed the crowds to bring false charges against Jesus (Mt 28). Those priests and elders believed in the gentile king, Caesar, without believing in Jesus, and they became obsessed with thoughts of killing Jesus. 

What about today at the second coming? The pastor promised in the New Testament saw and heard the complete New Testament physical fulfillment, and he is testifying about the events of betrayal and destruction in accordance with Jesus’ command. There is no way that the destroyers, who know what this pastor is doing, will just watch him do this work. Just like the days of the first coming, all the pastors and elders nationwide are even mobilizing the authority figures of this world to act against God’s servant. They have been meeting frequently about ways to get rid of the promised pastor. What is more, they have been bribing false witnesses and trying every possible means to sue the promised pastor. 

These people are full of complaints against every single work that the promised pastor and Shinchonji (SCJ) carry out. They concocted lies and spread them through the Christian press. They gave false SCJ information to the MBC PD Note program with the vicious intention of removing the promised pastor from this society. And they aided MBC to release a false and biased program about SCJ (Shincheonji) and its promised pastor. All the churches nationwide are criticizing, blaming, and labeling the promised pastor and SCJ as a heresy, and their actions are far beyond one’s imagination. They are doing such work to keep him from staying here on earth. 

The Internet is full of anti-SCJ cyber cafes, blogs and emails. The Bible describes the people with such actions as Satan, the devil, a snake, a viper, a dragon, a beast, etc. Do you think the literal animals can actually do any wickedness like this?

The promised pastor and SCJ do not refuse to walk on the path our Lord previously walked on. He is walking the most challenging and highly treacherous road continuously, the small and narrow path that leads to heaven. He even risks his life in order to do more sincere work, and better, more genuine deeds for others. He is a light that shines without resting. 

Jesus was the righteous son, who was without sin, but it was God’s plan that Jesus be crucified on the cross to shed his blood and save sinners (the wicked). By this example, God told us to forgive, love, and bless others, and he told us to love even our enemies. Despite these teachings from God, people continued and still continue to do evil, both at the first and the second comings. This happens because Satan, the devil from the scriptures, has entered into false pastors today, as well. This is how we know Satan is controlling the  people who are doing evil today. How can I possibly express with words, all the evil criticism and persecution our promised pastor and Shinchonji have received? It is harder to bear than any physical pain? 

The Stewardship Education Center (SEC) entered the Tabernacle Temple (the tabernacle of heaven) and carried out a brutal task there. With the purpose of removing heresies, the representative pastors from SEC entered the Tabernacle Temple. Ironically, however, those pastors received the laying on of hands from the very pastor they labeled as a heretic, from the Tabernacle Temple. They received this laying on of hands in front of 3,000 congregation members of that tabernacle, and they also ordained 17 assistant pastors of the Tabernacle Temple as pastors. In fact, those 17 people have never studied at any seminary schools. The pastors from SEC presented themselves to be orthodox and made the entire congregation lift up their right hands to take an oath [to agree with their doctrines] and receive the laying on of hands on their foreheads (September 1981). How can this be God’s law and command? 

As the promised pastor has been revealing these events to Christians, the saints who seek a true life of faith, have been streaming to SCJ. Christian denominations, on the other side, have been using all kinds of possible methods to persecute and remove SCJ and its promised pastor. They have been suing us and negatively reporting about us. They have been broadcasting false and biased programs about us. Having heard all this news, the police, prosecutors, press, and the broadcasting stations from different organizations started various investigations on SCJ. Everyone has parents, siblings, friends, family, and relatives, so those investigators made visitations to the SCJ pastor’s hometown, town neighbors, relatives, siblings, friends, a town office, and even to a district office. They searched every single place where the promised pastor went, including his neighborhood. They even investigated about some of the work places and the schools of SCJ congregation members. This explains why broadcasting stations gave such an awful impression of SCJ, to the degree that the whole Korean society wanted to do an intense investigation about us. 

Different groups of people were busy researching about us, and as they drew conclusions, they admitted that there was no injustice or corruption within us, not even one case. The results declared us, “not guilty.” The journalists of the Korean society opened a press conference to make known that we were guilt free. MBC PD Note also released a notification of correction on their programs. Since these happened, what has been going on around us? The Christian Council of Korea (the CCK) has been giving us more intense persecution, and they have not stopped their work to remove us. 

As we have examined the path SCJ has been walking thus far, the road to heaven is truly rough. It is the road which Jesus travelled. It is also the road that the one who overcomes, the promised pastor takes to go to heaven today. His heart is anxious for days on end, concerning the work of God and God’s saints. People are trying every possible means to prevent him from living in this world, and they are spreading many false and biased programs as if they were true. These lies are quickly spreading like the flames of a wild fire, and trying to escape from them is like crossing the path of death and life. My heart is anxious and burning. How can I stop looking toward the heavens and crying out in prayer? I gather my hands and pray to God … If everything can be resolved by my life being put to death, would it be better to bear the cross like Jesus…? I clarify my decision in my heart again and again, for my heart knows the time we live in all too well. God has been truly protecting SCJ family members. They are God’s family born of God’s seed. We should not have even a single person fall away. God has allowed us to overcome all kinds of trials, and we continue to evangelize, as always. Through that continual work of evangelism, more people are coming to SCJ than ever before. This is all because God has been at work, and the saints of SCJ have been victorious with the word of truth.

SCJ was able to release its Internet broadcasting programs, and the notification of correction on the MBC PD Note’s false programs has been also made known to the world. I am thankful that people’s incorrect understandings about us have been cleansed through such works. Whether it is long ago or today, Satan and the pastors who belong to him use the same methods and means, and we in Shincheonji, who know their schemes, are able to be victorious. 

Since we also know what God’s will is, we have been creating the 12 tribes of the 144,000 (the priests of heaven) and the great multitude dressed in white clothes (the people of heaven). As this news is swiftly proclaimed to the ends of the earth, all people will eventually believe in God. They will be thankful to Jesus, and all nations will come and worship here. Our God will reign. At a time like that, people in SCJ will receive the holy spirit as promised (Jn 14:20), but the pastors who persecute and refuse to repent will fall into the fiery lake of burning sulfur. As those who will be united with the souls of martyrs, and as the partakers of the first resurrection, the people in SCJ will be able to live with the Lord eternally! (refer to Rv 20:4-6)


Source: http://cafe.daum.net/scjschool/E4mY/391