Born Again through Faith from Persecution

Main reference: Jn 3, Acts 7:51-53, Mt 5:11-12

In religion, man is born again through training by God. Mankind cannot even understand all the things that happen in the world. So to mankind who are ignorant, understanding the spiritual world is a challenge and cannot be fathomed.

There are two types of spirits in the spiritual realm. One is the holy spirit of the Creator, and the other is the evil spirit who betrayed. A person cannot see spirit, nor can a person hear its voice. Furthermore, the longer the time passed, the more mankind became stained with sin. Whose words and spirit will an evil person follow if one cannot distinguish and be good? When we follow our own thoughts and our own perceptions, our life is filled only with pain and distress, and emptiness is constantly added upon it.

This is why the Scriptures were made and given to us—in God’s desire to make known truth to an ignorant world for a long time. Although mankind made the effort to believe in the will of God’s word—this Word is recorded with unchanging facts; the effort of trying to understand God’s will was like trying to reach the heavens so far and high. When a person perceives the will of God’s word and acts according to that will, would Satan’s work of blocking be small? So much effort was made to perceive it, and even after perceiving, we realized our sins still had to be atoned for. This is why eternal life and salvation are not that easy. We must first overcome ourselves, overcome the world, and also overcome Satan to be saved. Satan must be put to an end for salvation and heaven to exist, and for God to be here.

Once a person comes out from Satan’s death and sin and walks on the path of life, Satan misbehaves and acts out through persecution. Satan persecutes as though all of life and death depend on it. Whoever it may be, a person cannot know oneself. They don’t know if they are within God, or if they are within Satan. However, a person cannot say they are within God until they have been atoned of their sins. Even if a person has been born of God’s seed, that person is together with weeds until he or she is harvested. When being harvested, would that church pastor and the rest of the weeds just sit still and allow this to happen? Furthermore, will Satan just watch it happen? If we know the will of Scriptures and believe in the words recorded in the Bible, we will know God and the Bible. There is a great uproar and commotion between the wheat-like believer and the remaining church, the pastor, the weed-like believers and Satan. At a time like this, whose side will the world be on? Furthermore, Satan unites with the church pastors and the weed-like believers, and makes up the same lies to persecute those who were harvested. The actions of those whose eyes, ears and hearts are not circumcised (Acts7:51) are obvious.

In a situation such as this, Jesus made a process, a scenario in the Bible (New Testament) in which He saves by His blood, working together with His angels (Mt 26:26-29, Mt 24:30-31, Rv 1:5-6, Rv 5:9-10, Rv 14:14-16). Believers must think about this. At this time, there will be a final battle between God and Satan. The one who overcomes will possess everything, and the one who loses will lose everything and flee in seven directions (Dt 28). This is why it is recorded in Revelation chapter 12 that salvation and the kingdom of God come after the event of overcoming. We see at the First Coming, with the exception of those who came out to Jesus, everyone was an enemy of Christ – the troops of Satan. In the same way, the New Testament is just like the First Coming, when all are enemies of Jesus except those who are harvested. The Bible clearly shows this. We must put on the words of the New Testament as the armor of God, fight and overcome with the words of Truth for the sake of creating God’s new kingdom (refer to Eph 6:10-17).

Let us examine the reality of the existence of the origin of man through Scriptures. Before Adam became corrupt, Adam was a chosen person without sin. The chosen people of Physical Israel were not considered righteous because they were born of original sin, the hereditary sin of Adam, and their own personal sins. As a result, death entered through the sin of one man Adam, and life entered through one righteous man Jesus (Rom 5:17).

It is not easy to go from living as a sinner to living as a righteous person. First we must perceive and repent, receive atonement of our sins by the blood of Jesus, become harvested and sealed, belong to God’s kingdom and His righteousness, be reborn by the Holy Spirit and keep the commands of God (Jn 3:5, Jn 14:21-23). This is the path of being born again and attaining salvation.

The Law of Moses was just a tutor (elementary teachings) [Gal 3:24], and Jesus’ revealed word—the gospel of heaven was God’s seed. Furthermore, at the time of harvest, those who are harvested and sealed become the chosen people whose sins have been atoned by the Jesus’ blood. Since their sins have been atoned, they become the people of heaven, a new creation born again by God’s seed and Holy Spirit—the family of God. This place is not the Catholic Church, nor is it the Reformation Church or Buddhism. We are the New Jerusalem (The Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony), the chosen people of New Heaven. Those who call this place a cult are ignorant of God’s word; they do not believe in God or His word. These people call the people of heaven a cult because they belong to Satan, and are the weeds born of Satan’s seed.

Those born of blood and God’s seed become the family of God. In Revelation 12, overcoming is made possible by the blood of Jesus, in Revelation 5, the kingdom and priests are created through the blood of Jesus, and in Revelation 7, the great multitude dressed in white are washed by the blood of Jesus. It is only by the righteous blood of Jesus that original, hereditary and personal sins can be resolved so that the righteous path of salvation opens, the path that was blocked because of sin. As the walls of sin that blocked us finally collapses, the path of heaven appears, and it is that path that reunites us with God and heaven. This is the completion of the New Testament (new covenant).

Today at the time of Second Coming, we can clearly see by whose spirit and seed someone is born if they block the work of harvest and hate the work of sealing, if they hate the kingdom and priests whose sins were atoned and were purchased by the blood of Jesus, and if anyone curses new heaven and new earth. According to Scriptures, there are pastors and congregation members who are like pigs and dogs (refer to Mt 7:6, 2 Pt 2:22), people who are like the night and darkness (refer to 1 Thes 5:1-8), and many who are weeds born of Satan’s seed. It is recorded these are the people who curse and persecute the believers who have been harvested to the promised kingdom of God, New Heaven and New Earth (Shinchonji). As seen in Scriptures, those who called others a cult and persecuted them were the true cult, and those who were persecuted and called the cult were considered the righteous (refer to Mt 5:11-12, Acts 7:51-53, Acts 24). Take Jesus as an example.

Whoever it may be, everyone must repent and be born again. One must be harvested to be saved. One must be sealed to become the people of heaven of Jesus’ kingdom. One must come to the promised kingdom Shinchonji, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony and receive the words of testimony. There is only one pastor, the promised pastor, who receives the opened scroll in Revelation chapter 10. The only seminary in the entire world raise by Jesus is the seminary described in Revelation 14:1-3, the seminary of Mount Zion. The place all nations will come to and worship is only one place, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony where the one who overcomes is at (Rv 15:4-5).

The only kingdom in the New Testament all believers desire is Shinchonji (New Heaven and a New Earth). Not believing is a sin (refer to Jn 16:9). If one believes, one will become a child of God.