All Creation have been Waiting in Eager Expectation for the New Testament’s Fulfillment

Main reference: Rv 21:6 (Gn 1:1, Gn 2:1,

Gn 15, Gn26:3, Jo 21:43-45, Jn 19:30 (Rv 16, 18, 19, Jn 14:29))

The creation God promised (Gn 1:1), God fulfilled (Gn 2:1), the promise God made with Abraham was fulfilled at the time of Moses and Joshua, and the promise God made with the Old Testament prophets was fulfilled at the time of Jesus’ first coming (Jn 19:30). Likewise, the new promise, which is the New Testament that Jesus promised to fulfill with his blood (Mt 26:26-29) at the time of Jesus’ second coming, is being fulfilled today at the time of Revelation, as promised (Rv 21:6).

You stiffed-necked churches that are ignorant of the Bible, listen to the word of God at this time! How come you don’t believe in the promises Jesus made in his blood? Mr. Lee, the New John, was born and came as a light, he was sent to the churches as the messenger who speaks on behalf of Jesus (refer to Rv 22:16). O Rebellious Christians, listen and hear the word of God and Jesus.

Jesus said “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come” (Mt 24:14), and 1,900 years after Jesus said this, the gospel of the kingdom has been preached to the end of the earth, to the eastern most country of Korea, and for the last 100 years it has been preached throughout the nation of Korea. Today, 2,000 years since Jesus prophesied, every single promise of the New Testament is being fulfilled in the Republic of Korea, and Jesus has commanded me to proclaim to the rebellious people and churches what I have seen and heard at the location where the fulfillment has taken place, and so I am proclaiming. However, as an old saying says, “the foot of the lamp is dark,” the rebellious pastors of Korea don’t believe the promises of Jesus and their fulfillment, and there are many who persecute out of jealousy, envy, and vanity.

In the midst of this difficult situation, I created the twelve tribes of the promised people after harvesting and sealing, with God’s help. This is what it means, when Jesus said I have sent my messenger to give you this testimony for the churches in Revelation 21, ‘this testimony’ refers to the fulfillment of Revelation.

Also, according to the Lord’s command ‘go and preach to all the people who have eagerly awaited the fulfillment, having believed the gospel of heaven that was preached to the whole world’, I have traveled around the globe to Europe and America, on two occasions, and proclaimed the fulfillment of the New Testament. Global communities everywhere are busy inviting the messenger, who speaks on behalf, to lecture. However, how about the current situation of the faith of believers in Korea?

The recorded words have been fulfilled when the seals were being opened in Revelation 6, after the sealed book was taken from the hand of God in Revelation 5. So, the church of today is likened to the sun, moon, and stars of heaven that lost the light and have fallen to the earth; like Adam who was driven out of the Garden of Eden; like a battlefield without peace.

This is the reality that appeared when Jesus opened the 6 seals. When all the seals are opened (all seven), seven trumpets will sound and there will be 7 bowls of wrath, after all the trumpets have been sounded. These are the events that occur at the time of the New Testament’s fulfillment, and every event occurs accordingly. There is no reason not to believe this. They are fulfilled according to the promise (prophecy). Not believing in the fulfillment according to the prophecy proves that they are not true believers.

The pastor, who speaks on behalf, proclaimed the fulfillment of the New Testament to the whole world. Therefore they have no excuse for not hearing it. The one who has heard, but does not believe, could he say, “I haven’t heard?” The corrupted era has come to an end, and a new era has opened, that is Shinchonji. Jesus shed his blood for this, and then recorded it before it happens so that when it does happen (fulfills) we may believe. If you don’t believe Shinchonji, then you will belong to hell.

It is written in the Bible that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil (1Tim 6:10). However, the Christian Counsel of Korea (CCK) loves money like the Pharisees (the serpents) (refer to Lk 16:14), so they buy and sell authority, and even the certificates ordaining ministers (certificate of ordination).

The CCK has called the previous head of the Heresy Control Committee of the CCK for the last 10 years, the most vicious heresy; he was also the head of the Heresy Control Committee of the denomination that belonged to the CCK. The CCK also appointed a person, who has aggravated divorces and caused social anxiety, as the head of the Heresy Control Committee in the past. Now the CCK, who calls themselves orthodox, has divided into two sections, and they call each other heresy. Well, since it is the word from self-claimed orthodoxy, it is right, you both are the heresy. Now we can see your trunk, as well as your branches, are heresies. This refers to the tree of good and evil.

Now the CCK has no excuse and cannot avoid facing being called heretics. It will be a greater sin not believing the Bible, the promises and their fulfillment. Their end will be the lake of fire, while Shinchonji will be with the Lord in paradise.