After Seeing Channel A’s Special Documentary Titled,「Answers Regarding the End Times through Revelation」

I watched a special documentary on Channel A (the total TV programming channel of the Donga Times Newspaper) called,「Answers Regarding the End Times through Revelation」, which was broadcast on Sunday night, the 25th of December, 2011. My thoughts on the program are as follows.
There were eleven pastors who testified about Revelation on the program, including foreign pastors. They made a combined total of 30 points about the contents of Revelation. Out of the eleven pastors, Professor Tak ○○ (from ○○ University in Busan) came slightly close, while the other ten pastors’ comments were far from the true meaning. Each of their words of testimony reveals their mindset in their life of faith. After hearing what they had to say, it seems to me as if they do not believe in God or his words at all. It is a wonder whether they will believe when I tell them the truth.

The following are pieces of the interviews with the pastors on their view of Revelation.

1. Professor Tak ○○ (New Testament History Major at Busan ○○ University): There will be a war between good and evil. God, who is good, will win the war, and the kingdom of new heaven and new earth will be established.

2. Father Min ○○ (the president of ○○ Catholic University): Out of the four horses (Rv 6), the red horse represents war, and other three represent various famines and deaths.

3. Professor Lee ○○ (New Testament Studies at ○○ Seminary School): The meaning of 144,000 (Rv 7, 14) can be thought of as 12×12×1,000. In the Bible, the number 12 comes out in the Old Testament – the 12 tribes – as well as in the New Testament – the 12 apostles. Here, it is not literally 144,000. It is a symbolic number that represents the people of God as a whole. Also, the book of Revelation is an epistle (letter).

4. Professor Lee ○○ (Department of Christianity at ○○ University): 666 (Rv 13) refers to Emperor Nero. (The number) is taking the emperor of Rome as an example in order to refer to the power of the antichrist.

5. Ha ○○ (a member of the CCK Heresy Committee): There comes an end in every life. As there is an end to every individual, the book of Revelation is teaching us to live meaningful lives by being the light and salt in the world today. It is not a book meant to encourage pessimism, extremism, or mysticism.

6. Professor Kwak ○○ (Department of Psychology at ○○ University): Today, as many people have negative opinions about inequality and unfairness in the world, it is natural that a trend of relying on eschatology will start, as people will wonder how the world will end. For those of high intellectual levels, when there are negative things said about the group that they belong to, instead of thinking about whether the group really is at fault or not, they can try to make a religious rationalization of it with their level of intellect, overcoming the contradictory things they might feel about this religious group.

7. Professor R (Department of Theology at Columbia University): They say that everything in Revelation was shown to John in a dream, and he wrote down what he saw. The scholars presume that day was in AD 95.
Revelation was written in the midst of the persecution that the early church and the Christianity church were receiving.

8. Professor Y (History of the New Testament Studies at Yale University): It is good to discuss about the historical background of Revelation. For example, there were many things that John opposed severely during his time, such as worshipping of emperors (such idea existed).

9. Professor J (School of Divinity at Yale University): (The terminal eschatology) did not fulfill as prophesied. They either say that they miscalculated the date, or that God’s will has taken on a different direction. If they assume again that they are in the right, what is it that we can do? We must live in harmony with nature. Even if they say it is God’s will that the end will come, it is up to him whether we meet the end times or not.

10. P (An American Religious Psychologist): (People believe in the terminal eschatology) because they have a general fear for the future. They sense that something powerful and negative is coming for them.

11. Pastor D (from Kenya): Secondly, there will be a war between various nations and peoples. Thirdly, there will be a famine. The time at which this will take place will be made known in a dream. The economic crisis in the world that you see is nothing compared to that which will come from the tribulations of the future.

These are the summaries of the claims made by the famous pastor and doctors of theology mentioned above regarding Revelation. From looking at what they know, it is obvious as to what Biblical knowledge their congregation members have. What I want to say to them is that they must know themselves before they talk about others. Also, I want to ask if they saw (received the revelation regarding) the events of the entire book of Revelation. If so, I want to ask who the physical entities are. Also, I want to tell them that they must not make God a liar. If it says that there is no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth who can take off the seals or look inside (Rv 5), then no one can open it. Thus, before the seals are broken, before receiving the revelation, one must stop pretending to know. If one testifies lies, one becomes a pastor who sows the seed of the evil (i.e. weeds).

In Isaiah 29, it is stated that God has sealed the eyes of the pastors (made them blind) and covered their heads, and so the vision is like the words of a sealed book (Is 29:9-13). In Revelation 3, it is written that the eyes of the pastors are blind (Rv 3:17). Also, in Revelation 5, it says that no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth could take the seals off the book (of Revelation) or look inside it (Rv 5:1-3). Also, in Revelation 22, it says that if someone adds or takes away from the words of the prophecy of Revelation, he will not be saved, but cursed (Rv 22:18-19). A true believer fears God. He will not speak carelessly. I want to ask the pastors mentioned above whether they added or subtracted from Revelation, whether they are blind, or whether they have the qualifications to talk about Revelation. It is likely that God will say that a layperson is doing better than the stuck-up pastors. If the Spirit of Truth came to a layperson, it is likely that the layperson will not choose to speak on his own, but the things of the Spirit (Jn 15:26; 16:13). Who will God favor between a blind pastor and a good layperson?

Look at the present age. I have a headache just hearing the word ‘pastor’. In God’s six thousand years of work, the pastors of each era killed the messenger sent by God, including Jesus (Mt 23:37; Acts 7:51-53; 1 Thes 2:15). Jesus said that it will be the same when he returns; then, can the pastors mentioned above say confidently that they are not trying to kill Jesus and his messenger (refer to Lk 20:9-15)?

Once, there was the time when all the churches agreed on a date for rapture. They were even making commotions about it as the day drew near. Although it was clear that what they said was a lie because there was no rapture when the day came and passed, no one called the pastors of the church heretics, nor make it out to be a problem. Why? It is because they are in league with each other. When Jesus comes again, he will not be with the pastors; so, won’t they again try to persecute and kill him?

In every era, the pastors became enemies of God and the truth. Today, the pastors of Gwacheon made a citizens’ solidarity and put up a banner asking to kick Shinchonji out of Gwacheon for trying to make Gwacheon a ‘holy land’. I want to ask if such behavior is right for pastors who claim to like the truth and what is holy.

In this era, there is no pastor who knows the truth or God except the one at Shinchonji. Is this a wrong statement? How will the pastors of today score on a test regarding the Bible?

The Second Coming is the end of the world of the first heaven. The Bible testifies that all pastors on earth have been blinded by God. How can they know the Bible? According to the book of Revelation, there is only one promised pastor who sees and hears the entire book of Revelation; there is only one who is commanded to testify as the messenger of Jesus; there is only one who overcomes (refer to Rv 1:1-2; 19:10; 22:16; Rv 2-3; Rv10; Rv12). There is also only one seminary that is promised (refer to Rv 14:1-5). Other than this promised pastor, no one knows Revelation. Without him revealing it, no one can know God, heaven, the promised pastor, or the fulfillment of Revelation (refer to Mt 11:27). When the pastors that have not received the revelation hear the promised pastor and the Holy Spirit’s words, they will say that it is heresy, because that is all that they measure up to.
To attain heaven and eternal life, shouldn’t one at least master (the depths of) the Bible (refer to 1 Cor 2:10) and know the three mysteries of heaven by receiving the revelation? How embarrassing it is to even look at the pastors today, whose outward appearance is sleek, but whose insides are hollow, like an empty can. No matter who, without learning the word of revelation, that is, the new song (Rv 14) in the City of Truth (Shinchonji), no one can know heaven, God, or the one whom God sent (the promised pastor).

The panel of experts of the Christian Research Association Against Heresy, as well as the CCK (whom they belong to) have added and taken away from Revelation. What right do they have to call anyone else a cult?
The vision that Apostle John wrote of that he saw after going up to heaven two thousand years ago, is not an epistle, but a prophecy to be fulfilled on earth at the Second Coming.
God and Jesus will fulfill from Revelation 1:1 to the last verse of chapter 22 (Rv 21:6). The names of the people and the places written in Revelation are names from the Old Testament, written as parables. When they fulfill, the literal figures and places do not appear (again), but rather the realities of what those names were likened unto. At this time, Jesus shows his messenger everything that has been fulfilled, gives him the word of revelation, and sends him to testify it (Rv 10; 22:16). This messenger’s testimony is the testimony of Jesus (Rv 1:1-2). He comes in the name of Jesus, and does not make presumptions, saying, ‘It will be like this and that,’ but testifies with the word of revelation, that is, what he saw and heard of all the physical entities that fulfill the prophecies of Revelation. So, how can it be false?

The Second Coming, the period of Revelation, is when all the churches and pastors come to an end (refer to Mt 11:13; Lk 16:16). Jesus of the Second Coming creates a new kingdom, a new pastor, and a new people, while throwing away the old. The pastors of today hate the Lord’s (new) kingdom and messenger because the spirits within them are different. It is as it was at the First Coming. In Revelation, there is a war in which the betrayer, the destroyer, and the savior gather in one location and fight with their words of testimony. God is victorious in the second war, by which his kingdom and salvation come (Rv 12). God gives and entrusts all the things promised in Revelation 2 and 3 to the one who overcomes. Without receiving these promises through the one who overcomes, no one can attain salvation. Those who believe this will be saved.