A Believer whose Standard is the Bible

Main reference: Rv 20:12, Jn 12:48, Jn 14:6

Religion came from God, and mankind does not understand its purpose. Although believers have desired to meet the Lord and understand the true purpose of religion, there was no way to do so. This is why believers could go as far as desiring God and heaven only within their hearts. Knowing this, God made the Old and New Testament Scriptures known in advance through the prophets and apostles.

Although God gave us His Scriptures, why is it that no one understood the true purpose contained within them? This is because the pastors, along with their congregation members, became spiritually blind, and furthermore, because the Scriptures were recorded in parables (figuratively) to hide the secrets from the pastors of Satan.

If the pastors and the congregation members perceived and believed in the purpose of the Old Testament prophecies at the First Coming, they would have believed in God and His Son Jesus who came.

Additionally, following the prophecies of Psalms 78, there came to be more parables spoken in the New Testament than in the Old Testament (Mt 13:34-35), so how can we possibly know and accept Jesus at the time of his Second Coming (Lk 18:8)?
At the time of the Old Testament fulfillment at Jesus’ First Coming, knowing the Son Jesus whom God was with, was like knowing God (refer to Mt 11:27). Jesus was the way, the Truth and the life since it was only through him they could know God, and it was only through Jesus they could get to God (Jn 14:6).

Furthermore, Jesus came according to the prophecies of the Old Testament, coming in God’s name as the Light (Jn 5:43, Jn 12:46). As a result, it was only through Jesus they could come to know the Old Testament and its fulfillment (Jn 19:30). If they believed in the Old Testament, they would have believed in Jesus.

What about the New Testament?

Just as mentioned previously, there are parables more in the New Testament, which were spoken by Jesus, than there are in the Old Testament scriptures. In the case of Revelation, there is no one who can understand its meaning before the proper time. Self-righteous people created their own interpretations (commentaries) acting like they know; however, these were all weeds, merely Satan’s seed, or in other words, the maddening wine of adulteries. Revelation of the New Testament concerns events that are opened and fulfilled at its proper time. Revelation was a prophecy promised by Jesus, so when the proper time comes, Jesus fulfills it. The Old Testament was promised by God, and at the proper time (Hb 2:2-3), God came to Jesus and fulfilled those prophecies through Him. Just as Jesus testified to everything he saw, today, Jesus fulfills all the promises he made (New Testament), and sends a messenger on His behalf who has seen and heard all the events of fulfillment as a testimony for the churches (Rv 22:16). All believers who believe in the New Testament must believe in the messenger whom Jesus sends.

This messenger who testifies on behalf of Jesus is the person who has united with the Spirit of Counselor, the Spirit of Truth who comes in the name of Jesus as seen in John chapter 14. This messenger sees and hears all the events of Revelation’s fulfillment at the location they were all fulfilled. Because he is the one who overcame by fighting and overcoming the pastors of Satan in Revelation 12, he receives the promised blessings in Revelation chapters 2 and 3. It is only after receiving the words of testimony from this messenger who speaks on behalf of Jesus that one can know the reality of the fulfilled events of Revelation, know to whom God, Heaven and Jesus come to, and inherit salvation.

Just like knowing Jesus who came according to the promises in the Old Testament was like knowing God, knowing the one who overcomes who comes according to the promises of the New Testament is like knowing God, heaven and Jesus.

It is the end of the age because the world of religion has become corrupt, and the corrupted world of religion became the world of Satan. At the end of the age (end times), all nations become Satan’s possession and, thus, fall (Rv 17-18). At this time, those who believe and follow the Word will be saved, and during this time, they must pray in their rooms instead of at the churches for the prayers to be effective. God is searching for people like this.

All will be judged by the standard of the Word, regardless of who it is (Jn 12:48, Rv 20:12), and those who carry out their walk in faith by the standard of the Word will be saved. Carrying out a walk in faith that is not according to Scriptures will not be accepted.

Heaven and God have come to Shinchonji, and it is only in Shinchonji that one can hear the fulfillment of the New Testament. Those who believe will gain salvation.


Source: http://cafe.daum.net/scjschool/E4mY/433