The New Thing, Orthodoxy & the Old Cults

From the time of Adam to the time of Jesus is the old era, and from after Jesus and on makes the new era. When comparing the two, the old, having become corrupt and worn out, turned into a cult. The new era, however, has become the recreated world of orthodoxy by the means of the new thing. The old, worn generation, still holding onto its traditions, labels the new generation as a cult in an attempt to hide their corruption and falsehood. If the old generation had not been corrupted, would God have created the new?

Jesus came to the church of Judaism and did the new thing. Is this cultish? Did he form a faction? Because the world of Moses and the Law became corrupt and broke the covenant, God promised a new thing (refer to Jer 31:22, 27, 31) and fulfilled it through the promised pastor, Jesus (Jn 19:30). This is not forming a faction. This is not a cult.

Also, Jesus promised that through Peter (meaning “rock”), he will build his church (Mt 16:18-20). This church was the (Christian) Catholic Church, built on Peter as the foundation. Sprouting from the Catholic Church was the Protestant Church; but now, how many parts has this split into? This is the act of forming factions and cults. The New Testament mentions about cults (sect/ factions/ divisions/ heresy) in five different verses (Acts 24:5, 14; Gal 5:20; Ti 3:10; 2 Pt 2:1). Some of these are the case of the Jews calling Jesus and his disciples cults, and others are of the disciples pointing out active cults.

In the Korean language, the world for cult, eedan, means ‘a different end’; ee means ‘different’ and dan means ‘end’. This means starting out with the things of God, but resulting in something different completely. It refers to the pastors and their denominations who preach a different doctrine from Jesus’. Apostle Paul said in Galatian 1, ‘If anybody should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned,’ (Gal 1:8). By these standards, doctrines that are Biblical are orthodox, a gospel different from that of the Bible is that of a cult.

One denomination under the CCK (Christian Council of Korea) labeled Shinchonji Church of Jesus as a cult, arguing that we claimed Matthew 24 to be the only part of the Scriptures that talk about the subject of Biblical eschatology. We, Shinchonji, however, have never made such a claim. Like the Pharisees, they made up a lie to make Shinchonji look like a cult. The CCK, who also persecutes and labels Shinchonji as a cult, loved money like the Pharisees (Lk 16:14), and sold and bought ecclesiastical authority with money. They themselves have become the root of all evil (1 Tm 6:10). This is the essence of a cult.

Also, the CCK and the denominations under them have committed lots of atrocious deeds for the sake of their conversion education program. Some of the things they do to believers (victims) include confining them in rooms, forcing them to take leave of absences from school or work, and confining at asylums for refusing to receive the education. They make several hundred thousand Korean won for each person that undergoes the coercive conversion education program. Once, there was even an incident of murder, an act that is following in the footsteps of their forefather (of Presbyterianism) Calvin. These are not normal actions for man or for the Spirit. These actions are fit for a cult.

Trying to live out their lives of faith while it is centered on ecclesiastical authority has inevitably gotten the CCK preaching absurd things. They have taken evil for good, white for black, truth for lies, lies for truth, orthodoxy for cult, and cult for orthodoxy. The CCK cannot be considered as part of Christianity, but as a group that plays a leading role in destroying it.

Shinchonji has proposed several times for a public Biblical debate to the CCK, as well as the Christian community. We also sent them a list of 40 questions regarding the Bible. There has not been a reply to anything, however. The CCK is probably afraid that by replying to our questions and proposes, they might be accused by others of having associations with Shinchonji. We, Shinchonji, are the fulfillment of the new thing that Jesus promised in the Bible – New Heaven and New Earth, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony. This is the temple of the new kingdom that the Bible has promised.

The prophecies of the Bible were given before they happen, so that we will believe when they happen (Jn 14:29). What is the reason, then, for not believing? Is it because what Jesus prophesied and fulfilled is a cult? The Bible’s fulfillment is Shinchonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony. Its name was not man-made, but promised beforehand by God in the Bible (Rv 15:4-5). Is it wrong to fulfill the Bible? How can they even know and believe in its fulfillment when they don’t understand meaning of the Bible in the first place? A person who has evil and lies in his heart will act evil and lie, but a person who has good and truth in his heart will do good and tell the truth.

Why is Shinchonji growing in number day by day? It is because the CCK did proclaim Shinchonji to be a cult to the entire nation, but those who had discernment came here to make sure, and have ended up learning and perceiving the truth. Not only that, but they also end up finding out that their previous denomination was full of lies. These people pray sincerely for the pastors of the church they had attended. They also continue to bring in more and more believers who long for the truth. The numbers are adding up as people are congregating here like clouds. This is a sign of our victory. Long live God, Jesus, and Shincheonji!