Removing Those who Are Anti-country, Anti-people, and Anti-society

Who is anti-country, anti-people, and anti-society? Such a person must be removed. However, the criterion and scale to judge whether someone is anti-country/people/society must be a fair, accurate one. If there is a group that is truly for the nation, for the people, and even for the generations that are to come, doesn’t it deserve a fair assessment? The one judging must stop taking measly bribes and being prejudiced.

If the press stands upright, the nation will also stand upright. If the religious press stands upright, the religious world will stand upright. This will bring unification of religions—the restoration of light—as well as world peace.

The Christian community of Korea has been saying all kinds of lies about Shinchonji, and now has decided to label us as an anti-country, anti-people, and anti-society organization, thus demanding its immediate removal. What does it really mean to be anti-country, anti-people, and anti-society?

Roughly 2,000 years ago, God and his son, Jesus, came to the Physical Israelites. Many believers followed Jesus around at that time. Seeing this, the priests and the elders worked to remove Jesus and his disciples. They did this by calling them heretics (cults), demon-possessed, and sick with contagious illnesses. (Jn 8:48, Acts 24:5) They then excommunicated or killed them.

Was Jesus really a heretic? The Old Testament prophets before Jesus were excommunicated and killed by the Jewish pastors during their generations (Mt 5:12, 23:34-37, Acts 7:51-53). Jesus’ disciples (apostles) after the First Coming were also banished and murdered (Acts 7:55-60, Heb 11:33-38). Were they really heretics? Did those pastors kill Jesus, the prophets, and the apostles for being on God’s side (refer to Mt 23:29-36)? The devil and the pastors who belong to him, answer!

Whose world is this if God is not present (refer to Mt 4:8-9)?  

How can anyone, after examining the Bible and seeing the events of the Christian history, not be shaking in too much fear to believe in God? Nevertheless, Christianity has continued thus far because of (the few people who acted in) righteousness.

Is God a wicked being? Are his words lies? Is it a sin to do according to God’s will? The Christian Council of Korea, answer me! God has given us the answer in the Bible. Let God give the answer.

At the time of First Coming, it was the very nation of Israel, the nation of God’s chosen people, that killed Jesus and expelled his disciples from their country. In the same way, the Korean pastors today are doing a public campaign to excommunicate Shinchonji. What kind of sins has Shinchonji committed to deserve this? It is a sinner who should be excommunicated. It is the dead, rotten tree that should be excommunicated, not the living tree. Jesus was labeled as a cult at the First Coming because many believers followed him. Today many believers have heard Shinchonji’s revealed word, and they have left their own churches to follow Shinchonji. Is this why people are calling Shinchonji a cult? Is that their reason for wanting to excommunicate and remove Shinchonji?

Is this why the conversion education pastors ordered (instigated) the parents of the Shinchonji members to confine their child by bandaging his mouth and handcuffing his hands and feet? Is this what they claim to be truth and ecclesiastically lawful? Is this God’s love? Is this God’s forgiveness? Is this how we are supposed to love our enemies? Is this truly a blessing and an orthodox education?

Is it orthodox and loving to even beat someone to death for refusing to receive the conversion education? Is this their law? The Bible likens such people unto beasts and dogs that lack understanding (refer to Ps 73:22, Prv 30:2-3, Is 56:11, Rv 13).

Jesus promised to hold a wedding banquet with oxen and beasts butchered, and he said to gather to eat the flesh of those beasts (Mt 22:1-4, Rv 19:17-21). Aren’t these words of Jesus being fulfilled in this generation? Those who are not blind will be able to see this.   

The believers who have been starving for the word are swarming to Shinchonji because the true God and the word of life are here. They are coming because the previous churches they attended did not have the word of life and became corrupt; because the words of their pastors were the seed of weeds (lies); because their words were the wine of adulteries, the false doctrines of Satan. Isn’t this the truth?

Through several open Bible seminars, the Shinchonji representative made it known that he did not come to judge but to be judged, and that if there was anything wrong in Shinchonji’s words of testimony, people should point it out. Not one person has pointed anything out. Furthermore, the Shinchonji representative has been requesting pastors nationwide to have an open Bible discussion with him many times, but not one person has responded to this day. He also gave 40 Bible questions to those pastors to answer, but not a single response has come in these long years. Considering these situations, can they still claim to be the truth and the orthodoxy?

Did these pastors pass certain exams and receive their authority from this society, people, or from this country? Did the religious leaders not sell and buy such authority with money? It was neither given by God nor the government. Who are they oppressing then with such authority? Isn’t this the lawless action that pressed for the end of Christianity? Is it a sin to leave such places and come to the place where there is truth, righteousness, and justice (refer to Rv 17:14, 18:4)? If they have mouths, they should speak before the crowds.

The crowds will be able to know the real entities that go against this country, people, and society by looking at their actions and fruit (Mt 7:15-20; Lk 6:43-44). Conversion education pastors blamed Shinchonji for several crimes and aired 50 minute-long programs twice regarding Shinchonji through MBC PD Note. After seeing this broadcast, series of thorough investigations were conducted on Shinchonji and its representative by various organizations. They searched every nook and corner of Shinchonji. The indignity was beyond bearing. The disgrace we suffered was more painful than being hung on the cross. In the effort to excommunicate Shinchonji members from society, the investigators went all over the place, meeting Shinchonji members’ parents, relatives, friends, school alumni, and co-workers. How can words express all the humiliation and suffering we went through? We were, to the world, dead meat on a cutting board. Under powerful and endless persecution and oppression by the Christian Council of Korea—which is made up of many influential authority figures—the mortification we felt flowed into a river of tears and drenched our hearts. We looked up to the sky and sighed and sighed. We called out to God, but he seemed to be silent towards us. The firstfruits were purchased by the blood of Jesus (Rv 5:9-10; Rv 14:1-5), yet how dejected each of them must have been! Asking God for the strength to overcome this lawlessness, we tore our chest, looked upon the Lord’s cross, and pictured the execution grounds of Peter and Paul. Is this the same road that they had to walk on? The world has been so heartless. If living here in this world meant never being acknowledged, I thought that it would be better to just live with the Lord in the spirit. This desire sprang up tens of thousands of times.

The first step in my life of faith was more certain than that of anybody else’s. While praying, I was led by the star in the sky and guided to a divine being of heaven. I began my life of faith by making an oath written in blood. Having encountered the Lord on the clouds a second time, I was led to start to carry out the work of Shinchonji, and have been doing so all the way up to now. Isn’t that Shinchonji, however, now being baptized by all kinds of unclean, filthy water? I try beating my chest and shouting thousands of times. The revelation that God has granted me, I have been proclaiming with all my soul and with all my heart. It is, however, a sin in the eyes of the world. Heaven has witnessed it, and the earth has witnessed it. Has my attempt to establish righteousness and justice come to nothing? Yet, if this testimony is the truth, I have to overcome all this. Whenever I determine myself to overcome in this way, a burst of strength comes back to me. Praise comes out of my lips, and the revealed word continues to be proclaimed powerfully. The breath of life arises in me as water bursts out from a spring.

I have surrendered this life to heaven, and have the sword of heaven lifted high. Let’s fight and be victorious! May the heavens help us! The hoof beats of the heavenly army are shaking the heavens and the earth. Their sounds ring in my ears. The flashing sword of heaven comes out of my mouth as the revealed word is testified. From that moment, strength gushes out from me. I feel as though I am dashing while riding the horse of heaven.

Fortunately, all Shinchonji congregation members knew very well that the programs MBC PD Note aired were full of lies. Not one member fell away because of this incident. This surely confirmed that we overcame with truth. What were the results from the investigations and research done by different organizations after the PD Note programs? The officials of the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism, police officers, and prosecutors did thorough investigations into Shinchonji, and having done them, the officials made a decision that Shinchonji was not guilty of the charges brought up against it. Several press groups broadcast that MBC’s programs were false, and a press conference was held to reveal this as well. After this court decision, MBC PD Note got busy airing a message of correction regarding its previous programs. Now that the truth has been revealed, whoever aired the false programs needs to be punished so that the hearts of the people who suffered from the defamation can be solaced. If such people are let go without being punished, more cases of lying and false accusations can occur. Who on earth can truth and righteousness trust? Who should they make their appeal to?

Now here is an answer to the question: who is really anti-country, anti-people, and anti-society? What kind of people are they? Being anti-country and anti-people involves the action of going against one’s own country. For example, if anyone opposes those who love and work for their country, he is anti-country and anti-people. Such a person is no different from a traitor of his own country.

Shinchonji congregation members are also registered legal citizens of this country. They receive the education provided by this country. Male congregation members serve in the military and are equally faithful to the country as others. They pay taxes to the country. They either participated or were in charge of the Memorial Day and Independence Day festivals. With love for their country, they made a huge hand-printed Korean national flag and advocated patriotism. They have also been doing several volunteer activities for the society. Should these actions be considered anti-country and anti-people? They have erected a monument in desire for the unification of their country. Is this also anti-country and anti-people?

What, in turn, have the persecutors done? Haven’t they done things that rather interfered with the unification of Korea? They removed the monument of the Declaration of the Unification of Korea. They hindered the hosting of the Memorial Day and the Independence Day events. They also hindered people from doing volunteer activities. These are the actions that need to be called anti-country and anti-people. What’s more, they used every means possible to remove the large Korean flag that was kept in the Korean National Cemetery, not to even mention their interference with its making. Are not these very actions anti-country, anti-people, and anti-society? We donated blood donor cards to volunteers who gave blood, helped clean up natural disasters, and expressed our neighborly love by aiding the disabled, whether young or old, in various ways. These activities were recognized by different organizations of the society. We received more certificates of appreciations than anyone else. Ironically, those who hinder us from doing any volunteer work – they themselves do no volunteer work, but are busy interfering with us every time we do. How else can their actions be described if not as anti-society?

If anyone has eyes and ears, they must see and hear this correctly. If anyone does not know, one can ask the heavens and the earth. We have constantly been giving love (volunteering) without a word, just as how the heavens provide us with the light, rain, and air. Those who consider their vicious deeds good, who call black white (refer to Is 5:20) – whose spirit do they have that they continue in doing wickedness? They will not escape being condemned to hell unless they repent.

The Israeli pastors did not accept Jesus and his words at the First Coming, and Jesus told them in Matthew 21:43, “The kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit.” As promised, the blessings and salvation were passed on to the gentiles through Paul. Likewise, if these Korean pastors go against the kingdom of heaven today, Jesus, heaven, and salvation at this Second Coming will have no choice but to move to other countries. Shouldn’t the pastors be responsible if this happens?

If their congregation realizes what their pastors have done, will they sit still and let their pastors be? Look at Revelation 7. It says that a countless great multitude dressed in white (people of God’s kingdom) comes out of the great tribulation (Rv 7:9-14). What kind of tribulation is this? It refers to the judgment that will be upon all the churches and the congregation.

The deeds of the Korean pastors are synonymous with the deeds of the Jewish pastors who killed the Old Testament prophets, and that of the pastors and the elders who killed Jesus and his apostles at the First Coming. The reason the Korean pastors are acting without a moment’s hesitation is that the very spirit (the devil) who killed the Old Testament prophets at the First Coming entered into those pastors. Another reason is that they understand their deeds to be of good. Nevertheless, they will not escape being condemned to hell. It is their actions that speak against them in this matter. They have been lying, persecuting, and conducting wickedness in the worst way since the creation of the world. Also their ignorance regarding the Bible reaches to the lowest level.

Whether in the eyes of the spiritual world or the physical world, their actions are of utmost evil.

Their scheme was to turn us also into violators, but we were not deceived. They are those who sleep in darkness at night according to 1 Thessalonians 5, whereas we are the workers of light and day. We are busy harvesting and sealing, and we do not have enough time to listen to their sleep talk. You pastors have put your congregation to sleep with your own viciousness and ignorance. Now by hearing and understanding the revealed word, they are awake and running towards Shinchonji. This is all caused by your ignorance and corruption. The heavens and the earth have witnessed your lies, ignorance, and the tragedy of your wicked deeds. Like the Pharisees, you have worked hard for the sake of money and authority (refer to Lk 16:14); and this same root of all kinds of evil (1 Tm 6:10) is being planted deep into your own earth and soil— the hearts of your congregation members.

It is clear what you ignorant pastors will be facing on the day of the judgment. Within the Republic of Korea, pastors are obsessed with trying to kill us, but outside of Korea, pastors are busy inviting us. I’d like to propose that all the Korean pastors—who are overflowing with pride in being the orthodoxy—take a test based on the Bible, so that people would be able to know who really has the truth. Can someone who does not know the words of the Bible call himself a pastor (refer to 1 Cor 2:10)? Can we measure heaven with the standards of the world? The congregation members under these ignorant pastors cannot say much either.

We have mastered the Bible, have directly received the revealed word from heaven, and have proclaimed it. Those pastors should be thanking us for explaining to their congregation members the verses (of the Bible) they could not. Instead of being grateful, they are busy persecuting us day and night, which testifies that they have left the truth. We are Shinchonji, the new heaven and new earth, which the Bible has promised (Rv 7, 14, 21:1). Our temple is the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (Rv 15:4-5). We are God’s new kingdom: the sealed twelve tribes and the great multitude in white.

Who is calling whom a cult here? Yes, they are losing their congregation to Shinchonji, and yes, they are lacking the truth; and yes, their testimonies are being proven as lies and their actions as wicked. However, what can still save them is not the heart of wanting to kill Shinchonji for it, but that of wanting to repent and learn, so as to teach correctly. Is there any good in opposing God?

One who has really received God and his word must measure with the words of God, instead of judging by the standards of their own thinking and of their own denominations. How can the people of the first heaven use their rusty black compass (standards) and say this or that to the people of the new heaven? Repenting and being born again is the only way for them to live, just as people in Shinchonji have repented and have been born again.

The difference between Jesus’ world of the first heaven (Protestantism, Spiritual Israel) and Jesus’ world of the new heaven (Shinchonji, the New Spiritual Israel) is like the difference between heaven and earth.

Protestantism has deteriorated and become corrupt. The act of persecuting others is their law and doctrine. Shinchonji, on the other hand, teaches the revealed word, forgives, loves, and blesses others. Which of the two belongs to God?

Shinchonji is the City of Truth, whereas Protestantism is the city of lies. If anyone disagrees, he will know when both parties are engaged in a public Bible discussion before the crowds and take a test based on the Bible. There is no salvation with the Protestant Church, due to their lack of knowledge of the Bible (refer to Hos 4:6), whereas Shinchonji has salvation because it has mastered the Bible and testifies the revealed word according to the five “W’s” and one “H”. The scriptures clearly say that no one knows God, heaven, or the promised pastor unless he receives the revelation (refer to Mt 11:27; Jn 17:3). Shinchonji speaks the revealed word, and the Protestant Church speaks of worldly things (refer to Jn 3:31-34). Which place will God dwell with? We in Shinchonji have seen, heard, understood, and mastered from Revelation 1 to 22, and we believe in Revelation. The Protestant Church, however, has completely added and subtracted from Revelation. Who are the saviors (refer to Rv 22:18-19)?

Shinchonji is a place where the firstfruits have been harvested to (Rv 14:1-5), and the Protestant Church is a place where people who have not been harvested dwell (refer to Mt 13:30). Which of these two has the truth? Shinchonji is comprised of the harvested firstfruits. It is the twelve tribes of the promised kingdom created by the revealed word (Rv 7, 14). Protestantism is comprised of the pastors from the Christian Council of Korea, who act like the beasts of Babylon (refer to Rv 17, 18). Which of these two holds the truth according to the Bible?

Shinchonji has seen, heard, and has been sealed by what is of heaven. The Protestant Church, in contrast, has seen and been sealed (marked) by what is of the earth. Which of these two belongs to the truth?

The Protestant Church has drunk the wine of adulteries (Rv 17:1-5; 18:2-3), but we in Shinchonji have mastered the Bible with the true and new wine. Who is of the truth? Can someone who does not know what the wine of adulteries is call himself a believer?