Who is the Destroyer in the Bible?

Main reference: 2Th 2

The destroyer satan’s pastor that made the chosen people betray God and destroyed them (Gn3:1-19).

According to the bible, betrayers were the chosen people who believed in God and they betrayed God because they were deceived by Satan’s pastor in every era. If you take a look at the serpent and Even during Adam’s time, the Pharisees and the chosen people of Jerusalem during Jesus’ first coming, the order is betrayal-destruction-salvation (2Th 2:1-4).

There are two types of gods, one is a God who creates with the word of life, and the other is god of devil who kills living creatures with venom. And the Bible is the book that let people know who these two gods are.

Man, who was created, did not keep God’s words, and like Eve, man is lured to Satan. By trusting Satan’s words, Satan’s evil spirit went into him; therefore man became spiritually dead like Adam. This is because sin was passed down and people were born from it. Look at the animals. If an animal is born of mixed blood, it has different shapes and color.

Mankind need to up root the old and plant with new, destroy the old house and build a new one that the Holy Spirit can reside in (Jer1:10). Not all pastors are of God nor are all saints of God. It depends on what kind of spirit enters the body and where they belong (Rom 8:1-14). The chosen people’s pastors and elders, who waited only for God’s return by fasting and giving tithe, persecuted and killed Jesus with whom God was with. Would they be God’s people? If not, then which god do they belong to?

According to Revelation chapter 16,  at the time of Jesus’ second coming, evil spirits gather to have a battle with God by bringing kings under heaven which are pastors to Armageddon (spiritual war ground). How can we not say that it won’t be the same as the first coming?

From where to where does the word destruction mean? If we say destroyed, doomed, ‘who, when, where, how, what, why?’ should be asked. Adam’s world was destroyed by the great flood, Canaan’s too, and physical Israel was destroyed during Jesus’ first coming. People would believe it was God who destroyed them, but it isn’t true. Before the body was destroyed, their spirit was destroyed by their sin. The moment Adam bit from the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, that is when Adam died, and the moment Canaan accepted the foreign god they died, and the moment Israel worshiped the foreign god, destruction happened.

The act of Satan making the chosen people sin is the act of destruction. The sun, moon, stars that belong to heaven fell to earth, when the chosen people were destroyed by Satan.  As the people took in Satan’s venom their spirit died and that is destruction.

They were God’s people but by receiving Satan’s seed and spirit, they became severed and were destroyed. From that moment, they belonged to Satan’s group and became prisoners of Satan. Like so, when one generation is finished that is called the end of the world, in other word the end. In Revelation 13, the saints in tabernacle of heaven receives the sign from Satan’s pastor (Seven head and ten horns), and worship it thus belonging to Satan. This marks the end and is destruction

Apostle Paul explained in 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 the sequence of the betrayal, destruction, and salvation. And the doom to destruction means destruction by the man of doom to destruction to the betrayal the chosen people betrays. Throughout the Bible and the book of Revelation, it speaks of the man doom to destruction as the being that invades God’s tabernacle to destroy the saints.

If a man believes in the Bible (promised words) and God, then how can he say he didn’t know the book of Revelation and Revelation chapter 13 even when he saw it? The man doomed to destruction is a pastor belonging to Satan’s group, and the one that was destroyed is as written in the bible as the man of lawlessness chosen people. And the last enemy to be destroyed is death (1Cor 15:26). They will be destroyed by the savior – the one who overcomes. When this happens, God will rule the whole world (Rv 19:6).

People are not interested in God and salvations thus don’t want to know the promises in the Bible. One generation ends due the destroyer, to Satan’s pastor, and new generation begins because the former heaven is corrupted and destroyed. A new one is recreated because of this. If you don’t know the man of lawlessness, the man doom of destruction, and savior, then there is no salvation. Revelation will let you know who these people are. If you know the man of lawlessness, man doom of destruction, and savior in Jesus’ first coming then you will know man of lawlessness, man doom of destruction, and savior in the second coming.

Beware that the words recorded in book of Revelation (New Testament) to the saints of the end time is talking about you. Let us find the answers in the Bible.

Source: http://cafe.daum.net/scjschool/E4mY/346