The Victory of Shinchonji

Main reference: Rv 12 (Rv 2, 3, 15)

Shinchonji has overcome the world through the truth.

God, Jesus, the angels, the Bible, and all other living things acknowledge this fact. We give back the honor of victory to God and Jesus forevermore. This is the time in which God’s kingdom and salvation are beginning. Shinchonji’s open word seminar is not here to judge others, but itself to be judged (the truth of the word, the authenticity of the church).

Many people have attended these seminars in person, plus millions of people watched them through the Internet and through their smart phones. The seminar became ranked No.1 on the Naver (Korean Search Engine) search bar. The attendants (pastors, Doctors of divinity, people of the Christian faith) did not oppose the teachings, but instead agreed with the word of truth. It is being acknowledged by all mankind as the best and highest truth ever known.

People are dancing and glorifying God, giving the all the honor back to Him. The welcome rains are falling on the dry hearts, becoming the breath of life and praise to God.

The number of members of the Protestant Church is decreasing; yet the number of Shinchonji members is rapidly growing. The deprived and corrupt church has no word, so people of the churches are fleeing to Shinchonji, the place in which the welcoming rains of the word of life are falling. Shinchonji is becoming prosperous.

(Comments people are saying, and how Shinchonji members are responding)

Here and there are the disturbances, here and there are the moans, and here and there are the emergency meetings. They say…

     Hold the people. Take them, Stop them, they’re all going. Set up measures. We have no measures in place. Our jobs, the church is failing. We must stop them even by lying. Shinchonji is a heresy. Don’t go. Don’t go.

          However, people are still going and will continue to go.

     Where was the graduation ceremony of Shinchonji held? The 12 tribes have held them in 12 different locations.

     Six thousand people in the Yeoido square, twenty five hundred people in Busan, three thousand people in Kwangju. Nobody can hinder this; there is no way to stop us, to stop those who are thirsty…

     The word of the Bible, which we could not come to understand, is being revealed in Shinchonji. Even if you try to stop and block us, we will go by concealing ourselves.

     God is with them, the Spirit is working there, the word of life is there, and the word of Revelation is there. Shinchonji is the place the prophecies and the promises of the New Testament have been fulfilled. The pastors have gone; the Doctors of divinity have gone, also our preachers and the son and daughter of the pastor’s have gone there too.

     I heard the wife of the pastor goes to Shinchonji. Ohhhh, it’s the end of the world, the end. The end of the church!

     I can’t continue this work. How can I earn money…I can’t work; it’s too much of a shame to beg…

     Pastor, you’d better to go to Shinchonji.

     Do they like me? I’m sure they don’t because I persecuted them a lot.

     I heard it is full of love there.

     If I go there, the Christian Council of Korea will call me a heresy.

     Regardless, you must live.

     I heard Shinchonji teaches the Bible at no cost… 

     During the election, the Christian Council of Korea gives me a money envelope, but Shinchonji does not…

     If I go to Shinchonji, I can’t believe the doctrine of Calvin. I can’t run for an election and win with money. I can’t speak heresies. I can’t do the things I did before as a pastor. I can’t lie. I must tell the truth. I can’t tell the truth, I…

     If I go there, I must study the logic of the Bible, the elementary course, intermediate and advance courses, and I must pass a graduation exam and then I’ll be accepted…

     The exam of the Bible.., I can’t go there because I’m afraid of the truth. I heard that Shinchonji teaches the Bible with five W’s and one H. I’m scared. I am too ashamed to go there. I don’t know the Bible.

     All the churches and pastors are completely ruined by Shinchonji. Our ignorance and lies are revealed because Shinchonji speaks the truth. Every church, every theological school is becoming mute, the doors are closed.

     I heard no professor or pastor could win against them regarding the Bible.

     The pastors are so poor because they have no ability for contradicting the opinions that ‘the word of Shinchonji is true’.

     Before Shinchonji came to be, nobody knew which teaching was true or false. There is no pastor who can win against Shinchonji in any of the churches of the world. Some people said they were going to Shinchonji’s open word seminar to argue, but they ended up clapping. They liked it, and said it’s very good. People changed just by listening to it, and now go to Shinchonji.

     I heard that if people go to Shinchonji and study the Bible, they can be the master of the Bible. Our city task force for the federation of heresies went to Shinchonji to argue, their wives and daughters were already attending Shinchonji, and now they go to there, too.

     It’s so strange. Nobody knows that we don’t actually go to a theological school, but buy our ordination and the laying on of hands with money. Through this we’ve done very well. The chairman of the Christian Council of Korea buys his status with money. I’m not the only one who buys it with money.

     We called the pastor of Shinchonji the master of that church, but we have become liars… Shinchonji is the church of Jesus; it’s not the church of Calvin.

     Our leader Calvin would be shocked if he heard this. It is certain that Shinchonji overcomes with the truth. I admit it. Because we have no one who can say that the word of Shinchonji is false. It’s so amazing. It is absolutely right to say that the word of Shinchonji is the truth. I must admit it. Pastor Kimbab, pastor Nunchi, we must repent. We must leave the doctrine of Calvin, and we must go to the true Church of Jesus.