The Kingdom of the Covenant

Our kingdom is Shinchonji where heaven and earth have become one, and the master of this kingdom is the one and only God. Our religion is the Church of Jesus, which was created by the holy spirit, and our temple is the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony as promised in the New Testament (Rv 15). The twelve tribes of Shinchonji Church of Jesus are God’s kingdom and priests created according to the New Testament, and they are also the people of heaven bought with the blood of Jesus (Rv 1:5-6, Rv 5:9-10, Rv 7).

The 12 tribes, the 144,000 people (Rv 7) are the priests sealed by the revelation of the New Testament (Rv chapsters 1-22), and the great multitude dressed in white are the people of heaven, who have washed their sins with the blood of Jesus (Rv 7:9-14). The purpose of the New Testament (Revelation) is to open and show what must soon take place to God’s servants (the twelve tribes) so they would believe and keep it (Rv 1:1-3).

The order in which the revelation is conveyed is: from God (spirit) to Jesus (spirit), Jesus to the angel (spirit), the angel to John (flesh), and from John to the servants (flesh, Rv 1:1). The order in which the revelation (physical fulfillment) is conveyed when Revelation is fulfilled is: not John but the new John conveys God’s word, which is all the chapters of Revelation, and what he has seen and heard to the twelve tribes, the servants (Rv 1:2, Rv 10, Rv 22:8, 16).  When the servants see, believe, and keep what has been recorded (Revelation) and what has been fulfilled, they are sealed and become the people of heaven (refer to Rv 22:6-9). The reason the betrayers (Rv 2, 3) and the destroyers (Rv 13, 17, 18) appear in Revelation of the New Testament is to make known the savior, who is the one who overcomes (Rv 12), and the chosen people, the twelve tribes. 

The promise of the New Testament, that is, the will of God is solely the creation of God’s new kingdom, the twelve tribes. The twelve tribes of the spiritual world and the twelve tribes created in the physical world become one (Rv 21) and heal all nations (Rv 22:1-2).