The Destination of Believers

Main Reference: Rv 10 (Rv 2, 3, Mt 24:45-47, Jn 14:26)

Through God’s Word, the Bible, we believers have come to know all creation under heaven and earth and the creation of God’s kingdom and God’s work. We have also come to know heaven and hell, eternal life and eternal punishment. Just as sin and death came to us through one man, we realized the resurrection of life came through Jesus (1 Cor 15:21-22). We carry out a life of faith for heaven and for the resurrection of eternal life.

In the Bible, there is God and the devil, and through the Bible, we have come to know that there are true pastors and false pastors. We have also come to know that one generation passes and another one comes. The reason why one generation passes away is because it has become obsolete and corrupt. Within the Bible there is history, teachings, prophecies, and the time of the fulfillment of the prophecies. God’s people and nation were established through one man such as Adam, Noah, and Jacob, and it is through Jesus that God’s nation (heaven) and the people of heaven come into existence. 

There is a wide variety of people, races, and opinions here on earth. Furthermore, there are also many religions, and everybody thinks his religion is the best. However, the human race was blind like the dark night and it kept running like an orphan who had lost his way and the place it ran into was the tomb. The reason Buddha had lamented over people being born, growing old, getting sick, and dying and the reason why he had struggled to find God was because he realized life was like wandering through a boundless path. 

Whether people are dead or living, they do not leave the earth. It is written that God, heaven, and the spirits of the dead will come to earth at the time of the Second Coming (Rv 21, 1Thes 4:14). When heaven and the Lord come to earth, the dead as well as the living will want to go to the Lord. When the Lord and heaven come to this earth, the reason why we, who have died in Adam, wait for the Lord’s return is because it is written in 1 Cor 15:23 that when the Lord comes again, those who belong to him will resurrect from death to life. We wait because those whose flesh have died in the Lord will live again in the last day, and we, whose bodies are still alive at that time, will also be changed. The mortal will become immortal, the perishable will become imperishable, life overcomes death, and death is swallowed up by life (victory) (1 Cor 15:51-54).

At that time, the last trumpet, which is the seventh trumpet mentioned in Rv 10 and Rv 11:15, is blown. For this reason we should not be arrogant, tell lies, become fake pastors, and become fake churchgoers. We must be honest and repent of our dead actions. We must welcome the spirit of Christ into our hearts so that we can become those who are living (Rom 8:9-11).

All the demons of the world have gathered in the Republic of Korea (Rv 16:13-14). Why have they come? The reason is this is where God’s work is being fulfilled and so they have come to obstruct God’s work just as they tried during the First Coming. However, not one person among those who believe will fall to the ground.

God’s promised objectives (prophecies) must be fulfilled first in order for our objectives to be fulfilled. We must be harvested to Mt. Zion (refer to Rv 14:1-5, 14-16), and we must see and believe what has been fulfilled according to the New Testament. We must also become a part of Mt. Zion in order for the objectives we have hoped for to become a reality. Our objective is heaven and eternal life; it is to live eternally in heaven with God our Father and Jesus, who gave us life. Because people do not have the holy spirit and are ignorant about the Bible (Hos 4:6), they do not know God’s promised prophecies. More than believing in God and the Word, they believe in the words of their pastors and follow them. The guide leads people on a stray path and as a result, the churchgoers who are being led are destroyed (refer to Mt 15:14).  

All the saints of Shincheonji repent through the Holy Spirit and inform others without cost about the promised Word in order to carry out a true life of faith. We pray everyone would realize this and believe so that everyone can be saved. The final destination where all the saints of the earth need to go to is Shincheonji (new heaven new earth) Church of Jesus Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (refer to Rv 21:1; Rv 15:5) where God, Jesus, and heaven have come down to (Rv 3:12). This is where the pastor who received the revelation is (Rv 10) and this is also where the testimony of Revelation comes from. Also, this is where Jesus and the wheat the angels harvested are (Rv 14).

We hope that you verify, believe, and receive salvation.