Sin and Forgiveness

God, the creator of the heaven and earth, left the world because of man’s sin (Gn 6:1-3). The God of love who left the world loved the world and so he sent his only holy child for the sinners (Jn 3:16). Jesus, the only holy child of God, gave up his life for the sinners according to God’s will (Mt 26:39, Mt 27). God and Jesus poured their utmost love to save lives that were lost in sin (Mt 1:21). Without this love the sins cannot be resolved so salvation was given through love rather than punishment. Although sinners deserve to die because of their sin, God’s love saves sinners.

Those who belong to God or those who are born of God will love others just as God does. This is because God is love. Therefore, those who do not love are proof that they were not born of God (1 Jn 4:7-10). Jesus, a righteous man, gave up his life for sinners and we should be thankful for this above all things and there is no greater love than this. The body that ought to be punished is forgiven through the blood of a righteous man and such love should be considered to be truly great. Only thing we can do is to be thankful forever. Those who realize this great love should love one another (1 Jn 4:11).

If one cannot forgive others for committing small sins against him, then is he worthy of receiving atonement for his sins (refer to Mt 18:23-35)?  That person does not believe in God’s love and the atonement of sins. Furthermore, he does not know about God’s love and the atonement of sins, and he is a wicked person like a beast who does not even know how to be thankful about it.   

Jesus, who gave up his life for the sins of the world, promised sinners that one would be forgiven only if he forgives the sins of others (Mt 6:14-15, Mt 18:21-35). This is the new commandment (refer to Jn 13:34-35, 1 Jn 2:7-11) and promise. To keep this commandment is the path to atonement of sins and salvation, and this is God’s teaching.

The reason why people slander, swear, curse and try to harm others by making up all kinds of lies rather than loving and forgiving is because they are controlled by Satan (Jn 8:44); it is not the true intention of men. These are pitiful and unfortunate people and such behavior is proof they were born to become Satan’s children. Therefore, they should realize and repent and come out to the true path, the path of love and forgiveness so they can be saved.     

The author of this writing, who has understood about this situation, feels tremendous remorse just as Jesus did.  Therefore, the author prays for them without ceasing.