Seven Heads and Ten Horns of the Dragon

Main reference: Rv 12, 13

What are the seven heads and ten horns of the dragon?

The dragon is Satan, the devil, and the ancient serpent (Rv 12:9, 20:1-2). The seven heads are the seven pastors of seven denominations. The ten horns are ten authority figures (assistant pastors or elders) that belong to the seven pastors (refer to Rv 17). These entities all appeared at the second coming of Jesus. They are pastors of Satan which have destroyed Spiritual Israel.

Just as the priests and the elders accomplished the work of Satan during the first coming of Jesus (Mt 26:3-4, 59, 27:1-2), the dragon’s seven heads and ten horns came into the tabernacle of heaven in Revelation 13, to wage war against God’s people and conquered them. They made the people receive the mark of their denomination’s (beast’s) name on their hands and foreheads, and made the people worship the beast (false pastors).

This happened during the 1980’s in Gwacheon, on the slopes of Mt. Cheonggae. The seven heads and ten horns, their leader the prostitute, the seven stars and seven golden lampstands, were all mysteries and secrets within the book of Revelation (Rev 1:19-20; Rv 17). How are people able to come to know this mystery today?

If this happened in the republic of Korea in the 80’s, it means the spirits which are related to and participated in this event were actually from long ago, but the pastors, the flesh people alive at this time of fulfillment that are involved today, are from South Korea.

Why do you think these pastors were called beasts? The reason is because they exist as one with the serpent, Satan, the dragon and they do not know God nor do they understand the meaning of God’s word (refer to Prv 30:2-3). If one asks the question to a physical beast, “Do you know God?” he will not answer. If you ask, “Do you know the word of God?” he will act as if he did not hear the question. Similarly, ones who have the spirit of serpent, or the beast within them, would not listen to God’s words and would only say “I don’t know”. This is why the pastors of Satan are likened to the beasts.

So how is one able to know the beast, the pastors of the dragon? The contents of the promises in the Bible are able to inform us about them and how to recognize them. If one knows the true meaning of the Bible, then he or she will know about these beasts and how to identify them. People, who do not know the words within the Bible, are afflicted and suffer from the disease of ignorance. They are very good at persecuting and cursing the true pastor, but they are ignorant about the word of God.

As prophesied in Mt 24, the dragon’s group, the beast with the seven heads and ten horns, the false pastors, came into the tabernacle of heaven in Revelation 13 to destroy it and its people. Therefore, since these pastors stood in the holy place and committed the act of destruction, they are the destroyers. The number of the false pastors is seven heads and ten horns. The pastors and the people of the tabernacle of heaven in Revelation 13 received the mark on their hands and foreheads and worshipped the beast. This is the action which makes them into the betrayers. The number of God’s promised shepherds of the first tabernacle is seven stars.    

The word of God made things known to people before it happen, so when it does happen, people will believe (Jn 14:29). One should know the betrayer, destroyer, and savior to receive salvation. In order to know these things, one has to receive revelation from the promised shepherd. In Revelation 12, a child born from a woman clothed with the sun, fought and defeated the destroyer. This child is the promised shepherd, the savior. This shepherd is the “one who overcomes”, who fought and won against Satan’s Nicolaitans, the destroyers, to earn the blessings which Jesus promised in Revelation 2 and 3. When this event of revelation takes place, it becomes a sin when people continue to listen to false pastors, and chose not believe in the promised pastor and the fulfilled events.

If one does not know the destroyer, the beast with the seven heads and ten horns (the mystery entity), then he or she is also unable to know about the event in which the people of the tabernacle of heaven received a mark and worshipped the beast to become the betrayers. One is also unable to know the one who overcomes (the child, Rv 13) who fought and defeated the destroyer. If one does not know anything about these things, then he or she does not truly know or understand the Bible (New Testament).                                        

The destroyer, the seven heads and ten horns of the dragon, are not foreign people or leaders of European countries. They are false pastors within the Republic of Korea, the same location of where the events take place. It becomes apparent, when someone learns the truth, how these false pastors have spoken countless lies. Why do they so such a dreadful thing as to teach lies? The reason is because they have received a false spirit. This can be proven by the commentaries they have written and used to testify the about the Bible. 

God sent his angel (messenger) to give the churches the testimony of revelation (Rv 22:16). However, the actions of the people today, the actions of not believing in the fulfillment of prophesies, is same as of those in the past. The people of today, those living a life of faith in the old understanding of God, cannot receive salvation at this time simply buy doing good deeds, attending church regularly, giving many offerings, fasting, praying, if they do not believe the events of revelation. The reason they are unable to receive salvation is because of the sin disbelief in God’s fulfillment. 

I (the promised pastor) have testified to what I heard and saw (the fulfillment of new covenant) and to the word of God to the people in this generation.