Knowledge and Faith

Main reference: Hos 4:6~7, Mal 2:7~9

What is the relationship between knowledge and faith and why is it necessary?

The knowledge is the word of God. Belief is to believe the promised word and believe in the fulfillment of the promised word. For this, God gave us the bible (refer to Jn 14:29).  In Bible there are histories, teachings, prophecies and the fulfillments of the prophecy.

As pastors are the messenger of God, they must be with God and speak the word of life, God’s law for their flock to follow (Mal 2:8~9).

Priests, that is, pastors are treated with contempt and despised because they broke the covenant and left the path of righteousness (Mal2:8~9).

From the outside, they may seem like God’s workers and pastors, but in the inside, they do not have any knowledge nor faith, hence rule unfairly. God, then abandons them. As God abandons the pastor, the followers are also abandoned. Do the believers who belong to such pastors know this? The blind with follow the blind and hence both pastors and their flock will fall into the pit. They will enter hell together Mt 15:14).

At this very moment, God will appoint one pastor and give him his word and let him tell the all nations; people, tongues, kings (pastors) again(refer to Rv 10).

But, as they are ignorable of the word, how could the believers know this?  If they realize this, they will be blessed.

Let me tell you a few stories about some foolish pastors I have met.

This story is about a pastor of a church in San Francisco, U.S.A.

This foolish pastor came to Shinchonji church and said that the bible does not mention any dragon, hence Shinchonji is a heresy. Then he attacked us and made an oath to this followers that if the bible mentions a dragon, he will resign his position as a pastor. He stated that in his 20 year life as a pastor, he never read nor saw the word dragon in the bible. The instructor of Shinchonji asked them to sit and read slowly verse by verse where the word dragon appeared. After that, the pastor quit his job.  I still think he at least had a conscience.

In addition, Pastor Kim in Gyeonggi-do claimed that the term ‘dragon’ is not in the book of Revelation. Then a Shinchonji’s instructor read Rv13:2 with some students of Pastor Kim. When the instructor said that maybe the word ‘dragon’ was left out only in Pastor Kim’s bible, he left the scene.

Moreover, Shinchonji presented 40 questions to the Anti-Heresy Committee and asked for their answer, but received no answer for years. They claim that they are orthodox and that Shinchonji is a cult. They receive large amount of money for forced conversion education.

In a seminar which was held by a revivalist preacher and one from the Institute of Religion they declared that the 2 witnesses in Rv 11 were the Old and New Testaments, and a pastor of the Christian Council of Korea’s Anti-Heresy Committee claimed that the four creatures in Rv 4 were the 4 Gospel and the war in heaven in Rv 12 was a world war. They spread lies and sowed the seed of lies. Despite the fact that they act this way, they claim that they are orthodox and that Shinchonji is a cult. The doctrine which says that lies are orthodox and the truth is a heresy is not from God. This wrongful doctrine is the wine of adultery of Satan that destroyed all nations (refer to Rv 17:2, 18:3). They are feeding their flock with this wine and saying that “they have received salvation and that they are orthodox,” wouldn’t this be the end time of religion? (refer to Mt 13:30, 39-40, 24:14, 29-30, Rv 6:12-17)

Those with spirits that are thirsty because there is no water of life (the truth) are gathering after hearing the news of rain. Who are they calling heresy? Shinchonji Church of Jesus has hosted open bible seminars on 4 topics of the bible. Was such content heretical?

This was a judgment on the Christian Council of Korea and Shinchonji. The CCK which has been claiming to be orthodox was a heresy while Shinchonji which was labeled as a cult is orthodox. Now, all will know. All believes are saying that the CCK is worse than the Pharisees and is the root of evil that loves money (refer to Lk 16:14, 1Tm 6:10). If they have ears, everyone would have heard it.

There is no salvation in the Christian Council of Korea, but there is salvation in Shinchonji.  This shows that God is with Shinchonji. The Christian Council of Korea which made other faithful believers seem like heresy and claiming that they are the only orthodox, is not with God’s spirit nor have the word. They made their own doctrine with the money and authority people gave them. Their root is of Presbyterian, and Presbyterian is of Calvin. Calvin’s doctrine is of Calvin and no one else. Calvinism is not of Jesus, but of Calvin, who makes him and the elders owners of such religion. The Calvin’s Presbyterian accuses the Church of Jesus (Shinchonji) to be a heresy, but the truth is that Calvin’s Presbyterian church is a cult and heresy.

The Christian Council of Korea has to repent and be reborn. They used their authority to set the laws of the church and killed people who did not believe in its doctrine. How could this of Jesus and his church The Christian Council of Korea appoint 60 legal advisers, similar to Calvin’s ecclesiastical authority. Using this authority, they practiced forced conversion education which is a clear violation in both heaven and earth.

Shinchonji is sowing the seed of God’s revealed words and truth and making people be reborn. Would this not be of orthodox?

Shinchonji prays for those who are on the wrong path of faith.