Faith in the Last 6,000 Years

In every era, God first prophesied and made a covenant. God also made known the outcome of keeping and breaking the covenant. In spite of this, not once have people been able to keep the covenant. The consequence for not obeying the covenant is destruction. Each person considers himself to have great faith and thinks that he is saved. Such a person, however, does not know himself well. No one has had a life of faith acknowledged by God.

The actions people carried out in Adam’s world, Noah’s world, the world of Israel, etc. were nothing but evil. However, in their own eyes, they were doing well.

Although God’s word was proclaimed to Adam’s and Noah’s world, they did not listen. Sodom and Gomorrah failed to have ten righteous people and were thus destroyed (Gn 18, 19). God and his son, the promised pastor (Jesus, the Messiah) also came. The Israelites, however, did not receive them. They were just busy trying to kill Jesus. Their father was the devil (Jn 1, 8).

After Jesus left, what were the Spiritual Israelites like? Jesus said that he would not be able to find faith when he comes at the Second Coming (Lk 18:8). That faith is faith in the prophecies (promises) and the fulfilled reality and entities.

Throughout the 6,000 years of Biblical history, rather than knowing God’s will, the world is caught in its own thinking and judgment. They receive encouragement from the words of their own pastors, and go on to think that salvation comes from their denomination alone. Even if Buddha came to the Buddhist temples, there will be no one who lets go of their temple and believers. Likewise, if Jesus returns to the world of Christianity at the Second Coming, will pastors let their churches and congregation members go? No (Lk 18:8; 20:9-16).

Pastors today do not carry out their lives of faith for God, but for themselves. They also make judgments based on whether they are benefited. Their knowledge of the Bible has fallen to the ground. They have no interest in heaven or hell. There is no one who will follow the truth even when it is proclaimed. There is no one who will care or try to follow God even if he comes.

The New Testament, the new covenant established with blood (Mt 26; Lk 22), is a prophecy. Jesus said that he told us beforehand, so that we would see and believe when the prophecies are fulfilled (Jn 14:29). Even if Revelation of the promised New Testament fulfills, pastors and their congregation members would not care. Nevertheless, God has fulfilled his promise (God’s kingdom and people, the twelve tribes) (Rv 7, Rv 14).