Doctrine of Shinchonji, The Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of Testimony

Main reference: Jn 16:13-15

What Shinchonji, the Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of Testimony (shortened as ‘Shinchonji’) believes and teaches, and what people learn through Shinchonji, is the Bible. It is not the arbitrary explanation normally given or the doctrine of the Calvin church, which was created by Calvin himself. We call ourselves the church of Jesus (Shinchonji, the Church of Jesus) because we have been created by Jesus. The creation of Shinchonji is done so by the same logic as was previously displayed through the events of when, both Moses and Jesus, created here on earth the things they saw in heaven. That is to say, Shinchonji is only created to what is already in heaven, without adding or subtracting anything from the words of the Bible.

The word ‘New (Shin)’ of ‘New Heaven and New Earth’, or Shinchonji (Rv 21:1), allows us to know it is not of the old. It informs us that it must be created anew.

Jesus gave an answer in regards to a question Peter had asked. Jesus said, ‘At the renewal of all things, when the Son of Man sits on his glorious throne, you (the 12 apostles) who have followed me will also sit on the twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel (Mt 19:27-28)’. As we can see from the words of Jesus, the whole world is renewed. This ‘new world’ is concerning the twelve tribes, which are created through the promises of Revelation. These promises will become something which is physically created, things which previously were not accomplished. It was unable to be accomplished because the book (Revelation) was sealed with seven seals. This means, when the seals are broken a newly revealed song, the revealed word will be sung [preached] (refer to Rv 5, 6, 8:1, 10, 14). It can only be heard and the events can only be seen in Shinchonji, which has the twelve tribes of Zion. This new thing (new song, new heaven and earth) is the physical accomplishments of the promises of Jesus, which were made by his blood (Lk 22:20).

People claim to believe, but they are unfamiliar with this promise, or the accomplishments which have come according to the promise. They do not know what they should believe in and as a result they do not really know God or His word. Because wrong ideas were planted within their minds like a seed, that seed has now grown and produced fruit, with the original thought given as the seed found within this fruit. It causes them to only think of false teachings, as opposed to having the truth (God’s seed) planted within them.

What is the difference between Shinchonji and the existing churches of the world?   

The difference is as big as the difference between the night and day spoken of in 2 Thessalonians chapter 5. When a person has good things planted within them, then good will come from them. If a person has evil things planted within them, only evil is able to come from them. Jesus talked about this truth when he said, “You brood of vipers, how can you who are evil say anything good?” (Mt 12:34).

Spiritually, the Word is equated to the light of life, so if a person has the Word, they are the light and the day. If a person does not have the Word, they are considered the darkness, the night (refer to Jn 1:1-5).

In the time of the Old Testament (time of Noah) and in the time of the First Coming, both Noah and Jesus shouted for the people to realize what was going to happen, but the people did not listen. The reason they did not listen was because their hearts were full of weeds (the seed of the evil). Because of these weeds planted within their hearts, there was no room for the Word of God to enter. It is also like this today. We can know by the fruit (words) of The Christian Council of Korea, what kind of a group they really are (Mt 7:15-20). If a person is unable to recognize this and does not realize this fact by seeing these things, this person’s soul is already dead.

Jesus knew that Spiritual Israel (the Christian world) would become corrupted in the time of the end. He foretold these things in prophecies within the Book of Revelation and the gospels of the New Testament. He also explained the creation of the twelve tribes of New Spiritual Israel due to this corruption. Jesus told us these things ahead of time so we would believe. Jesus also talked about this time (the second coming) as being like the time of Noah and Lot (Lk 17:26-30) because he wanted people to know the corruption which would come during that time. Jesus informed us that he was going to end the era of the churches of the world and establish a new era, the era of New Spiritual Israel, Shinchonji. What Jesus wants most, is for people to believe in this truth. Just like the time of Noah and of Lot, if people do not realize what has happened, although they see the corruption, they will no longer be considered as humans in God’s eyes, but will be no better than ignorant beasts.

All nations of the world (churches) are obsessed and destroyed by false teachings. The words of Revelation 18 are written, saying all the nations of the world are destroyed by the maddening wine of adulteries, given by the prostitute. If this was not true, and the churches of the world were really one with the spirit of God, and not one with the spirit of the evil one, would this have been written?

A person will either end up going to Hell or not, depending on whether they are careless with their words and refuse to believe in the fulfillment of God’s promise, or they if they believe in the promised fulfillment, and begin to realize their mistakes of the past of persecuting, killing and struggling against the truth. According to these two actions, which is the one showing the power of the Anti-Christ working with the pastors, believing or persecuting? Pastors of this type (persecutors) belong to the Christian Council of Korea. Is this type of persecution emanating from the love or the word of God?

Within the behavior of these pastors, there is not found the love or will of Jesus, the one who bled for the salvations of sinners. Their behavior is only that of evil.

In every Biblical generation, it was not the unbelievers or people of other religions who ended up killing any of the messengers God sent. It was always Gods own people, the pastors who claimed to be the true believers of God, who persecuted and killed the messengers. It is no different in today’s generation. How can these people, who do these evil actions, be considered the pastors of God?

Today, Shinchonji Church of Jesus is the nation with the highest truth given in the last six thousand years of Biblical history. The truth which is taught within Shinchonji was proclaimed by God and Jesus and testified through the Bible.

Even though people are doing these evil actions of persecution, all we, the people of Shinchonji, want is for them to be born again by the word of truth. The only way to receive salvation is through Shinchonji, there is no other way. These people take evil for good, the lie for truth and call themselves holy, while calling Shinchonji heresy. They say ‘stay away, we are too holy for you’ (refer to Is 65:5-6).

After the harvest has ended, the doors will be shut, the dragon is locked in the Abyss and the wicked people will end up in the lake of fire. Shinchonji will become one with the new heaven, God’s paradise. Anyone who realizes this will pray continuously and give all their heart and strength to accomplish this end.

The united prayers of the Shinchonji people are very beautiful to God. The angel takes the incense like prayers of the people and places them into the censer, setting them before God. We give thanks to the Lord our God. We must always be thankful.