A Great Success at the Requested Lectures in Overseas Countries

Man Hee Lee, the chairman of Shinchonji Church of Jesus – from the Republic of Korea, the land of the far-east – was invited to go overseas to give lectures starting in May 2012. The inviters were the pastors and theology professors from various countries. Before being given those invitations, the chairman had an opportunity to visit a monastery in Germany and to converse with the former prime minister of East Germany, regarding the unification of Korea.

The following provides further explanations as to why the pastors from overseas wanted to invite the chairman and listen to his lectures.

Today, the number of Korean Christians (especially the Christians who belong to the Christian Council of Korea) has been rapidly decreasing. Unlike other Christian organizations, every time that Chairman Lee hosted the Revealed Word Seminars in Korea, numerous Christians gathered, turning out to be great successes. Through the work of the holy spirit, Shinchonji Church has been growing swiftly, along with more than 3,000 believers every month who come to study the word that Shinchonji teaches. Overseas pastors heard such news through the ambassadors and the citizens of their country residing in Korea. They wanted to invite Chairman Lee so they can verify and learn his revealed word, so as to make their own churches grow.

  ◎ Chairman Lee’s schedule of lectures at the overseas


1. A seminar in Frankfurt, Germany (May 2012)

About 20 pastors from Germany and other European countries, and local journalists attended the seminar conducted in the Frankfurt Press Club, a place where 350 journalists were officially registered.

2. An invitation from the pastors in Berlin, Germany (May 2012)

Roughly 700 representative pastors among 7,000 pastors and their congregation attended the seminar conducted in Ernst Reuter Hall.

3. An invitation from the Atterberry Chapel Church in Frankfurt,

Germany (July 2012)

The head pastor, Dorothy Wilson (American), from the Atterberry Chapel invited Chairman Lee to lead the united worship service and to give a sermon.

4. Three seminars in Belgium (July 2012)

Conducted in Hotel Ol Fosse d Outh

5. A seminar at the Times Center, New York, United States (July 2012)

Roughly 500 pastors and 1,000 congregation members attended the seminar.

6. A seminar at Crystal Cathedral, Los Angeles, CA, United States (July 2012)

Roughly 500 pastors and 1,000 congregation members attended the seminar.

7. A seminar in Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, Bakersfield, CA, United States (July 2012)

Roughly 200 pastors attended the seminar.

The lectures and the seminars lasted about two to three hours. Each seminar was successful, with the participation of numerous pastors, journalists, and broadcasting station officials. After the seminars, many pastors agreed to partake in the follow-up study sessions to learn the revealed word for about six months.

Media reports by various broadcasting networks and live radio

    station broadcasts

1. New York: had live interview with WVOX radio station

2. Los Angeles:

1) Had interview with NBC and a news report release.

2) Made a live appearance on the morning program of Azteca America (A Mexican broadcast network in America)

3) Participated in the UN Flag Festival with the Korean War veterans, the mayor, and politicians. Received a certificate of appreciation.

4) Had an interview with Religion News. They broadcast the interview for two days.

5) Made an appearance on Garden Grove local TV

6) Published in Los Angeles Wave News

7) Published in the Canon and Anaheim Connected newspapers

8) Published on the Washington Times

3. Germany

1) Made an appearance on Leipzig TV

2) Made an appearance on Rhein-main TV

3) Made an appearance on Jeet TV

4) Published in the Northern Berlin Weekly Newspapers

   ◎ The content of the lectures during the seminars

Testimony of the unprecedented physical fulfillment of all the chapters of Revelation

About 2,000 years ago, Jesus proclaimed through his disciples the gospel of the kingdom of heaven (to be fulfilled in the future) to the whole world and even to the ends of the earth (Mt 24:14). Today according to his promises, Jesus completely fulfilled it in the Republic of Korea, the country of the far-east, located at the ends of the earth. The Lord has chosen Chairman Lee who saw and heard the physical fulfillment of Revelation in the very location it was fulfilled. The Lord has commanded him to go and proclaim this fulfillment to the believers who believe in Revelation and look forward to its fulfillment. This is why Chairman Lee made a visit and gave the testimony.

Chairman Lee is the messenger of the Lord, prophesied in Revelation 22:16, who speaks on his behalf. He proclaimed that he came as the fulfillment of the very verse that states that Jesus has sent his angel (referring to the messenger both in the spiritual and physical worlds) to give this testimony (regarding the events of the entire book of Revelation) for the churches. The revealed word he proclaimed is the unprecedented testimony about the physical fulfillment of Revelation’s prophecies. He pleaded with people to verify his testimony and believe so that they would become the citizens of heaven. Chairman Lee also said at the seminar at the Times Center, New York, that no one knows God, Jesus, and heaven, and no one knows the promised physical fulfillment of Revelation, unless he receives the promised revelation (refer to Mt 11:27; Jn 17:3).

Furthermore, instructor (Chairman) Lee made known to the crowds the purpose of his visit. He said that he came neither to judge pastors nor congregation members, nor to earn money nor evangelize to people. The promises of Revelation have become flesh (have fulfilled), so he was making known that which he saw and heard in the location it was fulfilled, that which he was commanded to speak of. He also made a point that no one could now make an excuse on the day of judgment that they did not heard about it (refer to Jn 15:22).

On hearing this revealed word, pastors and press officials there were filled with inspiration, and their smiles, like the flowers of heaven, embroidered the area. The continuing sound of applauses and “amen’s” were like the billows of grace. Without drinking a sip of water, Chairman Lee proclaimed the message for almost two to three hours, and his voice was like the sound of a roaring lion. All these are evidence that God has fulfilled the promised new covenant.

After the seminars, the press officials all agreed that Chairman Lee did not seem like he was 82, but a young man of 25. It was truly a miracle among miracles.

How does the state of the believers of the world look today? The following is the diagnosis of the current state of the believers in this world.

God made a promise with Abraham when Adam’s and Noah’s worlds became corrupt. God came to Moses and fulfilled these promises. In Exodus 19:5-6, God also made a covenant with the descendants of Abraham, the Israelites. With the guidance of Moses and Joshua, the Israelites made it to the land of Canaan. By erecting a large stone in Shechem, Canaan, they made an oath that they would not worship any other gods except God (Jo 24). After this, Solomon broke the covenant and worshiped gentile gods (1 Kgs 11). In doing so, the Israelites, like Adam, became the possession of the gentile gods (Hos 6:7). Thus, God had appointed the Old Testament prophets and promised future events through them. After these promises were proclaimed, God came to Jesus and fulfilled the Old Testament. God also established the New Testament (the new covenant) through Jesus. As promised, the end would come when the New Testament (the covenant made in blood; Lk 22:20), which is the gospel of the kingdom, would be preached to the whole world as a testimony to all nations (Mt 24:14).

The world and the life of faith of the churches during Jesus’ First Coming

Jesus came to the corrupt Israelites who were serving gentile gods. He exhorted them to be born again (refer to Mt 4:17; Jn 3:5), but not knowing themselves (refer to Jer 31:32), they still thought that they were the chosen people of God, the standard for orthodoxy, the righteous with the greatest faith, and good keepers of the law. They treated Jesus and his disciples as though they were heretics, even the devil himself, and they excommunicated and killed them (refer to Acts 24:5; Mt 23:34; Acts 7:51-53; Heb 11:35-38). Who were the real heretics and the children of the devil (refer to Mt 23:33)?

The world and the life of faith of the churches during Jesus’ Second Coming

Right before Jesus’ Second Coming, Jerusalem (God’s temple) was destroyed and held captive by the gentiles; as it was in the First Coming (Mt 23), the destroyer stood in the holy place and ruled (refer to Mt 24). The pastors of Satan, the Nicolaitans in Rv 2 and Rv 3, invaded the tabernacle of the congregation members (i.e. the tabernacle of the seven golden lampstands = the Tabernacle Temple = the tabernacle of heaven, Revelation 13:6). They fed the believers food sacrificed to idols, and enticed them to receive the teachings of Nicolaitans as well as commit adultery with the spirit of the devil. The beastlike pastors of the group of the dragon (Satan) in Revelation 13 entered into God’s tabernacle and fought against and conquered the congregation members. These pastors forced them to receive their (the pastors’) mark on their foreheads and hands, and the congregation members worshiped the pastors of Satan.

As according to Revelation 17 and 18, the pastors of the earth and their congregation members became drunk together with the prostitute of Babylon, the home of demons, off her wine of adulteries. All nations fell because of this wine of adulteries; and with it, all the pastors of this world did business—that is, evangelize and give sermons. They also married the spirit of Satan (refer to Rv 18:23). This is how the churches of the world carry out their life of faith at the Lord’s Second Coming. This is the very reason for which Jesus said in Luke 18:8, “When the son of man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” Are such actions the actions of keeping the new covenant that was made with blood?

Nevertheless, just like the pastors at Jesus’ First Coming, the pastors of this world do not know themselves. They think that they are with God, despite being with gentile gods. They think that their father is God, and that the gentile doctrines are the truth, and that their prayers and worship are lifted up to God. They also label people other than themselves as heretics (cults) and the devil. Some examples that show how their doctrines and actions are not in line with the Bible are that they give and take money in exchange for the president position of the Christian Council of Korea (the CCK). Also, anyone who pays money can become a pastor.

Not only did their senior pastors bow down before the Japanese emperor during the Japanese colonization, but pastors today are dwelling in gentile gods, having received the mark from and worshiped the group of the dragon. Who are they to label others as cults? Isn’t this the reality of the current Christian world? Jesus stated that whoever adds or subtracts anything from the book of Revelation will not enter heaven, but receive plagues (Rv 22:18-19). The CCK, which belongs to the Protestant Church, is completely adding and subtracting from Revelation. How can they be the orthodoxy or the truth? Can they still claim to believe in the Lord? Can they say that they have kept the new covenant? Who is calling whom a cult? Are these people qualified to label others as cults?

The promised pastor of Shinchonji is the messenger who speaks on behalf, whom Jesus sent for the churches (Rv 22:16). This messenger was sent for the churches to testify the physical fulfillment of Revelation (refer to Rv 1:2; Rv 10). He said countless times that if one finds fault (lies) in Shinchonji’s word of testimony, one should speak up. It is not Shinchonji’s fault that the congregation members from other churches stream to Shinchonji. They stream to us to receive the revealed word of truth, and also because the current churches, along with the CCK, have become corrupt and do not have the truth.

Why do they have hard feelings against us instead of saying sorry and thank you to us? Doesn’t the way they act resemble the devil? Those who belong to the earth (refer to Jn 3:31) have the spirit of the devil, and for that reason they have added and subtracted from Revelation. This very fact will keep them from going to heaven. Anyone who belongs to these people must leave them and find the path to life (refer to Rv 17:14; Rv 18:4). Jesus pointed out that a prophet has honor not in his own country (Jn 4:44) but in others. As it is stated, the promised pastor in Shinchonji is being severely rejected by the Korean pastors, but he received such a huge welcoming reception in Europe and the United States. They welcomed him with palm branches in their hands (refer to Jn 12:13), and they were standing on the streets, rooftops, and walls. During this warm reception, the clouds in the sky formed themselves into the shape of a cross, and it heated up the reception even more. Pastors and journalists there also gave him a heartfelt reception as well, and the pastors got busy inviting him to their churches. Christians in Korea are being tied up by their pastors, kept from being harvested and receiving grace and salvation. It seems that the people of other countries will be the ones to receive salvation as the great multitude in white. Someday when the Christians in Korea realize this fact, where will their pastors be able to flee?

At Noah’s era, the sinful world of Adam—where people worshiped the gentile snake—came to an end. At Moses’ era, the sinful world of Canaan (Noah) came to an end. At Jesus’ First Coming, Moses’ Physical Israelites faced their end, and at Jesus’ Second Coming, the Spiritual Israelites are brought to an end. In each and every era, when the first heaven sinned against God, he prophesied about the appearance of the new heaven. By the time that prophecy was widely proclaimed, God chose one pastor to bring the first heaven to an end, and fulfilled the new heaven as promised. The first heaven of today is Spiritual Israel that started at the First Coming of Jesus. The new heaven is the new heaven and the new earth, Shinchonji, of Revelation 7, 14, and 21. A generation comes to an end because of its corruption and unity with the gentile spirit of Satan. The eternal new kingdom and new people prophesied in the Bible are the twelve tribes in Revelation that are harvested and sealed.

When this kingdom is completed, God’s objective is accomplished, his work finally ends, and the eternal Sabbath-rest comes. How can the people of the world possibly know this? They claim to be believers on the outside, but they are not aware that they have the false spirit of Satan.

No one can know God, Jesus, the promised pastor, the Bible, heaven, or that Revelation has fulfilled, unless he is born again by receiving the promised revealed word. Furthermore, no one can attain salvation, but will go to the fires of hell together with their own god. How can the Scriptures be broken (Jn 10:35)?

Whoever calls himself the orthodoxy without receiving the revelation of today (the Second Coming) is a liar who received the spirit of Satan. Whoever adds or subtracts from Revelation cannot go to heaven (Rv 22:18-19), and such people are the children of the devil, born of the seed of weeds, the seed of the wicked (Mt 13). Today, whoever is not harvested proves himself to be a weed, a son of the evil one.

No matter who, all will be judged according to their deeds as recorded in the Bible, and they will either go to heaven or hell (Rv 20:12-15). The twelve tribes who are harvested and sealed today will live eternally with God in paradise (Rv 21:1-4; 22:1-5).