Unbelief and Enemies

Main reference: Jn 16:8-15, 25

Why would a believer not consider God’s promises seriously and thus become His enemy?

At the time of Moses, God fulfilled what He had promised to Abraham. At the time of Jesus, the Scriptures consisted of the books of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms.

Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies and testified to it. However, although the Israelites followed the Law of Moses, they did not believe in God’s promises (referred to now as the Old Testament), the prophecies which the prophets saw, heard and wrote, and their fulfillment (the words of testimony). Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament and returned to the Father after promising the New Covenant with his blood. Pastors of today also believe in the events of Jesus’ First Coming (the fulfillment of the Old Testament) but treat the New Testament promises lightly, and do not believe in their fulfillment (the word of testimony). This attitude is no different than that of the Israelites at the time of the first coming of Jesus.

In the same way that Jesus, who fulfilled the Old Testament, was labelled a heretic by the teachers of the law at the time of the First Coming, today many pastors and ministries label Shincheonji which testifies to the fulfillment of the New Testament, a heresy. Why would they resort to this behavior?

In each era of biblical history, it is Satan who obstructs the work of God and prevents people from knowing the truth. Persecuting the truth is also the work of Satan. Those who believe Satan’s lies obstruct and persecute because they hate, and this kind of attitude and action are akin to murder (refer to 1Jn 3:15).

At the time of the First Coming, Satan worked through the priests and teachers of the law, to persecute and obstruct Jesus and his disciples. At the time of the Second Coming, who would Satan work through to obstruct and persecute? Even a child could figure this out. The people who persecute and obstruct have revealed themselves by their actions. Jesus taught us to know a tree by its fruit (Mt 7:16-20, Lk 6:43-45).

Of all the things one could be tempted to hate the word. Why hate the Word? Because the Word is God, and the Word is Jesus, to hate the Word is to hate them too.

Shincheonji Church of Jesus, Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony is the new kingdom and temple that God promised (Rv21:1, 15:5). The church of Jesus is not the church established by a man’s own interpretation of the word (for example: in the way that Calvin established the Presbyterian Church), but it is the church established by God (refer to Jn16:14).

To curse and slander the name of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony is to curse and slander God, Jesus, and the Word. This persecution comes from the Devil influencing today’s pastors to hate God and the Word. Everyone makes mistakes and needs correction from time to time, but cursing and slandering the name which God has spoken are indicative of Satan (Mt 7:15-20).

For the past 29 years we, Shincheonji, have proposed a public forum, and asked believers to point out if there is anything biblically inaccurate or incorrect in our testimony. At the Open Bible Seminars, I said that I have not come to judge but to be judged. But so far there has not been one single person who has pointed out anything wrong in our testimony.

I have also submitted 40 questions to the Heresy Counter-Measurement Commission of the Korean Christian Council, and requested their answers but they have never replied concerning a single passage.

In spite of that, ignorant pastors had used MBC’s TV program ‘PD Note’ to broadcast their own wrong doings as if they were the wrong doings of Shincheonji. After a thorough investigation, the prosecution cleared Shincheonji of any suspicion. Following these findings, MBC’s ‘PD Note’ broadcasted a correction. This is incident is just an example of the many deceptions used by Satan.

Today, at the end of the age, true believers who have their hearts set on heaven must examine the Bible and carry out a proper life of faith according to the Word. Now is not the time to worship on a mountain or in Jerusalem like the time of Jesus’ First Coming, but the time to pray inside one’s room. These are the kind of worshipers God seeks (Mt 6:6, Jn 4:20-24).

Even if one is a pastor, if Satan enters and entices them, they will preach the lies of Satan. However, if God’s spirit enters them, they will become a messenger (pastor) of God.

Also, even if one is a lay Christian, if God’s spirit is within them, they become God’s house and temple. A pastor who was trained from a person is a pastor of the teachings of men, but a pastor who was trained by God is a pastor of the teachings of God (true theology). One can distinguish whether it is the teachings of God or men they are hearing, by the words that come out of the pastors’ mouths.

The contents of the book of God, the Bible, can be divided into 4 categories, namely history, instruction, prophecy and fulfillment (physical entity). Of these four, the believers of today must carefully consider the prophecy of the New Testament and its fulfillment. God established the New Testament prophecy through Jesus approximately 2,000 years ago. Why has the fulfillment been so delayed?

It is so that the prophecy of the New Testament has to be testified to all nations and be preached in the whole world; to the ends of the earth (refer to Mt 24:14, Acts 1:8). When it is conveyed to the ends of the earth, God fulfills it according to His prophecy and He lets all the people wait for and know the fulfillment, so that they may hear it, confirm‍‍ it, and be saved by their faith.

Satan has ruled over the earth for 6,000 years since the time of Adam, but now that the prophecy has been fulfilled, God will come and reign over this world (Rv 19:6). At this time, the place God comes to is the 12 tribes of Shincheonji, which God promised and accomplished. This is God’s kingdom (heaven), and the nation of the one who overcomes (refer to Rv 3:21). The only people to be exempt from the judgment of the fires of hell are the 12 tribes of heaven who stand within the Word. One must come in here to receive salvation.

The City of Truth, Shincheonji is spreading this news to the whole world.


Source: http://cafe.daum.net/scjschool/E4mY/325