True Cult at the End of Age & the Coercive Conversion Education Program

Main reference: Mt 24:14, Rv 2:14, Rv 17:1-5

Let us find out about the end of the age, about cults, and the coercive conversion education program. The end of the age (i.e. the last days) in the reference verse Matthew 24:3 is not referring to the end of the physical world, but the end of the religious world. True cults are the denominations and the people thereof who fabricate their own doctrines and laws and keep to them rather than the Bible. Coercive conversion education program is an evil law that was made for earning profit; it was never commanded in the Bible or by Jesus. We must not forget that the Bible will be used to judge. It says that ‘the very word which [Jesus] spoke will condemn [him] at the last day’ (Jn 12:48); and that ‘if anyone adds to or takes away from the words of the prophecy of the book (Revelation); he can’t go to heaven’ (Rv 22:18-19), and that ‘if anyone should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, he will be eternally condemned’ (Gal 1:8).

● End of the religious world

Adam’s world ended (the end of the age) by the appearance of Noah; Canaan’s world ended by the appearance of Moses; physical Israel ended by the appearance of Jesus; and spiritual Israel (created by the First Coming of Jesus) was ended by the Second Coming. These are the ends of religious worlds.

● True cult and fake cult

Jesus, along with the prophets and the apostles in the New and Old Testaments, were labeled as cults and murdered by the Pharisees, who were serpents (Mt 23:29, 33), and by the pastors of Babylon, the kingdom of demons (Rv 18). In reality, however, Jesus, the prophets, and the apostles were not cults, but were the orthodoxy, as messengers of God who received the revelation directly. It was the Pharisees who murdered Jesus for being a cult who were the true cults.

Today, the CCK (Christian Council of Korea) fabricated a lie insisting that Shincheonji Church of Jesus is a cult. However, Shincheonji was created according to the New Testament. People of Shincheonji live lives of faith according to the Bible and testify without adding to or subtracting from it. Is this the definition of a cult? The roots of the CCK trace back to a murderer, Calvin. Churches of the Presbyterian denomination, which he founded, are churches of Calvin, not of Jesus. This is because their doctrines are not of Jesus’, nor is the name of their denomination named after him. It is named after Calvin, and they follow his doctrines. The Presbyterian Church went astray from Jesus’ doctrines and from his revelation (book of Revelation). While choosing to not to believe in his revelation, they worshipped the Japanese emperor as god by clapping their hands in praise.

Besides, as they stated clearly at the 7th Korean Christian Press Forum, the CCK was originally a group of conservative Christians gathered together as part of a political scheme by Mr. Kim to gain supporters of the constitutional revision to the election for the 3rd term. The CCK was then established in 1989, and now is an alliance of protestant church denominations, made up of members of denominations mainly from the Presbyterian Churches of Korea. The CCK has been disgracing the world of Christianity with their electoral briberies. They must stop ruining Christianity. It must stop making the mistake of driving a nail into Jesus’ heart all over again, and it must be disbanded. The denominations of the CCK are asserting that their own doctrines are orthodox, but in reality, the CCK is one of the biggest cults, and its laws are an evil one. One of the members of Shincheonji was murdered by her family (ex-husband), because she didn’t agree to receive coercive conversion education under the CCK. Seeing that they killed someone for not converting to their denomination, we can see that the mainstream denomination of the CCK, the Presbyterian denomination, must have inherited their genes from Calvin the murderer. Is it conforming with Christianity’s values of love, forgiveness, and salvation? It never was orthodoxy, but a true cult.

Shincheonji was labeled as a cult by the CCK, but it is the true orthodoxy, and the CCK is the true cult. Jesus was labeled as a cult by the Pharisees, but he was the true orthodoxy, and the Pharisees were the true cult. True orthodoxy, like Jesus and Shincheonji, gives the revelation that is directly received from God. True cults form sects and rule with doctrines that are made from their own thinking, not the Bible.

● Coercive Conversion Education, The CCK, likes the Pharisees, loved money, and thus sold and bought ecclesiastical authority with it (Lk 16:14). The Anti-cult Committee, established under the CCK, is spreading lies through their coercive conversion education, which is priced at several hundred thousand Korean wons per person. According to the testimony of the victims who escaped from the coercive conversion education program, the pastors who run the program instruct the parents of the victim to do several things. This includes handcuffing their children’s hands and feet, taping their mouths, taking away their mobile phones, taking them to and locking them in a one-room house. After all this, the conversion pastor starts to teach and plant lies. A television program once reported that someone who refused the conversion education was put in an asylum. Is it Jesus’ commands to charge money for such coercive conversion education (refer to Rv 21:6, 22:17)? Is it in line with God’s teachings to commit personal attacks, suppress, and give false testimony? KBS News even reported of a congregation member in Chuncheon whose husband forced her to be in confinement for several hours with a pastor of conversion education program. Such are the doctrines and laws of the Anti-cult Committee of CCK. Their doctrines were never Jesus’ commands or the truth. Rather than the gospel of God, they are the laws and doctrines of a different gospel, one different from that of the Bible. They cannot be called true Christianity. Jesus commanded to not add to or subtract from the prophecy of Revelation, but they are denying this revelation altogether, so how can they be called the church of Jesus? Their doctrines are nothing but the doctrines of Calvin’s lies.

Our desire is for the CCK to disband, repent, and come to Shincheonji to be born again by knowing the true God and Jesus, and by learning the truth (i.e. the word of revelation) (refer to Jn 3:3-5, 1 Pt 1:23). Shincheonji has been created as according to the Bible, and testifies the new word of revelation which we received directly (thus orthodoxy), just as Jesus did (refer to Mt 11:27). Shincheonji’s word of revelation is the highest truth in the history of Christianity. We are the City of Truth and God’s kingdom of righteousness and justice, the twelve tribes.