The True Light and Darkness

Main reference: Jn 1:1-5 (the core)

What is the meaning of light and darkness recorded in the Bible?  There is light in the day and darkness in the night in the physical world.  The light and darkness in the Bible doesn’t refer to the physical day and night in the world, but the spiritual day and night figuratively compare to the physical day and night in the world. The day, that is the light, means the word of life of God, and the night, that is darkness, means the lack of knowledge without the word of the life of God – no truth, but just worldly word.

To prove such situation in the Bible, no one was found who was worthy to open the scroll or look inside the sealed book of God in the Revelation chapter 5. According to Isaiah 29, they taught people based on the merely teaching of men because there is no one who perceives the meaning of the sealed book.

The only one who received the word of the sealed book in Old Testament was Jesus (Ez 3, Mt 11:27)  who came in the name of God (Jn 5;43). And also it is new John who came in the name of Jesus and he has received the revealed word of the New Testament (refer to Rev 10:, Jn 14:26, Rev 19:10, 22:16).

No one knows the God, Jesus, angels, God’s will in the Bible and what is fulfilled in prophecy except one who received the revealed word through Jesus and new John. The difference between the light and darkness is receiving the revealed word and not receiving the word.

 In Genesis 1, God found the light with the word on the waters (the world, Dn 7:3, 7:17) and made the vault between the waters. God also made dry ground and let the land produce vegetation, which is the creation of heaven and earth.  When a previous generation became corrupt (Jer 4:23-28), God recreate the new generation like in Genesis chapter 1.  And as it is written in (1Th 5:1-9), there are sons of the day (light) and sons of the night (darkness), the meaning of the word doesn’t mean the physical nature. God expressed his recreation process of the new world figuratively compare to the physical nature because the previous world became corrupt. Jesus who came in the name of God (Jn 5:43) and came as the light (Jn 12:46) to bear the sins for the mankind and preached the gospel of the heaven and left.

It has been approximately 2,000 years since Jesus left. Jesus, who is the light, said ,“As long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work. While I am in the world, I am the light of the world” (Jn 9:4-5). 

After Jesus, who came as the light, left, it became the night.   Looking back the history, just like how the twelve tribes of physical Israel descendant of Jacob came to an end, the spiritual Israel – Christianity which began with Jesus and twelve disciples which divided into numerous denominations and corruption, thus became spiritual night without light.

In this midst of corruption, Calvin made his own doctrine throwing away Jesus’ Revelation and commandments. In addition, he slaughtered people who didn’t accept it, and convert their religion to Calvin’s and created his religious fraternity, the presbytery. The presbyterians of Korea worshiped to the emperor of Japan before worshipping to God. Can we say it is not different from what they worship the beast, the group of dragons, appearing on Rev 13? Whenever people of God worshiped foreign god, they were cursed and destroyed. Look at the people of the Canaan and Solomon.

In the 7th Christian Media Forum, the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) testified that they are the concentration of conservative Christian following the political project of Mr.Kim who wanted to concentrate the conservative force supporting the constitutional amendment of the election of third term. It is said that the Christian Council of Korea founded in 1989 is the association of the religious body of protestant consisting of mainly members of the independent Korea presbyterian church.  Isn’t it the main current of the Christian Council Korea that the presbytery exercises the ecclesiastical authority like Calvin? If the presbytery doesn’t repent of its sin, all of them will be destroyed.

I want to ask the people who belong to the Christian Council of Korea who they worship.  Aren’t they the Pharisee of Korea? Isn’t the authority of the Christian Council of Korea talking about money all the time making themselves heresy? If anyone has money, he can be the pastor and even become the president of the Christian Council of Korea.

I think it is no different from the Pharisees who loved money (Lk 16:14). The Pharisees who loved money were snakes (Mt 23: 29, 33), and they hung Jesus on the cross, also slaughtered the disciples.

Today, the Christian Council of Korea imprisons people to conversion training to make money, pins their brutalities on others, and even cause murder for not changing one’s religion. How can we tolerate such action? Is this Jesus’ commandments?

The reason why they hate Shinchonji is because Shinchonji have a thorough knowledge of deep things of the Bible – revealed word, being with the spirit of Truth, doesn’t eat their fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and points out their commentaries as false-truth. This is like a case as if a righteous person enters the world of thieves. So how can they just leave Shinchonji as it is?

However, Shinchonji continues to triumph after another by being with the Spirit of truth of God with more than twelve spirits of heavenly hosts. So, the reason why all nations watching the true light stream to Shinchonji is that the law of God is in spiritual Zion and the new word of life comes out from the New Jerusalem, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony.

Anyone who receives the revealed word can attain heaven and eternal life.