The Reality of the Christian Council of Korea

Main reference: Gal 1:8-9

[Gal 1:8-9] But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned! As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let him be eternally condemned!

The Christian Council of Korea (CCK) is an organization where Presbyterian churches, which are the descendants of Calvin’s religion, are centrally gathered. The most affiliated religious bodies of the CCK, including Presbyterian churches, bowed and worshiped the Japanese emperor during the Japanese colonial period just as Israel, the country that perished at the time of Solomon (Israel), had bowed and served the Gentile gods (1Kgs 11).

The Presbyterian Church of Korea, an affiliate of the CCK, appointed Pastor Choi, who believed in Tritheism, as a heresy identifier as well as the chairman of the Heresy Counter-Measurement Committee and made him play a role in a factory producing heresies.

Moreover, the pastors in charge of the affiliated departments are Pastors Hwang, Jin, Kim and Lee. These people are actively performing forced religious conversion education. One day however, the CCK labeled the Pastor Choi as the most wicked heretic and expelled him. This means that the biggest heretic had been playing the role of a heresy identifier. This position was a calling appointed by the religious body that set itself up as being the most authentic.

What kind of place is the CCK? The CCK is the place where people pay money to buy the position of chairman and power is sold in exchange for money. What about the theological schools of the CCK? How about the presidents of the Presbyterians? People can receive ordainment by paying money, even if they have not been to a theological school. This is the doctrine of the Calvin’s religion. They are not part of Christianity. Just like the Pharisee pastors, they do not believe in the truth of Christianity, but rather treat the religious body that believes in the truth of Christianity as heresy.

Calvin’s religion, the CCK has unconditionally determined that the City of Truth –Shincheonji, Church of Jesus is a heresy. Why do they call Shincheonji a heresy? This is because Shincheonji does not believe in Calvin’s religion, but the religion of Jesus that the Pharisees also called heresy.

Shincheonji has been continually saying that, “We will be judged. Criticize us, based on the Bible, if we teach anything wrong through letters and seminars.” Yet nothing about us has ever been pointed out even once.

The CCK tends to unconditionally denounce whoever is not affiliated with Calvin. God has never given members of the CCK, who bowed and worshiped the Gentile god, the right to judge others. They established their doctrine by themselves.

The CCK is being split into two or three pieces and they call each other heresies. As such, this means that the CCK is a body of heresy and a factory that produces heresies.

1 Quarter, 2 Quarters and 3 Quarters. Loud crashes go up everywhere (refer to Zep 1:10). Despite this situation, the Heresy Counter-Measurement Committee of the CCK is obsessed with making money. All they think of is money. The Bible says that the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil (1Tm 6:10). It also says that the pastors of Satan, the Pharisees, love money (Lk 16:14).

Likewise, the Chairman, the affiliated executives, and the Heresy Counter-Measurement Committee of the CCK are simply out of their minds about money. The profit of the religious conversion business revealed during the process of the trial of the previous vice-chairman of the Heresy Counter-Measurement Committee of the CCK, Pastor Jin, was turned out to be more than a billion won. What is that these people want to get? Money or Faith?

According to the recent ruling of the court, the facts arising out of the case of Pastor Jin proved his guilt in satisfying his selfish interests and desires by accepting bribes, breaking up families and disrupting the public. The prosecutor was embarrassed for his accusations based only on what Pastor Jin said. While a pastor of Satan does the deeds of Satan, a pastor of God does the deeds of God.

The ordeal that has been happening on a national scale is regarded as the deed of an organization that calls itself an authentic religious body. In addition, the act of brutality that was committed by the Heresy Counter-Measurement Committee has not only caused trouble and a lawless world, but also destroyed and made both the religious world and society sick. Would God, salvation and the truth be with the people?

These days, as promised in Rv 22:16, Jesus sent the angel who speaks on his behalf to the churches, and this angel has been telling the pastors and believers of the pre-existing churches to repent as well as teaching them about the prophecy of Revelation and its physical fulfillment. However, people did not listen to him. Moreover, as the CCK commits acts of brutality by making false pastors members of the Heresy Counter-Measurement Committee, it is like drawing a sword and taking peace from the Earth so that there are lots of screaming everywhere as written in Rv 6.

The Heresy Counter-Measurement Committee of the CCK has been deprecating our church events such as the Homeland Unification Movement, making a large handprint Taegeukgi (Korean flag) as a part of a patriotic event, the Loving Homeland-Loving Taegeukgi event, the 6•25 Memorial Day event, our volunteer works, the 8•15 Independence Commemoration and the World Peace, Restoration of Light, Culture of Heaven, Arts and Sports Festival with religious reasons.

What kind of organizations are the government and the National Intelligence Service that remained spectators in this situation? Although they had seen this, they did not mention anything about it. The world is coming to an end. If politicians side with the churches they attend and have a prejudice or take a biased action towards religious bodies, sects or denominations, this will not bring about peace and safety, but wars as well as the worst misfortune that can divide a nation into two parts. Becoming one to love the country and nation, and leading the country with an unbiased viewpoint and justice will allow the whole nation to gather as one and achieve safety, peace and the restoration of light.

Theological professors, pastors and elders must repent before God as they have behaved authoritatively without any right. These people will not pass an exam that is based on the Bible as they are ignorant of the Bible. Thus, these people are the false theological professors, pastors and elders. They must expose their ignorance before God, and then call themselves professors, pastors and elders again only after possessing new faith and knowledge.

Do saints truly believe in God? If they do, they will also believe in the word of God. Not believing in the word is the evidence of not believing in God and Jesus (Jn 1:1). They will of course not believe in the true God if they were born with the seed of Satan. This is the time for the harvest. The reason that some saints are not being harvested is that they believe their own pastors and churches, and not the word of God and Jesus.

As mentioned earlier, we now know that Satan and his pastors have neither conscience nor regret by looking at the illegality of the CCK as well as through the Bible. The false pastors twice caused the MBC PD Note documentary program to show a 50 minute telecast that accused the sinless Shincheonji of 14 criminal charges (in 2007). The nation might have believed the content of the broadcasted program to be true, however, after a careful investigation by the relevant organizations, including the police and the prosecution, Shincheonji was found to be innocent. As a result, MBC PD Note telecasted a correction report in accordance with the court’s ruling (in 2009).

Yet the CCK and the Heresy Counter-Measurement Committee still have not reflected on themselves or repented about this. Consequently, the CCK is being shattered into two pieces as God has swung an iron mace. Furthermore, the CCK has recognized the man who was appointed as the chairman of the Heresy Counter-Measurement Committee by the Presbyterian Church of Korea, an affiliate of the CCK, as the worst heretic of all. In addition, it is turning out to be true that the previous vice-chairman of the CCK Heresy Counter-Measurement Committee has contributed to family breakdowns as well as public disruptions.

The CCK must compensate society, churches and individuals for the damages that they have afflicted. Will they still call others heretics? Do they have any right to call others heretics? Stop the habit of what you did to Jesus and repent honestly. Shincheonji has been teaching the greatest Truth of the 6,000 years of God’s work to the whole world. Shincheonji (the promised pastor) has won the war with the false pastors with the Word of Truth as promised in the Bible, received the revelation from Jesus (God), received the blessings as promised in Rv 2 and 3, and has been conveying all of these messages as commanded.

I pray for people not to be in danger of the fire of Hell by becoming one with the unlawful CCK and the false Heresy Counter-Measurement Committee, but to receive salvation by coming to Shincheonji where God and the food of eternal life exist.