The Prophesied Promised Pastor

– Whom do the believers wait for and whom do they have to meet? –

Main reference: Jn 14; Rv 2, 3

“You diligently study the Scriptures because you think that by them you possess eternal life. These are the Scriptures that testify about me.” (Jn 5:39). Jesus was the pastor whom God, the Old Testament, and the prophets promised.

In the days of Noah, salvation came by listening to Noah and following him. In Moses’ time, salvation came by listening to Moses and following him. Likewise, at the first coming of Jesus, salvation came through listening to Jesus and following him. Then, at the second coming of Jesus, who does God send for believers and who must believers follow to receive salvation?

It is well explained by Jesus, the apostles, and the New Testament. Those who believe in Jesus and the Bible will be able to realize this, but those who do not believe in Jesus and the Bible will not. Rather, they will persecute the one God sends just like what happened at the first coming of Jesus. As written in the Bible, Jesus came in Father’s name (Jn 5:43) and John the Baptist came in the spirit of Elijah (Lk 1:17).

The promised pastor at the second coming of Jesus comes in the name of Jesus as the Counselor, the Spirit of Truth (Jn 14:26). As God came to Jesus, the Counselor in the first coming (refer to a footnote of 1 Jn 2:1), and worked with him (Jn 14:10), the Bible tells us in advance that the Holy Spirit of Truth will come and stay in a man at the second coming of Jesus (Jn 14:17). The promised pastor fulfills God’s promise by becoming one with the Holy Spirit of Truth. God fulfilled through Moses what he promised to Abraham and fulfilled through Jesus what he promised to the prophets of the Old Testament (Lk 9:35). Likewise, Jesus chooses a pastor and fulfills what he promised in the New Testament, just like the times of Moses and Jesus. As a result of this, physical entities of the fulfillment will appear. These physical entities are the evidence for us to know the promised pastor (refer to Dt 18:22). Even a false pastor claims himself as a promised pastor to get on the believers’ good side, but the evidence that he is not the promised pastor is that he is not able to testify about how the prophecies of the New Testament are fulfilled.

The reason pastors were chosen in every era was to fulfill and testify about what had been promised. Today the New Testament, Revelation, is such an important matter that a single word cannot be added nor taken away (refer to Rv 22:18-19). Every single part of Revelation chapter 1 to 22 must be presented and testified.

The kingdom of God and eternal life is God’s purpose, what we wish for, and that all things in this world have been waiting. If heaven and eternal life do not exist, why do we work, sacrifice, bear pain and criticism, and evangelize? It is because we have hope and we know that it is much bigger than anything else. The believers who have been waiting for the New Testament to be fulfilled will believe in the accomplished physical entity and will also testify about it, yet those who do not believe in it, even when the physical entities have appeared, are not even believers.

We, Shincheonji, who have triumphed, have become one with the Holy Spirit of Truth, the Counselor, and fulfilled the promised New Testament. God, Jesus, and the angels in Heaven are with us (Rv 3:12, 21, Rv 21:1-4). Do you think you can receive Heaven and eternal life even if you refuse to believe the fact that it has been fulfilled as written in the Bible?

The reason we spread the one true God and Shincheonji is that Shincheonji is the only place where there is salvation when Jesus fulfills the New Testament by returning to earth.

Those who want to be saved and who hope for God, Heaven, and eternal life must come to Shincheonji for salvation. There is no salvation anywhere else but in Shincheonji. Why don’t you believe in the Bible? As you don’t believe in the words in the Bible, you don’t believe in the truth, either.

The seed is the word, the word is God. The man who receives the word is a god and God’s offspring. This shows the reason that people do not believe in the word and its fulfillment is because they have received the seed from Satan. The seed of Satan is lies and the spirit of Satan gives this untruthfulness. Receiving the lies from a false pastor is like receiving the spirit of Satan, and consequently it means God’s word cannot be received.

The reason most pastors and believers in every biblical era did not listen to the messengers of God was that the spirit of Satan stayed in them.

This spirit of Satan did not only make people disbelieve the advocates who spoke for God in every era, but also made people persecute them.

Shincheonji is a place where people can be saved in the New Testament. The reason people hate Shincheonji is that the spirit of the devil has gone into them. They do not believe in the prophecy and fulfillment of God’s promise, have added and taken away the words from Revelation, and are left in their own field (Church) without being harvested. Is this not true?

Those who have added and taken away words from Revelation, and who are not harvested in the time of harvest, have been born with the seed of weeds. Is this not true?

Shincheonji means the new world that consists of the 12 tribes after the previous era (Spiritual Israel, the Christian world) ended. There is no salvation except here. Why do you not believe? You will gain Heaven and eternal life if you believe it. Shincheonji stops people from adding and taking away words from Revelation as well as enables people, who were not harvested, to be harvested. This is salvation, crossing over from death to life and instilling knowledge and belief. Shincheonji has triumphed and created the 12 tribes by becoming the New Spiritual Israel. These are the people of Heaven, the new kingdom of the promised Heaven. You will receive salvation if you believe in this.