The Living and the Dead (2)

Main reference: Jn 5:24-29

Jesus said, “Let the dead bury the dead, you (the living) follow me (Mt 8:22).” Who is “the dead” as told by Jesus, and who is “the living?” There are those whose flesh is alive but their spirit is dead, or their body dead but their spirit alive. Martyrs are the latter, whose flesh is dead but the spirit is alive, while the flesh of the Israelites’- at the time of Jesus- were living but their spirits were dead.

Also, in a living flesh (1 Co 3:9), there is a dwelling place of spirit. There are two kinds of spirits; the spirit of God and the spirit of devil, therefore, the question should be which spirit is in oneself. Among the two spirits, one (God) is the spirit of life, and the other (devil) is the spirit of death. Whether one becomes the living or the dead is determined by which spirit is in him.

God created the spiritual realm, then together with heavenly hosts, they created the heaven and the earth (Gn 1). Among all the creations of God, the “covering cherub,” who wanted to be God, deceived Adam and Eve and went into them.  The world of Adam which reigned the heaven and the earth (refer to Gn 1, 2), became the possession of Satan (refer to Gn 3, Lk 4:5-6). As a result, God the Lord, creator of heaven and earth left physical world behind (Gn 6). Since then, God has been working generation after generation in order to restore His lost world.  And at last, God sent His son to do the work of forgiveness of sin and salvation of mankind, and uttered in parables about his will which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world (Ps 78:2, Mt  13:34-35).

The spirit of the mankind has been dead by the devil due to ‘sin’ in this world.  Jesus who was sent by God said, “He who hears my word, and believes Him who sent Me, has eternal life and has passover from death into life (Jn 5:24).”  What (or where) did He mean by the death and eternal life?

By “death,” Jesus was referring to the Jerusalem temple, in which pastors of Pharisee – Jesus called them the brood of viper (snake) (Mt 23:27, 33) – stood, and “life,” He referred to Himself, Jesus, whom God is with. At the time of the first coming of Jesus (as a man), the Jerusalem temple was the place where John the Baptist (Elijah Mt 17:11-13, Lk 1:13-17) was driven out by the pastors of Satan, Pharisees, who stood at the holy place.

As said in Mt 24, at the time of the Second Coming, the destroyer – similar to Pharisees, serpent-like pastors invade the temple of tabernacle by force and stand in it (refer to Rv 13). After this event, Jesus comes with angels and redeems the believers from death to life, just like in the time of First Coming.

At the time of the First Coming, Jesus said, “All who are in the tombs shall hear His voice, and shall come forth from death to a resurrection of life (Jn 5:28-29).” Where is the tomb and who are the dead? The tomb is the Jerusalem temple where the pastor of viper, the Pharisees, stood (Mt 23), and the dead were the believers in the Jerusalem temple. Among these dead ones, those who came to Jesus, the son of God, after hearing His Word of life were the ones who came forth from their tombs into the resurrection of life. God’s Word, which Jesus delivered, is the breath of life, and since this breath of life went into the dead spirit of a person and the dead spirit became alive, this is the resurrection.

Today, in the age of Second Coming, as we can read in Mt 24, Rv 2, 3 and 13, a destroyer who is the pastor of satan possesses and stands in the God’s temple of tabernacle and the believers in the temple receive his teaching and worship him.

When that happens, the spirit of the believers of the earth, who become the possession of satan, are dead in the church (tomb) of Satan (refer to Rv chapters 2-3, 17-18). Also at the time, the one who overcomes (Rv 12) becomes the son of God (Rv 21:7), and receives the promised things written in Revelation 2 and 3. As we read in Revelation 10, the one  who overcomes receives the revealed word (the living bread or breath of life) from heaven, and delivers it to the believers whose spirits are dead for they are captured by the pastor of  the devil. Those, who hear voice of the one who overcomesand became the son of God, are to Passover from death (devil) and come forth into the resurrection of life. They receive the breath of life in their tombs. This is salvation.

In order to save the mankind from its sin, God had destroyed them with flood and gave commandment to abide. However, mankind’s sin did not stop. God at last sent His Son and made him to bore the cross as an atonement for the mankind’s sin. God the Father had to watch his inculpable Son being nailed onto the cross. The agony is for the liberation of the mankind from their sin. The purpose of the bloodshed on the cross is to purchase us with the blood and wash us with it in order to make us the kingdom and priests of God and the people in multitude in white robes (Rv 5:9-10, 7:9-14). The cross that Jesus bore is the burden of mankind’s sin and this sin was us, the kingdom and priests and the white multitude. Since the cross was our sin, we killed Jesus, the righteous man and the righteous Jesus died for us.

What kind of mind setting (spirit) should we have today, whom are redeemed by Jesus’ blood, and become the kingdom and priests and the white multitude? Since Jesus is the way of life so we should reach God by walking on Him.  How can we possibly raise ourselves up? We ought to be humble and become the way so that others can tread on us to reach Jesus.

The faithful ones that know the mind of God and Jesus would do as their will as the way to repay their grace and also be allegiant and obedient all their life. Those who want to be treated divinely with power, money, honor and prestige must be the servants of Satan who do not know God, Jesus nor their will in the Bible.

How can we be so conceited when we killed God’s son Jesus with our sin? His kingdom and righteousness, created as the promise of Revelation, is the city of the truth, the kingdom of righteousness and justice and the reign of sage king. This place is where God and Jesus are, living with angel, the world like glass, clear as crystal.

We have to be the righteous being if we truly want to create this kind of world. Liars and those who raise themselves up cannot enter into this place. Only the ones who are sealed and their name written in the book of life can enter.

We, Shinchonji, pray for God’s will, which is the restoration of all nations.