The Last Work of God, Revelation

Main reference: Rv5, 22

Religion is the teaching of the Holy Spirit. It is the word and lessons from God and not the teaching of the will of men.

What is the sealed book and opened book and who are the ones who add or take words away from the book of Revelation? Who opens the seven seals and who receives the book with all the seals opened? Who passes on those words of the opened book? Who has seen and heard the events of the fulfillment of Revelation and who has been commanded to proclaim this news?  Without the fulfillment of Revelation, and while adding or taking words away from Revelation, will there still be salvation? Can there be orthodoxy while this is happening? Do the actions of the Christian Council of Korea (“CCK”) not justify that they are the sun, moon and stars that have darkened and fallen from the sky?

What is the difference between the pastors and elders at the time of Jesus’ First Coming and the pastors and elders of today? Whether it was the time of Jesus’ First Coming or today, they act the same way, as described in Mt7: 15-20. Was Jesus the heresy or were the pastors at that time the heresy (refer to Mt23)? Is Shinchonji the heresy or is CCK the heresy? Shinchonji has not added or taken words away from Revelation, their members have been harvested and sealed, and can fully testify about the physical entities that have appeared as the fulfillment of the prophecy, just like Jesus could testify at the time of his First Coming.

CCK has added and taken words away from Revelation, they have not been harvested nor sealed, and they falsely testify, speaking lies. CCK said being harvested and sealed is heresy. Are Jesus and the four gospels of Jesus’ words also heresy?

The fulfilled entity of the sun, moon and stars, that have darkened and fallen from the sky, is CCK. The evidence is that they do not know of the light and life. They do not understand the words of Revelation nor do they know their own actions. Now, at the end of the age, will the members of the churches follow Shinchonji that is promised in the Bible, or will they follow the tradition of CCK, which is a group of corrupted men, with only old man-made rules to follow.

Between these two choices, one is heaven and one is hell. Shinchonji is the new nation of heavenly people who have been harvested and sealed. CCK is the organization of men, the old and corrupted tradition.

Shinchonji proclaims what was seen, heard and commanded by heaven (Rv10), whereas CCK proclaims what is from the earth (refer to Jn 3:31-34).  People are destroyed because of their lack of knowledge regarding God’s word (Heaven) (Hos 4: 6). The believers at the end of the age must speak only according to the Bible. Without knowledge of the Bible, they will not know God, Jesus or heaven even if it has come, just like the time of Jesus’ First Coming. They will not know the physical entities of the fulfillment of the New Testament, even once they have appeared. If the pastors at the time of Jesus’ First Coming knew God, they would not have killed Jesus. At that time God was to fulfill and reveal the true meaning of the Old Testament through Jesus. Likewise, if today’s members of CCK knew about the meaning of Revelation and the New Testament, they would not curse the messenger of prophecy, or Shinchonji who has fulfilled the prophecies of Revelation and testifies about the revelation.

In Amos 3:7, God said: “the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants, the prophets.” Likewise, as the Lord fulfills Revelation today, he has shown everything to the promised messenger and revealed all the mysteries to him. He has sent his angel, the messenger of prophecy to the churches in order that they may testify. This testimony is about the fulfillment of the book of Revelation and is testified just as the messenger has seen, heard and been commanded to testify. This testimony is the testimony of Jesus Christ in Rv1: 2. Those who do not receive this testimony are those who do not receive the testimony of Jesus’ revelation.

When the worlds of Adam and Noah were corrupted, God made a promise with Abraham and fulfilled those promises through Moses.  When Israel, whom God raised, became corrupted, God proclaimed that which was to be fulfilled (the Old Testament). He did this for 2,000 years, by using the prophets to prophecy his word. This Old Testament has been fulfilled at the time of Jesus’ First Coming. Jesus bore the cross for the forgiveness of sins and all the prophecies of the Old Testament were fulfilled through Jesus. This was the work of the first coming, as well as Jesus proclaiming the prophecies of the future, thus the New Testament.

The gospel of kingdom that Jesus promised has been preached for 2,000 years, throughout the whole world, as a testimony to all nations (Mt 24: 14). After 2,000 years, the promises of the New Testament have been fulfilled in the Republic of Korea.

The gospel of the kingdom and the prophecies of God’s work have been told before they happen, so that when they do happen, people will believe (Jn 14: 29). People say they believe with their mouths and pretend they have knowledge of the meaning of God’s words, but in reality, they do not understand or know God. This is the same for pastors and congregation members. Only those who do the will of God in heaven will enter the kingdom of heaven (Mt 7: 21). How can you act in accordance to the will of God if you do not know what His will is? They still think they are the orthodoxy and that they will receive salvation.  The congregation members believe in the word of the pastors but do not know the word of God therefore they cannot believe. This fact can be made clear when you consult the words of the Bible.

The end of the age for all religions has come because the world of religion has become old and corrupted (refer to Heb 8: 7). Do you not realize this by seeing CCK? Those who have not received the seed of weeds will know. CCK proclaims orthodoxy, but by simply calling what is black, white, it does not make it white. The group of the sun, moon and stars that has fallen from the sky today, at the end of the age, is merely an organization of men. Inside of them, there is no Holy Spirit, but only the thoughts of man. The thoughts of those who have betrayed heaven (sun, moon and stars) are corrupted and full of lies, like the people who have sinned and been banished from Shinchonji (refer to Mt 7:15-20).

As one era ends, the new nation of God is created. Shinchonji harvests those who are born of the seed of God, seals them and creates the 12 tribes. The old and corrupted have added and taken words away from the book of Revelation, and those who have not been harvested are the weeds. They have not been sealed. The answer is clear when you ask yourself, using the Bible as your standard.

The work of salvation of Shinchonji is achieved by doing the three things previously mentioned. That is firstly by enabling people to not add or take words away from the book of Revelation, secondly by enabling people to be harvested and thirdly by enabling people to be sealed. Those who do not like this are those people born with the seed of the devil. Shinchonji uproots that seed and tears down the house of the devil. Shinchonji plants the seed of life and builds the house of the Holy Spirit (refer to Jer 1:10). 

We pray that you believe and receive salvation.