The Era of Shinchonji (New Heaven and New Earth)

Main reference: Rv 21 (Rv 6, 7, 14, Gn 37:9-11, Gen 1)

Shinchonji means New Heaven and New Earth. After the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, the new heaven and the new earth were created.  “The first heaven and the new heaven’ and ‘the earth’ are expressed in a figurative language. Each mean God’s dwelling place (heaven) and the chosen people (flesh). (refer to Gn 37:9-11).

For instance, the corrupted Adam’s tabernacle and the chosen people at that time were the first heaven and the first earth, and newly created Noah’s tabernacle and the chosen people were the new heaven and the new earth. When Noah’s world got corrupt, Noah’s world Canaan were the first heaven and the first earth, and Moses’ world of physical Israelites were the new heaven and the new earth.

When physical Israelites became corrupt, they were the first heaven and the first earth, and Jesus’s world of spiritual Israelites was the new heaven and the new earth. Then John the Baptist who prepared the way before Jesus was the last pastor of the physical Israelites, the kingdom (heaven) and the earth he was deprived of (Mt 11:11-12) was the physical israelites (Jerusalem), and the invaders were the Pharisees, the pastors of Satan (Mt 23).

In Jesus’ First Coming, all the prophets and the law of physical Israelites (heaven and earth) prophesied until John (Mt 11:13, Lk 16:16). Then Jesus started to plant the seed of the heavenly gospel. By Jesus’ evangelism, the spiritual Israel were created (refer to Jn 1:12-13), and people gathered into the spiritual Israel of Jesus, which is the heaven. This first heaven (spiritual Israel) lasted for 2000 years after Jesus’s First Coming, however, this world got corrupt today and the new heaven (new spiritual Israel) was created as promised in the New Testament.

The new world of Jesus starts from the time of Second Coming. This new world is Shinchonji. Shinchonji, that is, New Heaven and New Earth is created after the previous world (spiritual Israel which lasted for 2000 years) comes to an end in Revelation chapter 6. Like the past, the age (previous world : spiritual Israel) has passed away, and the era (new world : new spiritual Israel) has come (Rev 7). It is the promise in the New Testament which is written so that you believe when it happens.

What is created in the new world, New Heaven and New Earth? After harvesting good seeds from the field which has been sowed for 2000 years (Jesus’ churches) and sealing them with the revealed words, he creates God’s kingdom of twelve tribes. Then except for Shinchonji twelve tribes, no one is orthodox, saved, but just the flesh falling from the heaven. Many people who do not belong to Shinchonji twelve tribes are insisting that they are orthodox and already received salvation, is just their arbitrary word.

Just as the Old Testament was fulfilled in the First Coming (Jn 19:30), the New Testament will be fulfilled in the Second Coming (Rv 21:6).  It is wrong to insist ‘I am saved’, ‘I am an orthodox’ before the fulfillment. The promised betrayer at the  Second Coming (2Th 2:1-4) is the first heaven that is the spiritual Israelites, the destroyer is a false pastor who belongs to Satan, and the savior that is the promised pastor which overcomes the dragon’s pastor in Revelation chapter 12.

The believers must know the betrayer, destroyer, and the savior who appears as promised in Jesus’s words, the New Testament. They can only receive salvation when they belong to the savior. If they only believe their own pastor’s words, and not have a thorough understanding of the Bible, they cannot recognize the new era and the promised pastor, and will be destroyed from lack of knowledge (Hos 4:6). It is because they did not value the true God and his word. The followers in Shinchonji twelve tribes, New Spiritual Israel who were harvested by holy spirit and sealed with revealed words has crossed over from death to life (Jn 5:24). It means they rise to live from the dead grave (Mt 23) by hearing Jesus’s voice (Jn 5:25-29).

Just like the Old Testament was fulfilled (Jn 19:30), the the New Testament will be fulfilled (Rev 21:6).  Therefore, the Bible (prophesy) affords testimony of the physical evidence. After the New Testament is accomplished, the fulfillments (betrayal, destruction, salvation) of today (Second Coming) will be remembered as the eternal gospel (refer to Rev 14:1-6).

God, Jesus, and we Shinchonji citizens will live eternally as God’s family members in the Holy City, the new Jerusalem in this land, that is heaven. We Shinchonji citizens are proclaiming this fact to all people. Since we have been preaching the Jesus’ promise in the New Testament and the fulfillment as promised, people have no excuse for not hearing (refer to Jn 15:22).

Jesus promised to raise those who have fallen asleep in him at the last day, and bring them in Second Coming (refer to Jn 6:39-40, 11:24-25, 1Thes 4:14). The believers who died in Adam can get salvation, eternal life, heaven, and complete hope only when they cross over from death to life and rise to live again.

Only when people belong to Shinchonji twelve tribes promised by Jesus, they can raise from the dead, go to heaven and have eternal life. Shinchonji is praying for this.