The CCK (Christian Council of Korea) must Be Disbanded

Why should the CCK  be disbanded?

Firstly, it is not a true Christian organization. True Christianity is supposed to testify God and Jesus’ work of salvation. However, the CCK has ruined Christianity and made it suffer disgrace.

Secondly, it should be disbanded because it is committing acts similar to that of the Pharisees, who persecuted and killed Jesus and his disciples. Pharisees loved money (Lk 16:14). The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil (1 Tm 6:10). Just as the Pharisees had done, the CCK has sold and bought power with money.  

From what can be found in the historical records, John Calvin, the founder of the Presbyterian denomination, cannot be regarded as a true Christian. The reason is that Calvin seized ecclesiastical authority. Thus he established ecclesiastical laws based on his own interpretations, and massacred people who did not convert to his teachings. He also ignored the commands and the revelation of Jesus. That is, he did not obey Jesus’ command to love and forgive (Jn 15:9-12; Mt 6:14-19), but rather killed believers (Jn 16:2), and he did not acknowledge the revelation of Jesus (the book of Revelation).

What about the actions of the Anti-Heresy Committee of the CCK, an organization that is centered on the Presbyterian denomination? They receive several hundred thousands of won for their coercive conversion education programs, in which they teach nothing but lies. They slander against and lie about pastors of other denominations with no evidence for their claims. On the Internet, they make it their mission to persecute with lies, the severity of which cannot be expressed in words. Is this the command Jesus spoke of? Is this Christian-like? These kinds of actions are not in line with Christian values. Rather, they are actions that ruin Christianity.

The CCK labels as cults those who do not convert to its denomination or whose doctrines are not in accordance with theirs. They insist that they themselves are orthodoxy. This is an enormous lie. Is it orthodox to lie, murder, and persecute? Is it orthodox to bribe people for positions at the council elections? Was it orthodox to worship the Japanese emperor by clapping hands and singing praises to him during the Japanese colonization? Is it orthodox to ignore Jesus’ revelation without even knowing it?

It can be seen in the Bible that anyone who received Jesus and believed in his name received the right to become children of God (Jn 1:12-13).

Without even knowing the Bible well and without keeping Jesus’ commands, the CCK incriminates God’s children, believers of Jesus, as a cult. With this being their reason, they even ostracize, curse, persecute, and kill them, following in the footsteps of the founder of Presbyterianism, Calvin. The CCK must immediately stop these kinds of actions.

These are lawless actions. Are these Jesus’ commands and acts of love (refer to Jn 15:9-12)? It is a lie to say that they are orthodoxy while not obeying Jesus’ command to love even one’s enemy. The Bible says that one who lies belongs to the devil (Jn 8:44). Those who falsely incriminate Shincheonji as a cult are cults themselves and belong to the devil, the liar.

Mr. Shin, who went out from Shincheonji, said, “Only those who eat the flesh and blood of the pastor of Shincheonji and pray in his name can be saved.” He also believed in commentaries more than the Bible and taught them to believers. He also put the funds of the church that he was in charge of into his private account (according to the financial regulations of Shincheonji, the funds must be put into the church account). He was, as a result, ousted from Shincheonji, for such lawless acts and for blaspheming against the Holy Spirit. The denomination that appointed this ex-member of Shincheonji as an assistant pastor and a seminar conductor is one under the CCK. Does being a part of Shincheonji make Mr. Shin a heretic, but then his converting over to the CCK suddenly make him orthodox?

These actions reveal what kind of organization the CCK really is. They are not Biblical.

Mr. Shin also joined hands with the CCK’s conversion education pastor, and provided false information about Shincheonji to MBC’s television program “PD Note.” The producers of MBC PD Note did not even verify whether the information they received was true or not, and just broadcasted the false information as they received it. After this event, there was a press conference in which each media groups reported in unison that PD Note’s coverage of Shincheonji was a false one. Afterwards, PD Note broadcasted a correction notice to fix the mistake.

In the end, isn’t the so-called “truth” that the CCK proclaims really about seeking money and power? Is it not persecuting and labeling others as cults? Is this the love and forgiveness mentioned in the Bible (Jn 15:9-12; Mt 6:14-15)? Isn’t this making Christianity into the essence of evil? Instead of carrying out a life of faith based on God’s word, they are oppressing the believers with man-made organizations and laws. Such an organization of evil laws must be disbanded.

The names of the denominations under the CCK, their actions, and their interpretations of the Bible – all of these came from their own thinking and will. Each and every aspect of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, however, is according to the Bible, just as an imprint matches with the engravings of a stamp (seal). To subject God’s creation to public disgrace is to do the devil’s work. People who do such things end up getting cursed. These are the words of God.

“The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books,” (Rv 20:12).

The CCK must repent and disband before God becomes angrier. The cult must stop pretending to be orthodoxy by its own ecclesiastical authority. They must stop falsely incriminating the true orthodox believers as cults, who believe in the word of revelation. The God of heaven is watching.

We, Shincheonji, are the City of Truth and the kingdom of righteousness and justice.