Prophecies and Fulfillment of God’s Word

Main reference: Jn19:30, Rv21:6

Adam who became a living being (Gn2:7) ate the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil that God told him if he are, he will surely die(Gn3). What is this tree of knowledge of good and evil and why was it made? What exactly is this tree that for the past 6,000 years until today the pastors did not know the true identity of this tree? The pastors and congregation members must know it’s true identity.

Inside Scriptures, there are many things hidden since of old, and what was hidden since the creation of the world, Jesus made it known by speaking them in parables(Mt 13:-34-35). At that time, the fulfillment was not spoken since it was not time yet. It was prophesied however, that when the time comes, everything will be plainly known (Mt13, Jn16).

What God promised to Abraham (Gn15), He fulfilled all of it at the time of Moses (refer to Ex12:37-41, Jos 1:1-9) and what was promised through the Old Testamentprophets, was fulfilled at the first coming of Jesus (Jn19:30). Furthermore, what was promised by Jesus in the New Testament, he promised with his blood that it will fulfill at the time of his second coming (refer to Mt26:26-29, Lk22:14-20,Rv21:6).

What the congregation members hope for is the fulfillment of the New Testament.The New Testament is recorded focused on Revelation, and it’s written anyone who adds or takes away from the prophecies of Revelation cannot enter the kingdom of heaven (Rv22:18-19).  However, the pastors and the congregation members of this generation have their hearts closed, and do not even think about the prophecies and fulfillment to the New Testament. Instead they are stained with their own thinking, proclaiming commentaries they made on their own, putting it above Scriptures. As a result, although they have the Bible, it’s nothing but a sealed book, with meaningless writings to them. Furthermore, inside the commentaries these people made, they have distorted and misunderstood Scriptures, interpreting it on their own, making it “another gospel” (Gal 1:8-9). This is their seed, it is their wild wine. (Dt32:32-33). Inside God’s Word (Bible) contains life (Jn 1:1-4), and inside the words of man born of original and hereditary sins, there is death (refer to R0m5:12, Rom8:6). Those who carry out their walk in faith with the Bible as their standard belong to God, and those who follow books of commentaries belong to man.

God made known what will be fulfilled in the New Testament to the whole world for the past 2,000 years (refer to Mt24:14). Just as He promised, the New Testament was fulfilled in a nation in the East. In order to make this fulfillment known to the churches, Jesus chose a person to testify on His behalf, having him make known the reality to the fulfillment of the New Testament Revelation (Rv22:16).

Until the faith that is revealed in the New Testament comes, the congregation members are locked up under prophecies (refer to Gal3:23), waiting for that time to come. At the time of the revealed fulfillment, we are no longer under prophecies, but we become righteous through faith that is opened and revealed, becoming the sons of God who receive our inheritance (refer to Gal3:26-29).

The messenger who testifies on behalf in the New Testament is the pastor promised by the Lord, who has seen and heard the fulfillment of the New Testament – Revelation, who makes everything known according to what was commanded to Him, a pastor who is absolutely needed. This promised pastor is one who fought and overcame the pastors of Satan (Rv2-3, 12:10-11), the one and only witness who saw all those who appeared as reality at the location of fulfillment (refer to Rv1:2, 22:8, Rv11).

Furthermore, he is also the messenger who testifies on behalf whom the Spirit of Truth is with, who comes in the name of the Lord (refer to Rv19:10, 22:16).

At the time of the first coming, to John the Baptist Elijah was with him (Lk1:17), to Jesus God was with him (Mt3:16-17, Jn5). The one who overcomes promised in the New Testament today, the messenger who testifies on behalf, is one with the Spirit of truth the Counselor who comes in the name of Jesus (Jn14:16-17, 26).

The Spirit of Truth is the spirit that brings the Word(Truth), testifying plainly the fulfillment (reality) to what Jesus did not make known plainly and His words spoken in parables (Jn16:12-13, 25).

The pastor whom God fulfilled the promises made to Abraham was Moses. The pastorwho fulfilled Old Testament was Jesus (refer to Jn19:30). The pastor at the time of the New Testament fulfilled is just like Jesus (Jn16:33) the One who overcomes (rerfer to Rv2,3,12). The one who overcomes just like Jesus (Mt11:27) received the revealed word of the New Testament, and makes it known (Rv10). The difference between those who received the revealed word of the New Testament verses those who don’t is like the heavens and the earth, the difference between heaven and hell.  Not one person from the church pastors and the congregation members belonging to churches coming to an end according to the New Testament Scriptures (refer to Rv6, Rv13) will gain salvation. Anyone who knows the will of the New Testament will say the same thing.

Although the heir is the owner of everything, when he is a child, he is no different from a slave, a congregation member under guardians and stewards (pastors). When the appointed time comes, God sends the spirit of His son into our hearts, allowing us to become sons who receive God’s inheritance (Gal4:1-7). It is with revealed faith of the New Testament one can become sons of God, the heirs of God’s inheritance. As a result, those who do not receive the revealed word, are like the night, the sons of darkness whether they are pastors or congregation members – who do not know the True God, heaven, Jesus, or the one whom He sent, or the fulfillment of Revelation. However, God and life dwells with those who received the revealed word, so as a result they are like the day, the children of light (1Thes5:1-9).

Those who are in the midst of darkness will believe persecution, which are the actions of Satan are right.

In order to dwell with the Holy Lord, the Light of Life, we too must become righteous, and the way to become righteous is through the revealed word (Jn17:17) that is life and light.