Nationwide Bible Seminars of Shinchonji

The testimony of the prophecy of the New Testament has been fulfilled which has never happened before and will never happen  again in the future.

Though all Christians in the new testament era have been waiting for its fulfillment, no one knew the truth of reality, just like the people in the days of the first coming of Jesus.

Although Apostle John recorded the vision revelation (book of Revelation) that is to occur in the future, it was recorded in parables. It was sealed with seven seals as it is the secret of heaven that will be fulfilled in the future. Today, we, Shinchonji, are testifying the fulfillment of the prophecy which we saw and heard, as commanded. However, there are not many who receive this testimony. Those who receive this testimony will be sealed by God and be saved (refer to Jn 14:29).

Shinchonji Bible Seminars have been held in Seoul, Busan, Gwangju and other cities, congregating numerous believers and pastors, and attracting significant attention–even ranking 1st in portal searches such as on Naver.

The chairman of Shinchonji, who gave lectures in the seminars, said to the audience “I am not here to judge, but to be judged.” He asked audience to point out if they find him say anything wrong while he explained the Bible verse by verse, but there was not a single person who pointed out saying, “This is not right or that’s wrong.” It was a judgment to what CCK (The Christian Council of Korea) insisted that Shinchonji was heresy.  Rather, it was proven that CCK was heresy, not Shinchonji. On the contrary, Shinchonji was recognized as orthodoxy with the best truth which is unprecedented in the human history. It is because Shinchonji logically testified prophecy and its fulfilled reality which no one had known before. It was a testimony to reveal truth against falsehood, comparing the testimony of Shinchonji with that of famous pastors in CCK.

A lie is what the devil speaks (Jn 8:44), and it is the seed of the devil. Those Christians who believe in the devil’s lie should repent and be born again. Otherwise they will go to hell as children of the devil.

At one time, most of the churches in Korea testified that the number 666 (Rv 13) was explained as the barcode and that the phrase “to meet the Lord in the air” (1Th 4:17) testified as “rapture,” even announcing the actual  date of rapture.  When the rapture didn’t take place, it proved to be a lie. They insisted that there would be a nuclear war, which would result in the annihilation of entire humanity except those are raptured.

The true meaning of the phrase “to meet the Lord in the air” written in the Bible is not literal, and the war is not the physical war either.  The word of those who insisted in the rapture, killed 7 billions of world population spiritually, but the word of Shinchonji who taught the true meaning of rapture and war in the Bible saved 7 billions of world population spiritually.

We can say that those who insisted in the rapture misunderstood the meaning of the Bible, and received the false revelation (revelation of the devil), and those who believed in the false rapture received the seed of the devil (Mt 13:38-39).

As written in Matthew 13, two kinds of seeds; the seed of God and the seed of the devil have been sown and grown together in the field of Jesus, that is, the church. The pastors of the devil sowing the false seed have been lying, and the people who didn’t understand the true meaning of the Bible have believed in them.  Don’t they have to repent and be born again with the seed of God, as their words were proved as falsehood?

The war in the Bible is the spiritual war between the churches of God’s pastor and the devil’s pastor, fighting with ecclesiastical authority and dogma (truth and falsehood). And the Eschaton is neither the end of physical earth, nor the end of non-Christians’ society, but the end of the church, that is the Christianity of the first heaven (the sun, the moon and the stars which began with the First Coming of Jesus, the spiritual Israel), which ends up like Revelation 13, 6, and like Revelation 16,17, and 18.

It is the Eschaton that the Christianity of the first heaven will face with after harvest at harvest time. The Eschaton is not the end of the physical world, but the end of the corrupted Christianity.

False pastors have cooked up lies that the Eschaton was the end of the world, instead of themselves (their churches). We can say that their sermons are the maddening wine of adulteries (falsehood) associating with the devil, which is false annotation destroying all the nation as is written in Revelation 17, 18 and that Babylon pastors and the inhabitants of the earth are the ones who get married to the devil by associating with the lies (Rv 17:1-5).

Collapse of all the nation of the sun, the moon and the stars (Spiritual Israel) is theEschaton itself.  They should not try to hide the heaven with false excuse, but   repent and try to be born again to the truth.

We, Shinchonji, have been testifying what we saw and heard as commanded, to let the believers know the good news that the prophecy of the new covenant has been fulfilled.  And the reason for holding the Bible seminars is so that those who have been longing for, in the field (church), where the seed has been sowing to its end during past 2000 years,   have no  excuse that they have not yet heard it (refer to Jn 15:22).

What the believers hope to see is the promised prophecy to be fulfilled, to believe in its fulfillment, and to enter into what we desire.  What is the purpose of serving our time at churches if they do not believe in the fulfillment which is promised?

Isn’t the covenant in the New Testament the second coming of Jesus and the fulfillment of the promise as is written in it?  We, Shinchonji, are testifying the fulfillment of the new covenant which we saw and heard as commanded.  This is truly the unprecedented event in 6000 years of biblical history.  We proclaim to let the world know God, Heaven, and the New Kingdom and the Priests which are promised in the Bible.  This is the sound of trumpet announcing the place of shelter.

You, pastors should tell the truth without deceiving, before God and the believers. None of the earth but Shinchonji knows about the new covenant. You should stop shutting the kingdom of heaven like Pharisees the Satan at the First Coming, so that you do not enter, nor will you let those who are trying to (Mt 23:13) . Instead, you should come and see the truth with Bible and give the believers freedom of religion. When your congregation members, whom you interrupt to get harvested, meet you in Hell, what will they do when they realize that they are there because of you?  It will be a hell, won’t it?  Why do you prevent them from believing in the prophecy and its fulfillment?  It is Jesus who prophesied and fulfilled as well. Whose spirit is yours that interrupts this work?  Why do you stop them from believing the truth?

Now the believers who realized that the truth is with Shinchonji are congregating like swarm, as the gathering of spirits which are thirsty in a drought. Everyone drinks the free gift of water of life here.  Shinchonji is testifying the physical fulfillment of the new covenant as prophesied, which is the unprecedented testimony of the Revelation.

What I saw and sensed in the world of Christianity was that new denominations which were referred as heresy were more truthful and holy than those denominations which insisted that they were orthodoxy.

God says to the sects which persecute other churches as heresy insisting that only they are the holy legitimate, “Keep away, don’t come near me, for I am too sacred for you.”(Is 65:5) and “See,, it stands written before me: I will not keep silent but will pay back in full, I will pay it back into their laps.”(Is 65:6)

We, Shinchonji, love all the Christians which belong to God and which are his creations. It is the devil which we hate, not men.

God says that people will be destroyed from lack of knowledge (Hos 4:6).  If you don’t know the prophecy promised in the Bible, how can you realize its fulfillment when it is fulfilled?

And he spread the prophecy that he would complete to the end of the earth over the period of 2000 years (Mt 24:14).  Today, we have to preach the fulfillment of the promise to the end of the world, but the devil’s pastors are interrupting the testimony by all means.  God wants us the have proper faith.  A superficial kind of faith will only interrupt the work of God.

Shinchonji must be one unit before God. The fulfillment of the Revelation will not occur again. You will regret if you do not believe in its fulfillment now. If we do not become good fish, we will be thrown away (Mt 13:47-48).  We have to work for God, praying diligently all the time to work to improve ourselves.

I pray to God with a sincere heart, asleep or awake, together with the Holy Spirit, the spirits of martyrs, and all our believers in the world.

As I testify the Word of God (truth), many pastors are persecuting, cursing and accusing me like the time of the First Coming.

Will my sincere heart for God change?

Water sounds flowing in the river,

Birds sing and flowers bloom on a hill.

Is the scent in a breeze, from the flower of tree of life?

My heart flutters over the light of Heaven, floating high like a cloud.

Having all the creation in peace, hand in hand with angel.

I wish not to awake from dream of heaven.