Narrow and Painful Road to Reach the Life

Main reference:

Jn 14:6 (Mt 7:13-14, Mt 5:10-12, Mt 23:29-36; Acts 7:51-53; Heb 11:33-40; Jn 15:18-25; Lk 20:9-15; Rv 6:9-10, Rv 18:20)

The way of faith to God is Jesus (Jn 14:6), and the road to life (Heaven) is small and narrow, while the road to destruction (Hell) is wide and broad (Mt 7:13-14). This is true in the history of Christianity. What is the small and narrow road like? It is the same road as the one Jesus walked along. The life of faith is to walk together with Jesus in the devil world of Satan; that is, it’s the same road as the one Jesus walked along,.

Let us first take a look at the days of the Old Testament. Abel couldn’t live in the Satan’s world of sin where Cain was (Gn 4:1-8). Thus God created a new kingdom, by sweeping Adam’s world away with flood through Noah whom God chose and appointed (refer to Gn 6:7-9, 7:23, 9:18-19). And God gave the Law to the descendant of Abraham, Moses to keep them faithfully (Ex 24:12-18), however Solomon ended up following Gentile Gods. Therefore, the era of the physical Israel came to the end (refer to 1 Kgs 11:1-13, 2 Kgs 25).

In such a world of sin, God put an end to the Law of Moses and sowed the seed of Heaven’s gospel through Jesus (Lk 16:16, Jn 1:9-13), who was crucified to death to rescue people from their sins. Through the people who had ecclesiastical authority at the time, Satan murdered Jesus who was sowing the seed of gospel of heaven. Just as Moses encountered evil conduct by Pharaoh the Satan, Jesus also suffered and was murdered by the religious leaders. After the sin of Adam, Satan and his pastors have reigned the world audaciously and prevented God and his messengers (pastors) from stepping into the world, which turned out to be persecuting and murdering them.

Why have the chosen people, who were conscious of having faith in God, persecuted and killed the messenger of God at each era? Do they belong to God or Satan? If they had belonged to God, would they ever have persecuted and murdered the messenger of God? They were the chosen people with holy spirits at the beginning, but they had been deceived by Satan like Adam and Eve drunk wine of Satan (falsehood) and became his family and soldiers; that is they murdered messengers of the Lord according to the will of Satan, just as wicked Cain murdered Abel (refer to Gn 4:1-8, 1Jn 3:12).

Noah’s world committed a sin like Adam (Hos 6:7) even after they had witnessed the Adam’s sinful world had perished. And Israel, the world of Moses, also committed a sin as Solomon served Gentile Gods (1Kgs 11), though they had witnessed sinful Canaan’s world, descendent family of Noah had perished. And Israelites also had witnessed the previous historical events, but ended up persecuting and cruelly murdering Jesus and his disciples, being badly affected by Satan.

Today, pastors, elders and believers of Christianity are well aware of those historical events; Israel’s world, the descendent of Abraham, who were chosen people, became Gentiles due to the sin of Solomon. Yet, they obeyed the Law, admired themselves for their orthodoxy, and hold authority until the First Coming of Jesus. However, such an authority was granted by Satan (refer to Mt 23, Lk 4:5-6). As the world of Moses’ laws ended at time of the First Coming, the world of Christianity (spiritual Israel) began and led to now. (refer to Mt 11:13, Lk 16:16, Jn 1:1-11).

What is the reality of Christianity today? As we can see from the six thousand years’ history in sixty six books of the Bible, each era came to an end and a new era was created and it was due to the corruption of the previous era. Same pattern occurred at times of Noah’s, Moses’, and the First Coming of Jesus. Jesus established a new covenant that there would be an end of age (Mt 13:30, 39) at his Second Coming.

What is written in the Bible about the end of the spiritual Israel which began with the First Coming? It is mentioned that the Spiritual Israel, which began with the Spirit, will return to flesh because of its corruption, and becomes possession of Satan which once belonged to God (refer to Rv 13). 

Christians of today misunderstand like the Jews at time of the First Coming (refer to Jn 8), that they have the true faith in God as his chosen people and that the unbelievers will be destroyed. If they belonged to God, why would Jesus come again to choose and call out his faithful followers in Babylon, the city for demons “Come out of there, my people.”(Rv 17:14, 18:4)

Do you believe what is written in the Bible that all the nations would drink the maddening wine of adulteries and that they all would belong to Satan? (Rv 17:2, 18:2-3) If the messenger of Jesus (Rv 22:16), the Counselor (Jn 14:16), comes and prophesy for Jesus today, will you believe him or persecute and kill him? Though Christians of today are self-confident that they have proper faith in the orthodoxy, in reality, they are biblically whitewashed and hypocritical believers, who are the wicked born with thought and seed of Satan. They often persecute the messenger of Jesus with ecclesiastical authority by Satan’s will, and even kill him (Rv 11). Jesus spoke ‘vineyard’s tenants’ in parable that the landowner sent his servants (prophets) to the vineyard to collect the tax, but the tenants beat, insulted and threw them out. Then when he sent his son (Jesus, promised pastor) to be respected, yet, they killed him too.  So the owner (God) will punish the tenants (pastors) of the vineyard (Israel, temple) and give it to others when he comes there (Lk 20:9-16).  If the pastors have faith in this Word, they should repent to survive by remembering the disaster that will affect them and their churches (vineyards) at the Second Coming.

What is the reality of those pastors (vineyards, tenants) who persecute God’s promised pastor today?  Like the days of the First Coming, they will dare to ban him fabricating with ecclesiastical authority that he is heretic. They will not have faith in any of God, Jesus, the covenant, the Word, and the promised pastor with whom the Spirit of truth is. They will persecute him by mobilizing all sources of the pastors, day and night, to cut him off the world. They are likely to persecute and kill him like the above passages.

Today, the Spirit of truth will come with the truth (word) as his name.  It is the best truth for mankind throughout 6000 years. Jesus spoke the secret of heaven in parables at his First Coming (Mt 13:34-35), but he did not speak it completely. However today is the time to tell plainly (Jn 16:12-15, 25) about everything. On the other hand, devil’s pastors will be wicked, telling lies and persecuting more than ever throughout the 6000 years’ history of the Bible. Satan must attempt its last struggle because today is the time to seize him in the Abyss (Rv 20:1-3).

I have suffered from many difficulties since I began walking in life of faith. I used to go hungry and live a beggar’s life many times. I faced death three times by ceaseless persecution and by trial to murder. I suffered an unfair imprisonment and a lot of accusations too.

MBC’s documentary show called “PD Note” had humiliated Shincheonji, by broadcasting false and distorting coverage with title of “Suspicious Secret of Shincheonji.” After the coverage of PD Note, flock of people rushed to Shincheonji to investigate the truth from all levels of society – Ministry of Culture and Sports, police, prosecutor’s office, Christian media, and anti-cafes etc… They came to investigate hundred thousand of my congregation members including me, brothers and sisters, children, relatives, neighbors, and even at my hometown’s school and district office.

Many people treated people of Shincheonji as lesser being than animals.  However, Shincheonji members know that God is with us and that we have a clear conscience of the false broadcasting. Although our congregation members were enraged by the coverage as they knew that it was aiming to humiliate Shincheonji with fabricated false stories, there was not a single drop-out because they all knew the coverage was an extraordinary falsehood.

After numerous time-consuming investigations from the Ministry of Culture and Sports, police, and prosecutor’s office, they failed to prove the charges. All the distorted information was provided by false pastors. What is more disturbing is that the MBC had aired the clip without confirm‍ing or verifying the fact; this led to numerous time-consuming investigations by authorities which turned out to be meaningless. MBC cannot possibly compensate Shincheonji for the damages even with all their possession. We earnestly ask the producer of such distorted program to repent. Majority of people still do not fully understand the fact. MBC had to broadcast to correct their mistakes, but it was far from sufficient to make people aware. So we, Shincheonji, has been telling the truth of 14 false and distorted details to all people through the internet broadcasting.

The persecutions are just like what were done to the apostles, because the spirit of Satan working then entered the false pastors today. The Bible tells that the persecutors belong to the devil (refer to Mt 23:29-34; Jn 8:44; Acts 7:51-53). From witnessing an action of persecutors, we know the devil is within them.

Why do those, whom the devil is with, persecute Shincheonji? This is because Shincheonji well understands the Bible, fully perceives God’s will, accomplishes and testifies what is promised in the Bible, like Moses and Jesus accomplished in this earth as they saw in heaven.(Ex 25; Jn 5) Furthermore, this is because the revealing of the word of truth from Shincheonji continuously proves that the pastors sowed false seeds, and that they are the false pastors.

Today, anti-Shincheonji pastors and believers from all the Christian churches in and out of Korea are writing malicious and unmentionable messages to persecute Shincheonji and its Chairman, Man Hee Lee, on internet cafes, blogs etc., and they cover all the papers of every sect and seminars with writing and word to slander Shincheonji. There has never been such a heavy persecution in the history, which fully mobilizes pastors and believers. What will benefit to foreigners or juveniles if they read such slanderous comments? They will probably think it is literally the eschaton to see such villainous writings to the public. It is a murder to hate and persecute others.

If we will receive blessing as much as amount of being persecuted then we can expect to receive blessing amount to a global scale. It is written in the Bible that those who are persecuted will be blessed and the persecutors will go to hell (refer to Mt 5:10-12). We, Shincheonji received the Spirit of truth (refer to Jn 14:16-17, 26, 16:13-15, Rv 19:10), and overcame with the truth as promised (Rv 12:11), so God, Jesus and the Holy City of Spiritual Heaven come down on us, Shincheonji, which was given blessing as promised in Rv 2 and 3.  No one can enter Heaven or come to God, without the Spirit of truth and the one who overcomes.

Jesus was the only truth and the son of God in spite of heavy persecution by the pastors and the elders at the First Coming. Likewise, Shincheonji is the City of Truth where the Spirit of truth is with, and its believers are the sealed people of a kingdom of heaven promised by God, regardless the false pastors may suppress and persecute it, feeding their own congregations with maddening wine (commentaries) of adulteries.

Unchangeable faith of our Shincheonji is;

Eternal City of Truth!

Eternal Justice and Righteousness!

Eternal Virtuous Kings!

We, Shincheonji, pray for whoever is thirsty to come to us and take the free gift of the water of life (Rv 22:17) to receive eternal life.