False Media Reports from MBC PD Note

Why did MBC PD Note air report false information about Shincheonji? Why did they subsequently air made a correction to their original program? What damages has Shincheonji suffered as a result? What is the view of Shincheonji from the society and churches’ perspective?

What was the reason of this incident? It was caused from feeling envious of the increasing population of Shincheonji and Shincheonji did not accept to join the Christian Council of Korea (CCK). They created a method to prevent their congregation/church members from going to Shincheonji. The reason why Shincheonji did not join CCK was that CCK is ignorant and corrupted, which is proved by actual cases of injustice.

What is the reason PD Note falsified information about Shincheonji with the program title, ‘Suspicious Secret’ (2007)? It was because there were false pastors that reported 14 different kinds of misleading information to the Producer of PD Note. This was done to stop their congregation members from heading to Shincheonji. Then why did they air a subsequent correction? This is because it was verified that the information was false after a thorough investigation carried out by a Christian media, the police, a prosecutor and other related government departments. The conclusion was that Shincheonji is ‘clear of suspicion.’ In response to this conclusion, MBC PD Note made retractions on their original program in 2009.

What are the damages Shincheonji suffered as a result of the false media reports of MBC PD Note? And how does the society view this? The extent of the damage is so huge that MBC cannot cover the cost even if they sell their whole company. I do not believe that God will overlook PD Note (refer to Heb 10:29~30). Some politicians or people who do not know about this truth still think of Shincheonji as a heresy or an inappropriate organization. What happened to the false pastors in CCK after the PD Note’s false report and subsequent retraction?

They still do not consider prosecutor’s confirmation of Shincheonji ‘being cleared of suspicion’. They still use the false report of MBC PD Note to defame and slander Shincheonji. They still spread rumors of Shincheonji being a heresy. The fundamental reason of their action is to stop congregation members from leaving their churches and going to Shincheonji. However, Shincheonji is still experiencing continuous growth. Also, through two overseas Open Seminars in Europe and America, pastors and congregation members worldwide are rushing into Shincheonji. This is how God has revenged and this is the victory of truth over lies.

One pastor from CCK once said that, “CCK cannot ever win against Shincheonji. Their truth and faith are deeper than ours”. Also the pastors from a city council said, “It will be beneficial to acknowledge the Truth of Shincheonji and enter Shincheonji”, and “Shincheonji will get bigger than CCK.” When you keep the word of the covenant and the commandment created through the blood of Jesus, you believe in Jesus. Shincheonji wishes to ask the organization of CCK, ‘Do you truly believe in God and the word of the covenant? Or do you trust money and authority?’ Jesus said the scripture cannot be broken (Jn 10:35) and you recognize a tree by its fruit (Mt 7:15-20). Is CCK doing the work of Holy Spirit or evil spirit? Is it the work of orthodoxy or heresy? Please check yourselves according to the Bible. The serpent (Pharisees) who liked money (Lk 16:14) called Jesus a heresy. Today, CCK who likes money calls Shincheonji a heresy. This seems like an inevitable consequence of the inherited seed (refer to Mt 23:29-33).

Among those who belong to CCK, is there anyone who has not added or taken away from the book of Revelation (Rv 22:18-19)? Answer this question. It is recorded that those who add or take away from the book of Revelation cannot enter the kingdom of heaven but go to hell. According to Matthew 13, those who are not harvested and are left in their field (church) proves the fact that they are weeds born from the seed of the devil. The bible said the weeds will be thrown into the flames of hell. Please ask yourselves if you have been harvested or not. Can you still claim to be orthodoxy and truth? Jesus was called a heretic, now Shincheonji is being called the same. This is unacceptable from God’s perspective.

Shincheonji have not added or taken away from the book of Revelation. We are the firstfruits who have been harvested and sealed (Rv 7, Rv 14). Is this a heresy? The one who overcomes, who is the Jesus’ messenger, has stopped people from adding or taking away from the book of Revelation and let those who were not yet harvested harvested, so that they can be delivered from death to life. Judge who the orthodoxy is, and who the true pastor with revealed word is.

CCK will be destroyed due to their lack of knowledge (refer to Hos 4:6) and will be judged for their maddening wine of adulteries, which refers to the sermon based on false commentaries. Please come out to the pastor who appears in Rv 10, and receive the revelation so that you can be one of the firstfruits, the people of the kingdom of heaven. My prayer is with you.


Source:  http://cafe.daum.net/scjschool/E4mY/326