Doctrine (Law) of the CCK (Christian Council of Korea)

The CCK claims that it is the orthodoxy; and as Calvin has done, they have been claiming that denominations that have doctrines different from their own are cults. Is the CCK the City of Truth that really has mastered the Bible and teaches with the word of revelation? We, Shincheonji Church of Jesus, see the CCK as a city of lies that rules not with truth, but with authority that comes from doctrines that they made on their own.

We, Shincheonji, have mastered the Bible and testify the word of revelation, that is, the fulfilled realities of the prophecies of the New Testament. What then, is the reason the CCK calls Shincheonji a cult, just as the Jews had done to Jesus? Do we testify what is false? Is it because we reveal the lies of the CCK to be seen plainly? To do so, we have proposed several times for a public debate to the Christian community, including the CCK, yet none of them has responded. We sent them a list of 40 questions regarding the Bible and have asked for just ten answers, but they have not replied yet. If they do not truly know Jesus or the Bible, they must be honest and repent of their wrong and admit that they do not know. Even a child in Shincheonji can prevail against the doctrines of the CCK with the Bible.

The CCK is composed of many different denominations. Commentary books also are written by pastors from denominations all over the world. If the CCK acknowledges such commentary books, then that makes the CCK’s doctrines a lie and all denominations that belong to the CCK true cults. Paul said in Galatians 1 that ‘if anybody preaches a gospel other than the one we preached, he will be eternally condemned’. The interpretations of the Bible by the cult specialists of the CCK are beyond ridiculous. In response to their false testimonies, we want to ask whether they are the ones who saw, heard, or received (the revelation). One might accidentally mistake a bean for a red bean, but if one mistakes a pear for a frog, who will trust them? Will anyone acknowledge them as truth while they are teaching like this?

The CCK pastors’ interpretations of the Bible are an embarrassment to even listen to. They reveal their own ignorance. They should understand the words of the Bible by looking at the Chinese characters of the words. The CCK, which is claiming that the ‘two witnesses’ are the ‘New and Old Testament’ and that the ‘four living creatures’ are the ‘four gospels’, is being acknowledged as orthodox. How will those who know the true meaning respond when they see and hear this?

How has Christianity come to this? Perhaps it is because people started to lovedmoney more than the truth. They have ordained the unqualified, and those without Bible knowledge as pastors. One should not live a life of faith for power or for things of the flesh. One should perceive the truth, obey God, and treat the word as food that endures to eternal life.

The pastor of Shincheonji, who has received the revelation as according to Revelation 10, has been testifying what he has seen, which is the reality (physical fulfillment) of Revelation. Shincheonji has been trying to share the revelation with the CCK and so reveal heaven and eternal life. Since they are constantly refusing to accept it, however, the heavens are furious, and mean to disband the CCK. Just as MBC PD Note could not avoid judgment for disgracing us with a distorted broadcast, the CCK will be punished as well unless they repent.

As many know now, countless pastors and congregation members came to Shincheonji and acknowledged that the God of truth was with Shinchonji. These people repented of their false testimonies, confessed it to God in writing, and hosted two press conferences to announce this. MBC PD Note also admitted that they testified lies on air about Shincheonji, and broadcast a correction notice.

Today, the prophecy of Revelation has been fulfilled. Shincheonji has overcome and received the promise, thus creating the kingdom of God, the twelve tribes of priests, and the great multitude (of people) in white. Whoever repents of his sin and becomes a part of the twelve tribes of the kingdom of God has crossed over from death to life, from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil to the tree of life. If one doesn’t believe in and obey the New Testament, it will be for him as it was in the days of Noah and Lot; and like the physical Israelites, he will not be able to enter into the hope.

God is one with Shincheonji because we are the City of Truth, God’s family, and His kingdom of justice and righteousness. Thus, the Republic of Korea is going to become the focal point of the world, and as stated in Isaiah 2, all nations will stream to Shincheonji. Pastor Oh, who is one with the conversion education pastors of the CCK, is stealing Shincheonji’s doctrines. Why is he changing up the doctrines instead of teaching them just as they are originally? Why is he diluting wine with water (Is 1:22)?

Mr. Oh said, “We must be sealed through Zerubbabel. Those who are not sealed by God cannot escape the sentence of hell, even if they believe in Jesus… Zerubbabel… means God’s servant whom God chose and called to use as a bowl.”

In the Bible, there are two Zerubbabel’s with the same name (refer to 1Chr 3:19; Hg 1:12-15; Mt 1:12); the Zerubbabel whom God made like his signet ring, (Hg 2:23) was symbolizing Jesus, who fulfilled the Old Testament at the First Coming (Jn 19:30). The New Testament does not promise the coming of one with the duty of Zerubbabel. It promises the coming of a promised pastor, the one who overcomes in Revelation 2 and 3.

He who overcomes receives the blessings promised in Revelation 2 and 3. God, the holy city, new Jerusalem, and Jesus come down on him (Rv 3:12). Someone who does not know the Bible, did not receive the opened book and the revelation, and did not witness the fulfillment of the New Testament prophecies – such a person should not confuse his congregation members by teaching with the bits and parts of the doctrines that he stole.

His teaching that today, salvation is given not by believing in Jesus, but by believing in Zerubbabel, is proof that he is the antichrist. If he wants to testify the Spirit of Truth, he must do so correctly. What nonsense is he teaching? He said that the entire Bible is in parables, is figurative, and symbolic, which is not true. He also said, “The Bible cleanses our sins. Therefore, up until the appearance of the one who masters the Bible, everyone (who reads the Bible) is a sinner. Everyone who believes in the Bible is a sinner.” Such absurdity disgraces God. Also, he said, “Theological seminaries, churches, and their leaders are saying that everything is okay as long as all the attention is on Jesus.” He also said, “Baptizing with water is committing a sin like that of crucifying Jesus on the cross.” Mr. Oh is one with the pastors of the CCK who run the conversion education program. It is the Protestant Church and the CCK that are crucifying Jesus. There are numerous times aside from these where Mr. Oh spoke words of condemnation in his sermons. How can he deny that he is the antichrist?

Then, are any parts of the CCK’s doctrines true? They are like mixed waters. Therefore, it is right for both Mr. Oh and the pastors who run conversion program to step down from doing ministry work, and for the CCK to be disbanded. If Mr. Oh has intentions to debate about the Bible with Shincheonji, he should come out as a representative of the CCK. We will then testify, using the Bible, of his falsehood in front of the whole world. He should stop disgracing Jesus, and should stop condemning the believers who hope for heaven.

As believers, let us know, believe and obey the Biblical truth. We pray for many believers to understand with the Spirit of God and with His word of revelation. Shincheonji was created as according to Jesus’ promise in the New Testament (refer to Rv 1:5-6, Rv 7, 14, 15:2-5, Rv 21, 22). It has overcome the world with truth (refer to Rv 12:7-11). It has received the revelation, and is testifying to the fulfillment of the prophecies, all according to the New Testament (refer to Rv 10). No one aside from Shincheonji knows the prophecy (vision revelation) and the fulfillment of the New Testament.

Neglecting the revelation of Shincheonji today is walking in the footsteps of Adam’s family at the time of Noah. It is walking in the footsteps of Sodom’s rulers at the time of Lot, in that of the Canaan tribes at the time of Moses and Joshua, and in that of physical Israel, along with its priests and elders, at the First Coming of Jesus. Today, people who are not orthodoxy are scorning Jesus and Shincheonji with ecclesiastical authority given by men. Such actions will result in eternal punishment. During when the kingdom of heaven is near and the New Testament is fulfilled, the unbelieving will only be destroyed, as in the days of Noah and the days of Lot. Knowing this fact, Shincheonji is praying and truly doing its utmost to save people.