“Army of Light” Training – Crossing over from death into the kingdom of heaven –

Following the path the martyrs have walked, the narrow road, let’s cross over together from death and to life in the kingdom of heaven (Roman 8).

The mission of the soldiers of heaven is to receive life, that is, being born again.  All leaders of Shincheonji who are at least cell leaders, receive training at the Seoul Headquarters. Saints who are below cell leaders receive “Army of Light” training at each tribe.

1.     Qualifications to Receive Training

Anyone who is registered to the Headquarters after being registered to the church is qualified. These people have completed the Bible study course and have graduated from the mission center by completing the elementary, intermediate, and advanced courses and by having scored 90% or more on in the graduation test and the new members orientation test.

2.   First day of Admission

Only people who have shared the Word of Shincheonji with at least one other person prior to entering and registering or after arriving at the Temple will be registered. (The information required for registration is address, phone number, name, pledge of faith, and photograph.) Anyone who has not shared the Word (or invited someone to hear the Word from someone else) must wait until the next session.

Only those who participate in evangelism (Word of Shincheonji)  prior to entering and registering, or those after arriving to the Temple will be registered (address, phone, number, name, (promise) ??, photo). Those who did not network anyone would have to try for next time.

3.   First day after Registration

Mobile phones are put aside, breaking all ties with the world, and all thinking is focused on the cross of Jesus. Participants then remove their shoes and proceed to the training ground for physical and mindset trainings until 12 o’clock midnight.

Once everyone returns to the training camp, still barefoot, they fast and receive training through videos. And they cry out in prayer for repentance throughout the whole night, remembering the suffering of Jesus and the path of the martyrs.

People have a simple rice ball for breakfast without changing any clothes, they pay no attention to the clothes they are wearing. The excruciating training teaches participants to cross over from the wide path that leads to destruction to the narrow road that leads to life in the kingdom of heaven (see Mt 7:14). This training teaches trainees to cry out ‘Lord, Lord’ and continuously meditate on the lives of the martyrs.

The heavens and earth watch the training of martyrdom. The trainees receive victory from the training, as though they a were becoming martyrs before heaven and earth. They experience the true level of faith, understanding the heart of God, Jesus, and the promised pastor who was sent. Faith is not just about giving lip service.

Again, at night, everyone goes to the training grounds (mountain) where they experience the sufferings of the prophets, the apostles, and Jesus; a simulation of being dragged barefoot by the priests of the time, being beaten, bearing the cross to take away the sins of others, facing death at the cross, walking to Golgotha carrying the sins (rock, rock, rock,..) of all people on the cross, and helping fellow companions, who are moaning in the grave to escape (seen from the ‘nosebleed suicide team’ in the movie called Silmi). This training is referred to as soldiers of heaven crossing over the line of death.

We don’t receive salvation by being complacent. This training enables us to overcome Satan, ourselves, and the world. It teaches obedience to the word of God, like Jesus who was obedient even to the point of death.  This training, which lasts for 3 days without any sleep, is reminiscent of death. Participants risk their life to look after any who have fallen and train to escape from hell, being bold like Jesus — who used the last drop of His blood of martyrdom for the gospel — and loving others who try to die to themselves every day. Participants learn to consider their flesh dead and allow the spirit to work.

They return from the training at without any sleep or wearing any shoes. At the foot of the mountain, the trainees lay face down in the lowest posture, putting an end to one’s life in order to be born again through the spirit of God, Jesus, and the one who overcomes. The prayers and tears of gratitude flowed from the whole body with genuine sincerity and knowledge (of God’s word). 

At the last night of training, the trainees give their thoughts and testimonies on the training to their juniors and to the world. How could anyone enter the kingdom of heaven without making a desperate effort to escape from sin, wickedness, and the world. Will the Lord accept such people? Will such complacent people be able to meet the martyrs?

As seen in the history of the Bible, pastors from every generation who claimed to believe in God killed the messenger who spoke on behalf of God and was sent by God. This is because they had different spirits. They appeared to be like pastors of God; however, inside of them they had different purposes and ideas. They disguised themselves by placing God, the kingdom of heaven, the Bible, the church, and their faith in front of them, but inside a plundering spirit of Satan occupied them. The Bible informs us about the organization of God and Satan (Mt 7:15-20). However, saints do not understand the meaning of the Bible (God’s word), and therefore they blindly follow people just because they have the title of pastor.

God’s new kingdom of the twelve tribes is created after harvesting and sealing. If people hope to become the citizens of heaven, they must first be born again through the seed and spirit of God and be harvested and sealed. They must be disciplined through hardships by walking the small and narrow path of suffering and overcoming themselves and the world.

The spirits that participate in the first resurrection with us are the souls of the martyrs (Rv 20:4-6). In order to be qualified to be united with the martyrs, we must become living martyrs. No one can participate in the first resurrection with the martyrs if they live as one with the world.

Walking this path is the “Army of Light” training, which is for life. A true life of faith is going to Shincheonji, not a life of faith giving only lip service. Anyone who receives this training will come to know. After receiving the training of the ‘Army of Light,’ people will experience the resurrection that saves their life from sin and will be reborn with the mindset of the martyrs.

Source: http://cafe.daum.net/scjschool/E4mY/300