Three Kinds of Wine and Wineskin

Jesus spoke in parables about old wine and its wineskin and new wine and its wineskin (Lk 5:37-39). At that time, the old wine was the law of Moses, and the old wineskin containing the law was the priests who put the law in their heart and taught it to people. And the new wine was the testimony of fulfillment of the Old Testament and the gospel of heaven and the new wineskin was not the priest who containing the law but the disciples who have the gospel of heaven that Jesus gave and taught. The wine of adultery at that time was the word of Pharisees’ priest, the snakes, standing on the holy temple of Jerusalem.

Since that time, about 2,000 years passed by. What are the old and new wine and the old and new wineskins today? In the Second Coming, the old wine is the gospel that is the word of Jesus’ fulfillment of the Old Testament, and the old wineskins are the pastors who put the gospel that the Old Testament was fulfilled in them and teach. What is obsolete and aging will soon disappear (Heb 8:13). The new wine is the revealed word that the New Testament is fulfilled (Rv 10), the new wineskins are the priests of 12 tribes who put this new wine in them and teach. The law, the gospel of heaven and the hidden manna are the each kind of food given at different era respectively, and the people putting it in them are the wineskins of that era.

On the contrary, what is the wine of adultery? It is said that the merchants who had ships on the sea in the Revelation deceived all the nations with the wine grown rich and destroyed (Rv 18) them, and the kings and people of the earth were intoxicatedwith it.

The wine comes from the grapes and the grapes come from the vine. Jesus who the holy spirit is with is the true vine (Jn 15:1), and the true wine is the word of Jesus that the holy spirit gives. On the contrary, the gentile vine that the evil spirit is with is the bad vine and false pastors. The wine of the bad vine is said that they are the poison and clusters with bitterness in Deuteronomy 32. Jesus said those priest of Pharisees are serpent(Mt 23) thus they were the bad vine and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Likewise, today, the group of beast and dragon who invaded the heaven in Rv 13 deceived the all nations and made them get drunk, and we can identify their entities in Rv13. The wine of adultery is false-truth sermons from Satan’s pastors, and the wineskins are the Satan’s pastors. The adultery is that a person who became a pastor in the name of Lord, but received the seed from bridegroom of devil. And the wine of adultery is the word Satan gives. The person who saw the entities of Revelation knows well about the wine and the wineskins. Thus, you can distinguish what is good from evil and righteous man from evil man only if you learn the revealed word from the person who saw and heard the entities. The two kinds of trees, one is with the holy spirit and another is with the evil spirit (Mt 13:31-32, Dn 4:20-22), are the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and also they indicate two kinds of pastors.