The War in the New Testament

The war, which is prophesied in the New Testament, is not a physical war between nations of the world, but is a spiritual war in which the believers (Christians) fight among each other. It is a war of doctrines between the people who belong to God and those who belong to Satan. It is a battle to seize ecclesiastical authority from each other, insisting the truth against lies and orthodoxy against heresy.

In the First Coming, the Israelite, who were the Jewish people, argued with Jesus using their doctrines. That is to say, Jesus and the Pharisees were the ones who fought against each other (refer to Mt 15, Mt 23). In the same way, in the Second Coming, as recorded in Revelation 13 and 12, they also fought using the words of their doctrines and their ecclesiastical authority.

They insisted that the war written in the New Testament was a war of one physical war. They did this because they didn’t know God or the meaning of the scriptures (refer to Mt 22:29). Teaching misunderstandings like this, feeding other false truths and lies, was planting the weeds and giving the wine of adultery to drink. If the holy spirit of God had been truly with them, they would not have sown the false seeds.

The war prophesied in Matthew 24 also happened within the temple. What is poured out onto the betrayers and destroyers in Revelation 16 was not a physical bomb of the world; it was the wrath of God. What must also be known is the angels and horses who are bound at the great river Euphrates, those who killed a third of mankind, were not using the weapons of the world, but were using fire, smoke, and sulfur, which came out of the mouth of horses. Their tails with heads like snakes and the horses use them to kill people (Rv 9:14~19). The head is the prominent men (leaders) and the tail is a prophet who teaches lies (Is 9:14~16). The fire, smoke, and sulfur which came out of the horse’s mouths was the false doctrines. The people’s spirits that receive these false doctrines will die.

All of God’s Saints need to receive the revelation of God in the end times of the world, to know the true meanings of God word.