The Three Mountains and Their Secret

Where can we find and what are the three secrets of the mountains? The three of secrets, are the mountain of betrayal, the mountain of destruction, and the mountain of salvation.

Jesus said the signs of the end of age would be like the time of Noah and the time of Lot (Lk 17:26-30). It was the mountain, which the people in the days of Noah and Lot had to find and flee to, for Salvation (Ge 8:4, 19:17-30). In the time of the second coming, the place to flee is also the mountain (Mt 24:15-16). Among these three mountains; the mountain of betrayal (Ez 36:1-2, Rv 8:8, Rv 13), the mountain of destruction. 

(Jer 51:25, Rv 13, Rv 17:9), and the mountain of salvation (Isa 2:2-4, Rv 14:1-5) where is this mountain we must flee to? First let us find out the spiritual meaning of a mountain.

As mountains are made from the dust or soil, the mountains, spiritually speaking, refer to the churches where a great number of the congregation members made from the soil (physical body or flesh) are gathered, or the denominations that consist of these churches.

The believers of the tabernacle of heaven in Rev 13, who received a mark from the beast and worshiped him, betraying the Lord, is the organization which is referred to as the ‘mountains of betrayal’.

Because the actions of the seven heads, pastors of Babylon and the false prophet with ten horns in Rev 13, are to enter and destroy the believers of the tabernacle, this organization of Babylon is the ‘mountains of destruction’.

The seven heads on which the prostitute (Rv 17:9) sits, are described as seven mountains and seven kings (Rv 17:9). They are also referred to as many waters (Rv 17:1, 3).

The seven kings refer pastors who belong to seven churches and seven mountains or many waters, represent which consists of many people. In Korean it is called, In-san-in-heh (a Korean proverb, which means a great number of people, are symbolized by the mountains and the sea). This is because the seven pastors are representatives of churches or denominations (mountains) (refer to Rv 17:1, 15).

The mountain of salvation’ is the mountain (Mt 24:16) to which we must flee when we see destroyers standing in the holy place. This mountain is a spiritual mountain, Mt. Zion where the Lamb is standing and the throne of God is located (Rv 14:1-5). The place where the Lamb who is Jesus, stands, is the place of salvation, but a place where the destroyer stands is the place of destruction.

Why are these three denominations, referred to as the three secrets of mountains?Rev 1 and 13:6 say that the tabernacle of the seven stars, that is, the tabernacle of heaven is a mystery (Rv 1:20). That is why the mountains of betrayal are a secret.

The reason the mountains of destruction are secret is because the pastors of Babylon, the seven heads who invades the tabernacle of heaven, are also described as a mystery (Rv 17:1-7). And the mountain of salvation is also secret. This is because, when the final seventh trumpet, the secret of God, is blown (1Cor 15:51-54, Rv 10:7), the kingdom which is created by overcoming (the mountain or organization of salvation), the twelve tribes with the firstfruits are called mystery.

The ‘end of the age’ means the end of the Christian world, Spiritual Israel (the chosen people), who were created and will be judged through Jesus. It is not referring to the end of the physical world. At this time of the end of the age, there are the events of betrayal, destruction, and salvation (2Thes 2:1-4). We must find and flee to the mountain of salvation (Mt. Zion which Jesus is on), when we see the abomination that causes desolation standing in the holy place (Mt 24:15-16). He who overcomes sits on Mt. Zion, the throne of Jesus (Rv 3:21). No one in the world is knows about these mountains. Nevertheless, people must come know through the one who receives the truth that it is the mountain of salvation where they must flee, in the midst of this destruction at the end of the age.