The Seeds of Two Spirits

Main reference: Mt 13:24-30

In the bible, there are two kinds of seeds explained within the parables. Whose and what kind of seeds are they? The two seeds are the two kinds of spirits, the spirit of God and the spirit of Satan.

The two kinds of seeds that were sown at Jesus’ first coming, was the fulfillment of the promise made between God and Jeremiah approximately 2,600 years ago. After this promise was given it was fulfilled 600 years later through Jesus (Jer 31:27, Mt 13:24-28). The seed that Jesus sowed was the seed of God and the seed the Pharisees sowed was the seed of Satan (refer to Mt 13:37-39, 29-33, Mt 23). The seeds that Jesus sowed are the people of the kingdom of God and the seeds the Pharisees sowed are the people of the evil one (Mt 13:38).

The two kinds of seeds were growing in the field of Jesus, the world of Christianity (refer to 1Cor 3:9), until Jesus’ second coming (refer to Mt 13:29-30). During the harvest, the two kinds of seeds are being separated. The good seeds are going to be harvested to the barn and the weeds are going to be left in the field and burned.

As stated above, God first made a promise to Jeremiah and then came to Jesus to fulfill the promise. This was accomplished by Jesus sowing the good seeds and the evil pastors sowing the seed of the devil. These seeds are not physical seeds but spiritual seeds (refer to Jn 1:12-13). Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the spirit gives birth to spirit (Jn 3:5-6).

What is the reason God would need to punish Physical Israel and create Spiritual Israel through Jesus? The reason for this judgment was because God had made the people, those born from the sins of Adam his people, but they all betrayed, just like Adam (Hos 6:7). Therefore, God chose to make his people and kingdom, through the people born from His seed. To do this, God first promised to Jeremiah (Prophecy) and came to Jesus to sow the seed of God (Fulfillment). First, Jesus was born from the seed of God (Mt 1:18) and then through Jesus the seed of God was sown in the field (Mt 13:24, 27). Jesus also made a promised to come and harvest at the second coming (refer to Mt 13:30, 24:31, Rv 14:14-16).

All people born from the sins of Adam have betrayed, but Jesus and his disciples, who were born from seed of God, did not betray. They completed their task, even though they suffered martyrdom. This is the difference between the people born from the physical seed and God’s seed.

The seed is the word of God (Lk 8:11), the word is the spirit and He called them god’s to whom the word of God came (Jn 10:35). Whomever is born from the seed of the spirit becomes God’s offspring (Acts 17:29). If the spirit of God lives in you, you are not of the realm of the flesh but are one with the realm of the spirit. The spirit gives life to the mortal body (Rom 8:9-11).

Before Jesus came, God’s people and foreigners (outsiders) were separated from each other because of Abraham’s bloodline. After Jesus came, God’s people and foreigners were no longer separated by physical blood, but by either having the spirit of God or being without the spirit of God. Anyone born from the seed of God is a person of God and anyone born from the seed of Satan is a foreigner (outsider). The people born from the seed of God are those with the same spirit as God and become the family of God. The people born from the seed of Satan are those with the same spirit as Satan and become the family of Satan. The seed of God is the truth and the seed of Satan is lies. The seed of God is life and light (refer to Jn 1:1-4), and the seed of Satan is death and darkness. These are the differences between the two kinds of people born from one of the two kinds of seeds. Who do you think is going to be saved at the second coming of Jesus? The one who is ignorant of the word of God is darkness and night (refer to Hos 4:6, 1Th 5:4-8).

The two kinds of seeds, the seed of God and Satan, were growing together in the same field for the last 2,000 years, after the first coming of Jesus. At the second coming of Jesus, only the wheat is being harvested and is taken to spiritual Mount Zion (the barn), where the throne of God exist (Rv 14:1-5, 14:14-16). Whoever believes in the covenant of Jesus will be harvested to the barn, Mount Zion. The weeds will remained within the field (Mt 13:30).

God came to and became one with Jesus (Mt 3:16-17, Jn 10:30). At the first coming, Jesus was the true vine and the disciples were the branches. Since the branches remained in the vine, the true vine, they were able to bear lots of fruit (Jn 15:1-5). At the time of harvest, these good fruits of the true vines (the people born from the seed of God) were harvested and those who were left in the field were the bad fruits. This bad fruit is the venom of serpents, the deadly poison of cobras (Dt 32:32-33).

At the first coming of Jesus, God’s vine was Jesus and his disciples. Satan’s vine was the Pharisees and their people. They are both within one field (Christianity) and at the second coming of Jesus, they are being separated. Wine is from the fruit of the vine. Just as the revealed words Jesus spoke were the true and new wine at the first coming, Jesus’ new revealed words at the second coming are true and new wine of Jesus at that time. Also, just as the pastors of Satan the Pharisees’ words, was the bad wine at the first coming of Jesus, in the second coming the false words (commentaries) of the pastors of Babylon, the great prostitute and the beast with seven heads and ten horns in Rev 17, 18, are the venom of serpents, the maddening wine of adulteries.

If you ask the Christians of today, “what kind of wine are you drinking right now?” they will answer “Jesus’ new wine”. However this is because they do not know who their pastors and the spirit of the pastor belongs to. How come they do not know this? Because it is a mystery. Then how is it that there is one (a shepherd) who does know about this? This is because he saw and heard the mystery at a location in which Revelation 17, 18 has taken place.

There is Jesus’ vine, the new wine and Satan’s vine and the wine of adultery. The one who eats from the vine of Jesus and drinks the new wine will live. The one who eats of Satan’s (Babylon’s) vine and drinks the wine of adultery will die. Jesus, the true vine, is the tree of life (refer to Jn 15:1, 15:5, 6:47-51, 14:6), and the great prostitute is the tree of good and evil. The Christians of today who meet time of end(refer to Mt 13:39, 24:29-31, Rv 6:12-17) need to distinguish between the two kinds of seed, tree, vine, and wine, through promised shepherd who saw and heard the events of Revelation. Therefore, they must be harvested and drink the new wine of Jesus’ true vine in order to enter the eternal kingdom and become people of heaven.

How many people are eating the fruit of tree of good and evil, Babylon’s wine of adulteries (Dn 4:20-21)?

In the four gospels (Mt 24), the temple of God is subjected to violence and the abomination that causes desolation is standing inside. The sun, moon, and stars, which belong to heaven, are falling from the sky, and all the nations have drunk the maddening wine of her adulteries (Rev 6, 17, 18). All of this refers to the destruction of Spiritual Israel. At this time, the small amount of seed remaining(refer to Is 1:9, Rv 3:4, 6:6, 12:11) is being sealed to create the 12 tribe of the New Heaven (New Spiritual Israel).

Whoever believes will follow the Holy Spirit to come to Shinchonji and will be reborn as a person of heaven. This is what I sincerely pray for.