The Blood of Jesus for the New Covenant and Its Fulfillment

Main reference: Mt 26(Lk 22; Rv 5:9-10; Jn 6:51-57)

Shincheonji Church of Jesus (refer to Rv. 21:1) is God’s kingdom, its priests and chosen people that are created according to the promise of the New Testament (Rv 1:5-6). Those who blaspheme against this kingdom will be cursed. Jesus said, just as it was in the days of Noah and Lot, that it will also happen in the days of the second coming (Lk 17:26-30). Those who saw what happened in the days of Noah and Lot, through the Scriptures, will know what will happen during Jesus’ second coming.

● New Covenant

Approximately 2,600 years ago, God prophesied through Jeremiah that, “The time is coming when I will make a new covenant” (Jer 31:31), and after 600 more years, God came to Jesus and fulfilled the prophesy (Lk 22, Mt 26). To proclaim what will be achieved, in advance, is the new covenant – that is, the New Testament. Just as Jesus fulfilled what was prophesied through the Old Testament, there will be a time when the new covenant (New Testament) promised by Jesus will also be fulfilled.

At the first coming, Jesus was the living bread which descended from Heaven and he said that those who eat his flesh and blood will attain eternal life (Jn 6). Jesus was the word from the beginning (1Jn 1:1-2) and those who listened to his words were the ones who ate his flesh and blood, the living bread from Heaven. Jesus established the new covenant by his own blood during the night of Passover as God promised through Jeremiah (Mt 26). The new covenant was the law of God (Heb 8), and this law was the words of the new covenant. By writing the law, the words, on their minds and hearts, people will atone for their sins and God will not remember their sins any more (Heb 8:10-12). To eat the blood and flesh of Jesus is to inscribe the laws of the words of the new covenant on their hearts.

Jesus shed his blood and water on the cross on behalf of sinners (refer to Lk 22:39-44, Col 1:20-22). This blood is the price of the sins of mankind and Jesus has purchased a kingdom and priests of God and a great multitude (people) in white through his blood (Rv 1:5-6, 5:9-10, 7:9-14). This is the blood of the new covenant, the blood that he shed to save the sinners. Likewise, Jesus made the new covenant and then died. This is what Jesus said to his disciples the night before he passed away, “You would eat the blood and flesh that I (Jesus) shed when the Father’s kingdom comes, and until the time comes, take the bread and the wine in remembrance of me.” Today, 2,000 years after that time, the word has been testified as people eating Jesus’ blood and flesh as recorded in Rv 5:9-10 and Rv 7:9-14, in the newly fulfilled kingdom of God. This is the time when people drink Jesus’ blood that he shed, keep the new covenant, the time when Revelation is fulfilled, and the people who are the priests of God’s kingdom and the great multitude are dressed in white.

As the prophecy of the Old Testament came to be realized at Jesus’ first coming, we should be aware the New Testament (the new covenant) will be fulfilled at the second coming. Those who perceive this will wait for the Lord at the second coming. The fulfillment of the new covenant and the faith in it is the promise with the congregation at the time of the second coming. The new covenant is a promise which will be accomplished in reality. The faith needed is to see and believe in the fulfillment according to the words of the new covenant (the prophecy). It’s reality is fulfilled in accordance to the word of the covenant. The covenant is completed by believing in the prophecy and its fulfillment. If people do not have the word of the new covenant written on their hearts, even if God has fulfilled it accordingly, how can they perceive and believe? The prophecy was given to us to believe and to receive salvation by seeing and believing in it when it’s fulfilled (Jn 14:29).

God, who is life, had to leave because of man’s sins (Gn 6:1-4). Satan came to rule over the world, and death reigned on the earth ( Mt 4:5-6, Rom 5:14). Between men and God, there is a barrier of sin. Only through Jesus’ blood is it possible to demolish the barrier and to live with the God of life once again. Paul explains this in the book of Hebrews Chapter 8,9, and 10. By overcoming with the blood of Jesus and the words of testimony (Rev 12), Satan (the dragon) can be defeated, be hurled down, and God’s Kingdom, his priests and people, will be restored back to their original state.

Shincheonji Church of Jesus is where the new covenant of Jesus’ blood has been fulfilled. There is nothing in it which has not been created according to the Bible. It is God’s kingdom, the priests and the promised new people according to his word. Those who don’t believe this do not believe in either the promise or the word of God. Jesus prophesied that Spiritual Israel would end, being destroyed for its betrayal, and become Satan’ possession, and its judgment would be based on the word Jesus had spoken ( Jn 12:48, Rv 20:11-12). When the churches have an end, any words which claim them to be ‘orthodox’, or ‘saved’ will not be acknowledged.

We, Shincheonji, testify about the fulfillment of the New Testament according to who, what, where, when, why and how, with the revealed word, and pray that the Christians of the whole world will believe in the testimony and sincerely receive salvation.