The Belief, Creation, & Faith of Shincheonji, The Church of Jesus

 Main reference: Rv 21:1-7, Rv 15:1-5, Rv 14:1-5

‘Shincheonji’ or ‘SCJ’, is the acronym of ‘Shincheonshinji’, which means the ‘new heaven and new earth’. ‘The Tabernacle of the Testimony’ means, the tabernacle which testifies the fulfillment of the New Testament. It is the promised prophecy which was given in advance by God. It is the tabernacle, the house of God of the new promised era. The tabernacle’s coming marks the fulfillment of the prophecy.

The hope of Christians created from the Bible, is truly believing the promises of the Bible and anticipating the fulfillment. About this hope, Jesus said, ‘I have told you now before it happens, so that when it does happen you will believe’ (Jn 14:29).

In Revelation 21:1 it says, “Then I saw ‘a new heaven and a new earth,’ for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away”. It is talking about the events which occur in Revelation chapter 6 and 7. In Revelation chapter 6, the first heaven (the sun, moon, and the stars, that is, the tabernacle of chosen people) and the first earth (flesh people) passed away. After this, in Revelation chapter 7, the harvested people (earth), like the new sun, moon, and stars, are created as the 12 tribes of God’s kingdom. This is the new heaven and new earth, the nation and people of heaven.

Jesus said in Matthew chapter 6, ‘your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven’. In Revelation chapter 21, ‘the Holy City, the new Jerusalem’ which is coming down out of heaven from God, to the new heaven and new earth, is that which is in heaven, and the ‘new heaven and new earth’ is that which is created on the earth, as it is in heaven.

The heaven which is in the spiritual world and the heaven, which is on the earth, unite together. This is accomplished within the twelve tribes created by the firstfruits, which are harvested in Revelation chapter 14.

In this location, showed in Rv 4, the throne of God, the 24 elders, and the four living creatures are together. In front of them, the firstfruits of the twelve tribes learn the new song. In this place, the wedding banquet in Revelation chapter 19 will occur. And in Revelation chapter 20, these firstfruits participate in the first resurrection, in which the spirits and the flesh will be united as one. This creation of the kingdom of God has already been promised. The events of this creation will all be accomplished according to the promise. God will punish those, who do not believe in this creation and try to hinder the work.

The reason someone can believe in Shincheonji, Church of Jesus, so confidently, is because of the promised prophecies and the fulfillment.

The reason Shincheonji is able to know the fulfillment of the promised New Testament, is because of the revelation given by God.

The reason Shincheonji, Church of Jesus, is able to believe the promised New Testament, without adding or taking away any words, is because of the revelation which shows the fulfilled events described in the prophecy.

We, Shincheonji, disapprove of the average Christian, because they have no knowledge about the Bible and have not received the testimony of this revelation. Shincheonji and today’s people of Christianity are like the day and night spoken of in 1 Thessalonians chapter 5. They pretend to believe, but they have no basic knowledge about the word. How are we able to talk with them?

The intense criticism the Anti-Shincheonji people write on the Internet Café, was taught to them by their pastors and it is coming from evil. It is not coming from good. Many pastors attended the open Bible seminar of Shincheonji, but there is not one who could say this is not the truth. Every one of them nodded and listened. After this open bible seminar, the Christian pastors have stolen the word of revelation from Shincheonji.

It is no longer the time of the church, which was sown by Jesus. It is now the time of the harvest; it is the time of the creation of the new kingdom of God, Shincheonji the 12 tribes.

Only those who believe in this truth can receive salvation. Do you believe that the time of the second coming is like the time of Noah and Lot (Lk 17:26-30)? The God of Shincheonji waits for you and has opened the door.

(A poem translated into English)

in the dark night, the cold of winter.

The hard soil is getting wet by the spring rain.

The melted ground sprouts and burst forth.

The birds of heaven which follow the scent of the wind.

The day breaks, a historical song,

it is a good time, a good season,

the heaven and the earth are in harmony .

Out of the heaven, earth, and all things, the eternal youth and immortality,


every creature waits for the fortune of Shincheon (new heaven)

the spiritual man of Cheonji (heaven and earth) is good.

It is the eternal spring , the song of the birds of heaven by the side of the running stream.

The beautiful flowers are dancing,

the clapping sound of the mountains and streams, overwhelmed,

by the wind, on the cloud, the flying visitors.

It is my heaven, the everlasting paradise.