Shincheonji, the Promised Kingdom 

Main reference: Rv 21

Shinchonji, the promised kingdom, is not the first heaven and first earth; it is the new heaven and new earth. The new heaven and new earth is the kingdom of heaven here on earth. It is comprised of the newly created and born-again heavenly people, who have been sealed and born of God’s seed.

The seed of God is the word of God, and thus, those who are born of that word also become the word. Just as God is holy, these kinds of people who are born of the word, become sanctified through the word (refer to Jn 17:17). They are born of God’s seed as shown in Gn 1, and they are the ones (creatures) created by God. Hence, they become the new people bearing the resemblance of God’s image and likeness (refer to Gn 1:26, 2:7). These are the newly created beings (creatures), which are born again of God’s seed.

Have you still not become a new person? Do you only see the speck of sawdust in the eyes of others (brothers) while failing to see the plank in your own eye, just as Matthew 7 says? Jesus clearly spoke about people who are busy revealing their brothers’ faults as being hypocrites. Why is it that people are able to see others’ faults, whether they are asleep or awake, but fail to know their own faults?

When the third party sees someone pointing a finger at someone’s single fault, the very person whose finger pointed seems to have ten different kinds of faults in the third party’s eyes. If anyone considers himself as holy and thinks of other brothers as some kind of malicious people who deserve to die, then he must first examine whether he has any faults of his own. People fail to know themselves due to their ignorance of the knowledge of the Bible, the command of God.

When the Physical Israelites sinned against God, out of the 12 tribes, only the Tribe of Judah remained with Jerusalem in the South (Is 1). The rest of the 11 tribes in North Israel ended up becoming gentiles (refer to 2 Kgs 17; 2 Kgs 25). People in the Tribe of Judah were mistaken, thinking that they were the only holy ones. In reality however, they did not know what would come upon them due to their ignorance of the knowledge of the Bible. For the same reason, they did not know that they were betraying God (1 Kgs 11). According to Jn 1, these people did not accept Jesus (which is not to accept God) at the first coming. By betraying God, they were conducting a brutal work and still did not know what they were doing. They were labeling Jesus as a heretic and ended up killing him in the end.

Consequently, they turned themselves into God’s enemy, instead of remaining as his chosen people. Despite God and heaven coming to the Israelites, they did not accept them. As a result, God and the kingdom of heaven were taken away from them, and they will be given to a people who will produce its fruit (Mt 21:41-43).

All must remember the words of our Lord as to whom he considers hypocrites. According to the Lord, the hypocrites are those who consider themselves holy, those who are pretentious, those who treat other brothers as sinners, and those who ignore and back-bite other brothers. All of us must throw away any arrogance that might be dwelling in us. We must not commit any sin by revealing others’ faults. Instead, we must remember Jesus’ commands and examine ourselves first whether or not we are doing well.

Those who are busy criticizing and back-biting others are doing such things because of the lack of the word within them. This is why we must try to go to the mission centers and listen to the word whenever we have time. We must cast away arrogance and learn the word. If a test is given to people regarding the words of the Bible, how well do you think people will do? I am pleading with everyone so that none of us will be ignorant. Don’t you see what ignorant pastors are doing right now? Aren’t they using ignorant young people, posting slanderous words on the Internet cafes, and disgracing this country with such actions? Do they seem to you, to be people who know the commands of Jesus? Will they be able to enter heaven by keeping Jesus’ commands? Please find the answers through the Bible. A bean has grown because a bean was sown. A fruit of the knowledge of good and evil has been born, because the tree that was planted was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

A saint born of God’s word must become the embodiment of the word, the word made flesh, just like God and Jesus, and he must always remain in the word. Whoever does not keep this word is a gentile and a goat found in Shinchonji (refer to Mt 25:31-34). This type of people must realize that Matthew 7:1-5 is applicable to them, and that they must strive to be born again.

Since we desired to carry out a true life of faith and hoped to enter heaven as of first importance, we must make an effort to have the qualifications of entering heaven and living with God.

Let us bear this in mind and become good saints. I sincerely hope that all the saints whom I am leading will enter heaven and will all live together.