Kingdom of the Lord, the Center of the World

God is the Creator who created heaven, earth and everything in them.
According to the Bible, a creation took place in each era, and there was a particular place where the event took place.
God began Adam’s world at Eden (Ge.2), Noah’s world at Mt. Ararat (Ge.8), Mose’s world, an offspring of Noah, at Mt.Sinai (Ex.34), Joshua’s world at Shechem, the land of Canaan (Jo 24), and Jesus’ world at Galilee (Mt.4:12-17).
The physical Israel is no longer the chosen people since it ended at the First Coming of Jesus. Though the seed of the gospel of heaven has been sown from the land of Judah to all over the world, the physical Israel has not yet received the Gospel of the Lord.

Then where will the Lord appear in his second coming?

The believers who are perceiving the God’s will and the Bible may well be aware. God’s offspring are those who have faith in him, not the physical Israel (Jn1:10-13). The physical Israel persecuted and killed the apostles, prophets, and Jesus who came to his kingdom and whom God was with (Mt.21:33-39).  Jesus said about the physical Israel of those days, “…. therefore I tell you that the kingdom of God will be taken away from you (the physical Israel) and given to a people who will produce its fruit.” (Mt.21:40-43)

The tree that will produce its fruit is the tree of life, which bears twelve crops of fruit and yields its fruit every month (Rev22).  At this day when the revelation will be accomplished, the tree of life means New John the promised pastor and 144,000 priests who receive the word of revelation from him (Rv7, Rv5:9-10), which is the new kingdom created by God. Twelve branches of the tree of life is twelve tribes, and each tribe will be consisted of 12,000 people who have the seal of God on their foreheads by bearing and yielding twelve crops of fruit every month (Rev7). These twelve tribes of the tree of life is the Kingdom of God (Heaven) that is promised to appear when the revelation is fulfilled. This kingdom is being created here in Korea, where the physical fulfillment in the entire chapters of the Revelation are being revealed. The completion of 6,000 years of God’s history depends on the creation of twelve tribes which are the fruits promised in the Revelation.  God has been working for 6,000 years for it.

The one who trust in God’s will and the Bible and witnessed what has been revealed as is written in the Bible, hereby testifies that there is the Kingdom of God and the tree of life which bears and yields twelve crops of fruit in Korea, and the whole world will come alive because of Korea, which will become its center. It is because God who is the source of every blessing and Jesus and heaven will come to Korea (refer to Rv3:12).

The leaves of the tree of life which bears and yields twelve crops of fruit every month will heal all nations.  All the nations will come to Korea to be healed, because there are foods for eternal life in Korea.  Time will come that ten people will flock to one who belongs to the kingdom of heaven by his/her sleeve, earnestly asking ‘Let us go with you, because we have heard that God is with you’ (Zec8:23).  We became the family of heaven because it is God’s grace that we have the correct faith. This is only possible to the nation and people of God of the Spiritual New Israel.  We, Shinchonji Church of Jesus, surely trust in it. Amen.

Just as there had been a chosen pastor and a nation that God worked through him in each era in the past, there is a chosen pastor and a nation that God is working with at this time too.  Today, the place where the revelation, the prophecy of new covenant, will be fulfilled is Korea, and the work of a new heaven and a new earth (Rv 21:1) began in Korea. It is the promise and the will of God.

The blessing that people of heaven will receive is eternal life and the kingdom of heaven where God and Jesus and the angels are with. There is no such knowledge in the world bigger than this blessing, nor any knowledge or wish of religion can supersede it.  It is the conclusion of all the religion. Hallelujah,