Faith on Earth in the Time of Harvest

Main reference: Lk 20:9-16

This is the time of the harvest, and the time of the creation of a new kingdom.

If people on earth believe in the word of Buddha and Seong Chul, are they able to receive salvation from the Buddhist temples of today? If people believe in the words of Jesus, are they able to find salvation within the churches and with the pastors of today?

Buddha had said, ‘Whenever Jesus comes, Buddhism, that is the Buddhist religion, will become useless, like the lamp without the oil’ (何時耶蘇來 吾道無油之燈也). Seong Chul, before he passed away, wrote a poem speaking about real enlightenment, and that he saw Buddha in hell. Also, in 1987, on the day celebrating Buddha’s coming, it was said in the Buddhist sermon, that Buddha is evil.

The book of the New Testament, which is the sealed book of God (Revelation), cannot be read by anyone who is in the heaven or the earth before Jesus breaks the seals, opens and shows the content (Rv 5:1-5).

It would seem that the Buddhist temples, and the people who are apart of them, do not believe in the prophecy of Buddha, and they only run the temple to gain authority and make a living. The churches also do not believe in God and his word. Should Buddhism and Christianity, the churches, become a business for authority and livelihood? The word of God is life and light. However, there are no words of God found in these places, so they are darkness, and have no life, light or God (refer to Jn 1:1-4).

In the time of the first coming of Jesus, the pastors of that time were unwilling to give the church (God and Jesus) what was rightfully theirs. The reason they killed Jesus was because the pastors of that time wanted to have the church as their own (refer to Lk 20:9-16).

[Lk 20:9-16] He went on to tell the people this parable:  “A man planted a vineyard, rented it to some farmers and went away for a long time. * At harvest time he sent a servant to the tenants so they would give him some of the fruit of the vineyard. But the tenants beat him and sent him away empty-handed. *He sent another servant, but that one also they beat and treated shamefully and sent away empty-handed. * He sent still a third, and they wounded him and threw him out. * “Then the owner of the vineyard said, ‘What shall I do? I will send my son, whom I love; perhaps they will respect him.’ * “But when the tenants saw him, they talked the matter over. ‘This is the heir,’ they said. ‘Let’s kill him, and the inheritance will be ours.’ * So they threw him out of the vineyard and killed him. “What then will the owner of the vineyard do to them? * He will come and kill those tenants and give the vineyard to others.”

So, at the time of the harvest, the end of the age, God has made the churches and the pastors blind (refer to Is 29:9-10, Rev 3:13-17). During this time, the world of Christianity becomes spiritually night and the churches and pastors become blind. During this spiritual night, Jesus returns and goes to his field where he sowed the seed and harvest like the thief (refer to Mt 13:24-30, Rv 14:14-16, 1 Thes 5:2, Rv 3:3). This was the promise given and the prophecy that needs to be fulfilled. The actual events are being fulfilled today. This harvest will go well if people understand this truth and follow the commands given by God. Before too much time passes, we will fulfill our task, and prepare a celebration upon Mount Zion, the place where God dwells.

In the time of the end, when the world of Christianity becomes dark, the people become corrupt. Because of their corruption they do not believe in the word of Jesus. However, we, the people of Shinchonji, believe the word of Jesus and are completing the proper actions that Jesus wants done.

Jesus said that the amount of people who can receive salvation in the end, the second coming of Jesus, is very small (Lk 13:23-30). He also said that time will be like the time of Noah and Lot (Lk 17:26-30). In the time of Noah, only eight people (the family of Noah) out of the many people of the world of Adam, received salvation (1 Pt 3:20). In the time of Lot, only three people in the city of Sodom received salvation (refer to Gn 19). Today, in Revelation chapter 6, in the time of the judgment of spiritual Israel, it is written that only quart of wheat and three quarts of barley are left. This will be the seed sowed in the second heaven, which is used for the creation of the new kingdom.

Greed makes people deaf and blind, so they think of themselves as the orthodoxy, they feel comfortable even though they commit a grave sin. This time, the second coming and the end of the age, is the time of judgment. When Jesus comes and harvest the wheat out of the world, which was sown as the seed during the first coming, the rest of those who are left in the field (weeds) will be burned, as it is written in the Bible (refer to Mt 13:24-30).

Christianity, Buddhism, and all other religions of the world are the spiritual night. They ignore the truth and have become the world of evil, which claims falsehood as the truth. The wicked people in both the first and second coming of Jesus, who are one with the god of death, hate the spirit of God, everlasting life, and the truth (Jn8:45-55). They do not listen to the word but only scatter the people (refer to Mt 12:30).

Today, the place God is untied with, Shinchonji the church of Jesus, the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony, is the only place with the word of revelation. It is the location of the harvest, the promised theology, the place where the revelation has been fulfilled. This is the place of delivering the true revelation, of receiving the food of eternal life and the authority of judgment, the place where the promised pastor is located, and the place of the promised kingdom and people.