Culture of Heaven and Earth

Main reference:

Jn 1:1-3 (Creation of Heaven and Earth), Prv 18:4 (words of wisdom)

What is the culture of heaven and earth? To whom does this culture belong to? Also who and with what was heaven and earth created by?

If a person was asked, “who created the world, and with what was it created by?” they would be speechless since the vast and infinite world is difficult to fathom. God is the one and only, who created the world and everything in it. God is eternal, who has no beginning or end, and His power and limit cannot be measured by worldly wisdom. As a result, there are a lot of things mankind is curious about and desires to know. Even the smallest insects have their own thinking and judgments, moving according to them. When humans do not obtain answers or calculations to a certain problem, they conclude with the thoughts that “it’s just life.”

If the culture of heaven is referring to the change of heaven and earth, philosophy and science is the study of it, pondering about the creation of heaven and earth and all the living creatures with its research, even attempting to experiment with God’s creation. However, currently humans cannot create anything in creation in the heavens or the earth. Even more, humans don’t even have control over their own life.

The creation recorded in Genesis chapter 1 is regarding the creation of the old and new (creation and recreation), referring to recreation when the previous creation becomes corrupt and goes wrong. This is not a record of the literal creation of the world; it is merely taking all that’s recorded figuratively to explain spiritual creation in parables.

Let us find out about the Creator and the origin of creation. With worldly thoughts, one cannot understand its origin so let’s take a look from God’s perspective and religion (God’s culture of heaven).

Apostle John was an apostle who spoke many spiritual deep things of God saying in John chapter 1 “In the beginning was the word, the word was with God and the word was God. Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made. (Jn 1:1-3)” Furthermore he said, “In him (word) was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness (ignorance), but the darkness has not understood it.” Furthermore, it says regardless of physical descent, those born of God are now considered the children of God. Even God’s son Jesus is the word and He is life (1Jn 1:1-2).

In the vast universe, it is only the single planet earth of all God’s creation where life exists. How did God create the existence of life? Is what has been created communicating with God? All created things that grow from the ground grow facing upward, looking toward the heavens, living off the light, rain and air of the heavens.

At the time of Moses, God rained down manna from heaven and had the people live eating it, and at the time of Jesus, thousands ate from the five loaves of bread and two fish with remaining leftovers (Mt 14:15-21). Furthermore, even the winds, the waters (waves) and all creation obeyed the Lord (Mt 8:23-27).

The meaning of “culture” is the transformation and expression‍‍ as words. It is taking words that are unseen, showing it and making it known, and revealing those words in reality is culture. The origin of words is the Word, and although the words are unseen, the words that became flesh can be seen. That is what the culture of heaven is. As the word of God is the seed of life, and the word is God, the person who contains God’s seed becomes the children of God, and ‘gods’ (Jn 10:35).

God in all His wisdom performed miracles of raining down manna at the time of Moses, Jesus at the time of His first coming performed the miracles of the five loaves of bread and two fish, and the winds, waves and all of creation obeyed Him.

This was all small work. If the power and spirit of God who created the heavens and the earth and everything in it is with a person, not only will all of creation be obedient, but that person will do even greater things (refer to Prv 18:4). Putting sin and Satan who is blocking all this to an end is the most urgent matter that must be resolved. Jesus came and atoned sins by His blood, and when Satan is captured and locked up, God will finally come back into His creation, everything in creation will be made new (Rv 19:6, Rv 21:5), and it will go back to its original state of being obedient. This is culture of heaven. Since all of creation has been created by God, everything will be resolved with God’s philosophy – the culture of heaven. More than creation, the shameful existence of mankind must believe in God’s word, and put in the effort to be born again of God’s culture. The value of a born again human existence is huge, and the value of that life is also great. Living in response together with all of creation is truly precious and great. This is the desire (hope) of God and all created things.

Anyone who desires to gain salvation and becomes the people of heaven, and restore everything back to God’s original condition, must throw away evil and follow the Word, which is God’s origin. Just like the heavens and the earth were created with God’s culture of heaven, right now God is recreating the hearts of mankind. The restoration and unification of religion will be fulfilled with the culture of heaven, and world peace and restoration will also be fulfilled with the culture of heaven.

God, heaven and the culture of heaven is in Shincheonji, the promised kingdom, and Shincheonji together with God, is making the world new with the culture of heaven. Words of disorder that causes confusion making people enemies of one another, saying such things as “cult, orthodoxy” causing war and disorder in religion, causing division are the actions of the evil spirit. As a result, loving our enemies and healing them new is the culture of heaven. The heaven that is fulfilled through the heavenly culture, will live together with all created things, in a beautiful world of eternity just like God.

Let us love one another going toward the path of life with the world coming to Shincheonji to receive the culture of heaven. This is the basic foundation of believing God, and fulfilling one’s hope. Since all things are with Shincheonji, come to Shincheonji, learn the culture of heaven, and become the people of heaven. We can absolutely do it.