Being Born Again and Being Sealed

 Main reference: Jn 3

 According to the teachings of Jesus, what is the meaning of being born again and sealed?

 1. Being born again

All people are physically born of the physical body, and God told us through Jesus, we could go to heaven, only if we were born again from the spirit. It was also said, ‘that which is born of the flesh is flesh, that which is born of the spirit is spirit, and we should be born again of water and the Spirit’ (Jn 3:5-7). The water is the Word of the Lord (Am 8:11-12), the Word is the Seed of God (Lk 8:11), the light and life (Jn 1:4). The Holy Spirit is the spirit of God.

Unless we are born again of water and the Spirit, we cannot inherit heaven or eternal life. We lead a life of faith because we hope for heaven and eternal life (refer to Jn 5:39, 1 Jn 5:13). What should be born again is not our physical body, but our spirit. When it speaks of being born again, it means a person’s mind must be reborn. People do not have the proper water, nor do they have the Holy Spirit, only the seed of the devil and its spirit are within them, and they should therefore be reborn through the seed and Spirit of God. 1 Peter 1:23 teaches us to be reborn through the imperishable word of God. This is said, because where there is the Word, there is God (Jn 1:1). There is not God, life, or light within those who do not have God’s word. As they are not the ones who are born of God’s seed, they are not the children of God, nor can they call God ‘Father’.

2. Being Sealed

The seal is a stamp, and usually a name is carved upon the seal. In order to prove that something said on a document is truly by a certain person, one would place their stamp, or seal to verify the words.

What is the seal of God? The seal of God is the Word of God (the Bible), because God is the Word in the beginning (Jn 1:1). God seals people through His word, stamping His seal on those who receive His word. God does this to provide proof that they are God’s people.

Then what does it mean to be sealed? It means that God’s promised Word is being carved into the minds and hearts of people. If there is nothing carved into their hearts and minds, even though they hear and see physically, there is nothing more. He who is from the earth belongs to the earth and speaks as one from the earth, as opposed to one who sees, hears, and learns from heaven and speaks of heavenly things (Jn 3:31-33). Those who hear of the heavenly things and have faith in them are the ones who are sealed with the Word.

Jesus said, “For He whom God has sent speaks the words of God; for He gives the Spirit without measure (Jn 3:34).” At that time, Jesus preached the revelation of the prophecies written within the Old Testament, by opening the scriptures (Is 29:9-14,  Mt 11:27). Today, the promised pastor of Shinchonji is testifying the revelation exactly as he has seen, heard and been ordered to, without adding or taking away from its Word (refer to Rv 22:18–19). At this time, those who believe and have faith in this testified Word can be sealed, as written in Rv 7.

Those who are sealed become a kingdom and priests of God (Rv 5:9-10,  Rv 7,  Rv 14:1). They are born again with water and spirit, to become the family of the 12 tribes of heaven, the promised kingdom of God.