The Testimony of Revelation in the New Testament

Revelation (Rv 1 ~ 22) is the prophecy that Jesus promised in the New Testament. You cannot be saved if you add words to or take words away from Revelation (Rv 22:18-19). Revelation contains prophecy and fulfilment; prophecy is the written Word and physical fulfillment is the physical entities that appear by the written prophecy being fulfilled.

Revelation (prophecy) is sealed with seven seals until the time it is to be fulfilled (Rv 5:1). When Revelation is fulfilled, it is done through a logical, appointed progression (betrayal destruction salvation) (2Thes 2) and the one who fulfills this is Jesus Christ. Revelation means opening and revealing what is sealed. That is, revealing how the written prophecy in the sealed book appears and is fulfilled.

The delivery process of Revelation is as follows: God gives the sealed scroll in his hand to Jesus Christ (Rv 5:1), Jesus takes it (Rv 5:7) and he breaks the 7 seals and opens it in Rv 6 and 8. In chapter 10, this revelation is delivered to John through an angel. John who receives the opened scroll tells peoples, nations, languages and kings as he is instructed to. God, Jesus, and the angel are spirit. John, peoples, nations, languages and kings all refer to flesh. The flesh should be given the revelation of Jesus Christ by John who received it (refer to Rv 1:1).

The testimony of Revelation in the New Testament is to testify the fulfilled entities without adding to it or taking away from it. In heaven or on earth, Jesus is the only one who can open the seven seals of the scroll, and John is the only one who receives the open scroll and delivers it. When the Revelation is fulfilled, this is not Jesus’ disciple John, but the new John (the promised pastor who comes in the position of Apostle John). Unless people are given the revelation through new John, they cannot know the prophecy and physical fulfillment (what comes true) and they become like beasts, not knowing the only true God, Jesus Christ and the new John whom he has sent (refer to Prv 30:2-3). At the time of the First Coming there were people Jesus revealed the sealed Old Testament to, and people Jesus didn’t reveal the Old Testament to (Mt 11:27; Jn 17:3). So at the Second Coming, the time when revelation is fulfilled, there are those who receive the physical fulfillment through new John and those who do not. The reason why they do not receive it is because they are ignorant of the Bible, they interpret the word arbitrarily, and they do not believe in the Word.

New John who received the revelation, the open scroll, has accomplished his mission like Rv1:2 by testifying the Word of God and everything he saw (the entire book of Revelation). Those who see and believe the promised prophecy in Revelation and the physical fulfillment will be saved, and the unbelieving will be thrown into the fiery lake of burning sulfur (Rv 21:8). You should not worship God arbitrarily or superficially. You should discern the way of salvation through careful examination of the Scriptures. The one that testifies the revelation prays for the salvation of all the people on earth.