The Reality of Today’s Christianity

God loved the world so much that he gave up his one and only Son (Jn 3:16) and His son Jesus gave his life for the world (sinners) (Mt 20:28, Mk 10:45). Jesus said that just as the Father loves the Son and the Son also loves the world, you should too love one another. This is the new command of the New Testament (refer to Jn 13:34, 1Jn 4:7-11).

 It is not God who is putting an end to the Christian world, but Christian leaders have brought this upon themselves. In the Christian world there are ministers (priests, pastors, reverends) who buy their doctorate degrees in theology and their ordainment. This is what has ruined Christianity.

The objective of these leaders who buy their doctorate degrees in theology or pay to become pastors, ruling over believers with ecclesiastical authority is power and money.

Theology scholars and ministers holding ecclesiastical authority live in luxurious houses, drive expensive cars and live extravagant lives. How could this be in accordance with teachings and love of God and Jesus?

Congregation members work hard to serve their churches and even in financially difficult times they give tithe and thanks offerings. So many pastors take for granted the difficulties faced by congregation members and their willingness to sacrifice themselves to serve the church. Although they pretend to be good role models, the reality is they have not cleaned the church even once.

Meanwhile, there is no spiritual food for God’s people to eat and so people are wasting away (refer to Am 8:11-13, Mt 24:7). Because the pastors did not receive a proper education in theology, they do not have the word, which is the spiritual food. Since pastors do not have the word, which is the source of life for faith, they only speak of earthly things. They also misinterpret the Bible and say, “It is this”, “it is that” and feed congregation members with false teachings. This is the same as feeding poison to God’s people. This is the reality of the Christian world today and is the end-time of Christianity.

God shed the light of love to the world (refer to Jn 1:1-5, 1Jn 1:5-7). However, pastors who are steeped in sin abuse the authority they are entrusted with and live in luxury while the believers go hungry spiritually and physically. God, who sees this, brings this generation to an end (refer to Mt 24:3-14, 29-30, Rv 6:12-14) and says he will build a true world of faith through a pastor whom God acknowledges as the true pastor (refer to Mt 24:45-46, Rv 12:5, Rv 7, Rv 10, Rv 21:7, Rv 22:16-17).

If pastors truly believe in God and Jesus and hope to receive salvation by receiving atonement of sins through Jesus’ blood (Mt 26:28, Rom 6:6-11), pastors first need to give all their possessions to the church before their congregation members do so. After this, they must receive the word of heaven, that is, spiritual food, and teach it to their congregation members and govern over the people. There should not be any incidents where people are able to buy positions of authority in the church. Furthermore, false doctorate degrees of theology purchased with money and certificates of ordainment should be turned in and pastors should repent and seek for salvation.

In the Christian world, whoever wishes to become a pastor should be tested on the Bible and only those who pass should be given a certificate to become a pastor with the authority to stand at on stage to govern the congregation members. If one does not have knowledge of the Bible, they should step down from their position as a pastor. If pastors do not have the qualifications to be pastors, the Christian world will become a world of famine and darkness where there is no word (refer to Am 8:11, 1Thes 5:1-6). Therefore God’s people will not be able to receive salvation and pastors will be seen as traitors in front of God.

God and God’s people, all wish for true faith, true pastors and the truth. But isn’t the Christian world today filled with lies and people seeking self righteous authority? How can God give salvation to those who believe their pastor’s words over God’s words?

Let’s repent. Now is the time of Jesus’ Second Coming. We must realize that the time of the Second Coming is a time of confusion just like the time of Noah and Lot (refer to Mt 24:37-39, Rv 11:8).

Wealth and authority cannot save a person (refer to Mt 16:26). Only those who understand the promised words and abide by them will be able to attain salvation (Jn 14:23, Rv 1:3).