Sleep talking of the Christians of Korea

Korean press must wake up and become the trumpets of peace

The MBC PD Note broadcasted false and biased TV programs regarding Shincheonji that deceived citizens of Korea with the purpose of sabotaging Shincheonji, which has solely been working according to the commands of heaven. Shincheonji was proved innocent after the prosecutor’s investigations.

MBC PD Note broadcasted correction of news report after acknowledged their false and biased documentary regarding Shincheonji. Those false pastors in Korea watched the correction news report felt discouraged, started talking nonsense feeling powerless. Korean politicians and press should not be confused by this nonsense spoken by these false pastors, but wake up to pay attention to foreign press about Shincheonji. And yet, why are Korean politicians and news reporters haven’t come to their sense from lies?

Why does the Republic of Korea ignore world peace and restoration of light, which the world eagerly hopes for? Isn’t Republic of Korea, the divided nation, should be the one hoping for peace and restoration of light stronger than any other country in this world?

Reporters around the world came to Shincheonji’s 6th National Olympiad, The World Peace Festival: Culture and Sports Celebration of Restoring Light, which was held on September 16, 2012 at Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium, Seoul. The international reporters were heated up covering this inspirational peace festival in their own countries. The viewers from all around the world continue to praise in hope and joy after they have seen the World Peace Festival.

Instead of listening to nonsense of the Korean Christian world, the Korean press must wake up from sleep and start listening to the words of the international press and become the trumpet sound of peace.